So, this fic will be four chapters long. One for each named Career, unless I decide to make it longer. :) It'll be my sad attempt at funny, and will involve The Avengers, but not enough to make it a cross-over. :) Marvel, Glimmer, Clove and Cato won The Hunger Games and this set during their Victory Tour. I hope you enjoy it, and I don't own The Hunger Games.

Marvel grinned to himself evilly. He had always thought himself smart, smarter than Cato at least, and now that he found this nobody would ever doubt his intelligence again.

"Careers, assemble!" He yelled, loud enough so that his fellow Victors could hear him. The first one to arrive in the train's library from her room was Glimmer.

"What do want, Marvel? I was trying to sleep." She pouted.

"It's two o'clock in the afternoon." He pointed out.

"Well, I hate trains and wanted to get some rest before we arrived in District Three!" Before Marvel could respond, Cato and Clove burst into the room.

"This had better me important." Clove snapped.

"Yeah, not like when you screamed for me to come and get the caterpillar out of your bathtub." Cato added. Marvel frowned, causing Clove to smirk and fist bump Cato.

"Hey, it was a huge one!" Marvel protested.

"That's what she said." Clove grinned, fist bumping Cato again.

"Anyway…" Marvel continued, glaring at Clove. "I have made two discoveries that will change our lives forever!"

"You've already told us that you have six toes on your left foot, Marvel." Glimmer sighed, throwing herself onto a beanbag.

"That's not it! Just let me finish!" He yelled, glaring at each of the other Careers in turn.

"Go on, then!" Clove sighed, rather impatiently. Not wanting the scary girl from District Two, Marvel carried on with what he was saying.

"As I was saying, this will change our lives forever and make us the most famous Victors Panem has ever known."

"Even more famous than Finnick Odair?" Glimmer squealed, a lustful look in her eyes at the mention of Panem's sex God.

"Yes." Marvel frowned, clearly annoyed by Glimmer's interest in Finnick Odair.

"Are you going to tell us how?" Cato asked.

"I was just getting to that! I have found…these!" Marvel pulled two old fashioned comic books off of a shelf.

"Marvel, these are older than Panem!" Clove exclaimed, peering at the covers. One read 'Dennis the Menace' and the other 'Marvel's Avengers'.

"Flick through them and see if you can figure out my plan." Marvel grinned, certain that they wouldn't figure it out. He tossed 'Dennis the Menace' to Glimmer, and Cato and Clove flicked through 'Marvel's Avengers'.

"Hon, I think you had one to many knocks to the head. You're expecting us to figure out this plan of yours just by reading comic books?" Glimmer asked.

"Well, reading them was how I came up with it!" Marvel pointed out. Cato threw the comic book and it hit Marvel square in the face. Once again, Cato and Clove fist bumped.

"Fine, I'll tell you. Most Victor's Victory Tours are really boring. They sucked when we watched them on TV and they probably sucked for the people there, too. I was brainstorming ways of making ours exciting and memorable when I found the comics. My brilliant idea is that we combine the two. Dennis, he pulls a lot of pranks, right? Well, so should we! But you also have The Avengers, who are badass fighters like us. My idea is that we each have a codename. We'll communicate through these walkie-talkies, referring to each other by these codenames, to tell each other our positions and stuff. Glimmer can prank District Three, Cato can prank District Four, I'll prank District Five and Clove can prank-"

"Twelve. If we do this, I'm pranking District Twelve." Clove cut in.

"Fine. Clove can prank Twelve. If we prank all the Districts Snow won't be happy. So we'll only do a few." Marvel finished.

"You know…That's not such a bad idea. I say we do it." Cato smirked.

"I'm in." Clove said, as did Glimmer.

"Great, I've already got The Avengers codenames for each of us! I'll just be Marvel of course, seeing as this was my idea so you'll be my Avengers. Clove, you're Black Widow. Glimmer, you're Hawkeye and Cato you're Thor." Marvel told them.

"I think he looks more like the Hulk." Clove said, causing Cato to shoot her an evil glare and jab his District partner in the side.

"Why is Clove Black Widow? I want to be Black Widow!" Glimmer scowled.

"Because I'm hotter than you." Clove said.

"Nu-uh. I'm the hot one. Right boys?" Glimmer asked.

"I'm staying out of this one." Cato responded.

"Me too." Marvel added.

"Oh, whatever. What's my dare?" Glimmer asked impatiently. Marvel grinned evilly and whispered something in Glimmer's ear. She immediately started giggling.

"I can't wait!" She laughed.

"Good." Clove said as the train screeched to a halt. "Because we're here."

-Line Break-

"They're glaring at me, Clove." Cato muttered into his District partner's ear.

"Well, yeah. You snapped Sammy's neck!" Clove hissed back.

"But they should be watching Glimmer, not mentally killing me." He whispered back.

"Shh! She's about to start!" Marvel hushed the other two Careers.

"Hello, citizens of District Three!" She yelled from the stage, waving dramatically. "Anyone who's anyone will know that each Victor has a special talent. Um, you can probably tell that mine isn't archery…"

"What's your talent?" Cato asked Clove.

"Gymnastics." She pulled a face. "What about you?"

"Gizmo, my stylist, chose mine. It's origami." He responded. Clove had to bite down hard on her cheeks to keep herself from laughing at the mental image of Cato making an origami swan.

"My talent is singing!" Glimmer exclaimed.

"Woo! Go Hawkeye!" Marvel yelled.

"I'd like to sing a little song I like to call…Gangnam Style."

"Na je nun ta sa ro un in gan jo gin yo ja

Ko pi han ja ne yo yu rul a neun pum gyo gi nun yo ja

Ba mi o myon shim ja ngi tu go wo ji nun yo ja

Gu ron ban jon I nun yo ja"

"Oh my fucking God, Marvel you genius." Clove nudged Marvel in the side. They were stood in the wings of the stage. They could see Glimmer and the audience, but the audience couldn't see them.

"I know, right?" Marvel grinned.

"Since when did Glimmer know Korean?" Cato asked as she launched into the second verse, arms flailing as she did the dance. The Career Victors continued to watch Glimmer's performance.

"Ayyyy, sexy Marvel!"

At that part, Cato and Clove laughed so hard they fell on each other.

I hope you liked it and it was funny enough. :) Sorry for any mistakes, I can't be asked to re-read it. I'm lazy. :)