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"Careers, Assem-" Marvel was cut off by a swift punch to throat by Clove.

"We're sat right here, Marvel." She hissed.

"Don't punch my baby!" Glimmer squealed, stroking Marvel's head.

"I'm scared of Glimmer…" Marvel croaked.

"What was that, sweetie?" Glimmer asked, shooting him a glare.

"Umm…I love you?"

"Good boy."

"I'm pretty sure Clove didn't punch you in the neck for no reason, so get out with whatever you want to say." Cato snapped.

"You two have been in bad moods ever since District Five. Something you want to share? I'd make a great therapist." Marvel assured them.

"After a session with you, I'd need even more therapy." Clove scowled.

"So you admit that you need help? Good, because that's the first step to reco-" Marvel was cut off by another punch to the throat, this time by Cato.

"Clove doesn't need therapy." He snapped.

"But you might if you keep punching my Marvel!" Glimmer frowned. Cato and Clove stared at her for a few seconds before laughing hysterics.

"Oh…My…God… That's hilarious!" Clove spluttered.

"Did she…Seriously…Just say that?" Cato laughed.

"I'm serious!" Glimmer protested, causing the District Two victors to laugh even harder.

"It's okay, Glim. I'm sure you could, um, really kick Cato's ass." Marvel said, desperately trying to hide his own laughter.

"Why do I even hang around with you people?" Glimmer grumbled.

"Because nobody else likes you?" Clove suggested.

"Because you care more about make-up than people?" Cato suggested.

"Because you refuse to hang out with non-victors?" Marvel suggested.

"Your suggestions all suck!" Glimmer yelled as the train screeched to a halt.

"Clove, have you come up with a prank?" Marvel asked as he bounced towards the exit.

"Duh." Clove rolled her eyes.

"Good. Good." Marvel smiled evilly, before tripping over his own feet and landing face first on the platform.

"Hey, Marvel." Glimmer hissed in her District friend's ear. They were stood in District Twelve's justice building, waiting to be taken to the stage for speeches. A few metres away, Enobaria was lecturing Cato and Clove on how 'there was to be no funny business from them'. Clove was smiling sweetly at Enobaria and nodding along with whatever she was ranting about. The smile on Clove's face scared Marvel more than one of her icy glares.

"What?" He asked.

"Wanna ditch the prank?" She asked. Marvel stared at her with his mouth wide open.

"Are you crazy?!" He snapped.

"No, I-"

"You must be ill."

"You're right. I think I've come down with some sort of bug." Glimmer sighed, collapsing into Marvel's arms.

"What kind of bug?" Marvel asked curiously.

"The love bug!" Glimmer squealed, planting a kiss on Marvel's cheek.

"Ew." He groaned, wiping the lipstick off of his face. "You have cooties, Hawkeye."

"Um, Katniss and Peeta were really brave…And we respected them. They were good fighters… so, um, yeah." Cato awkwardly finished his speech.

"Clove? Anything you'd like to say?" Mayor Undersee asked her.

"Just one thing…" She pulled two whole-wheat rolls out from behind her back and threw them at the mayor.

"BREAD FIGHT!" She screamed, diving off of the stage and pulling Cato behind her. Glimmer and Marvel followed behind them. The mayor blinked at them before ordering Peeta's father to bring out more bread. The baker obeyed, charging into his bakery to bring out a wagon of bread and cakes. Cato and Clove both grabbed loaves of bread from the cart and started pulling them apart to throw at the citizens of District Twelve.

"Watch out!" Clove yelled, tackling Cato forwards. A baguette narrowly missed his head.

"Thanks, that could have killed me." He said, standing and then pulling Clove to her feet.

"Yeah, well 'death by bread' would be a really sucky gravestone heading." Clove responded, throwing a cupcake at Primrose Everdeen.

"BITCH JUST GOT SERIOUS!" Prim yelled, pelting Clove with various sized naan breads. Prim pulled a ciabatta out of another cart.

"NOO!" Cato shouted, diving in front of Clove and deflecting the ciabatta off of his forehead. He lay crumpled on the ground, clutching his forehead.

"Cato!" Clove gasped, kneeling at his side.

"I've…Been…Shot." He croaked.

"No! No, you're gonna be okay." Clove said, clutching Cato's free hand.

"Live on…For me…Black Widow…" He whispered, lifting his hand from his forehead and stroking Clove's cheek. His hand dropped to the floor and he lay, still.

"No! Why?!" Clove yelled, looking up at the sky. Glimmer and Marvel raced over to them.

"Oh, get up Cato." Glimmer snorted. Cato jumped to his feet and pulled a pitta bread from the cart.

"Cato's back, bitches." He grinned, throwing the pitta bread at the baker's wife.

"We need to get back to the train before one of dies again!" Marvel yelled over the sound of people attacking each other with bread. The whole District was covered in bread- most people were throwing it, but some of the poorer children were eating it.

"Good idea. For once." Clove said. All four Careers armed themselves with bread before beginning the sprint back to the train. The bread fight got so serious, that Cato even knocked one guy out with a loaf of sundried tomato bread. Once they reached the train, Glimmer and Marvel dove straight into the carriage. Cato and Clove hung back to brush the crumbs from their expensive Victory Tour clothes.

"You saved my life." Clove said, awkwardly rubbing naan bread crumbs from her shoulders.

"You saved mine too, from that baguette." Cato responded, pouring crumbs from his shoes.

"I guess we're even then." Clove said. They were silent for a few minutes until Cato said,

"Hey, you know what's next?"


"The Capitol." He sighed. Neither him nor Clove particularly enjoyed time spent in the Capitol.

"We'll make it fun." Clove reassured him.

"How?" Cato asked doubtfully.

"We'll come up with the biggest prank ever. It'll be so big that nobody will ever top it. We'll be remembered forever." Clove grinned.

"Just don't hurt yourself." Cato frowned.

"You're so lame." Clove scowled.

"No I'm not. You are." Cato said.

"That's so childish."

"You are what you say you are!"

"Shut up."

"Meanie!" He yelled. Clove rolled her eyes and walked away from him, leaving him to wonder why his childish charm hadn't worked on him.

I might do a oneshot sequel of what happens in the Capitol, but until then this is the end. :)