This was written for the "A Completely Randomized Competition". Character: Barty Crouch Sr, Genre: Humour (this is my first time trying something funny…. So… .yeah…. be gentle :P) and the prompts used were: mildly and exotic! I don't own HP, but I hope you all find some sort of enjoyment in this blurb!

Barty Crouch Sr. sat in the booth, sipping at his brandy, watching the woman in front of him shamelessly shake what little ass she had.

People had thought he was uptight, always working with the Ministry or doing some other pointless job, but no.

He liked to have fun, just like every other man. His type of fun just happened to involve sneaking into Muggle London to visit many of his favorite night clubs.

Looking across the room, he saw Severus and Lucius were at the club also, throwing galleons at the strippers. Barty chuckled silently to himself. The two of them were often here as well.

They were all men, who had needs that weren't being met anywhere else.

Barty watched, only mildly interested in the exotic dancer in front of him. His thoughts began to wander to the disappointment he called his son.

He didn't care what the boy did in his spare time, if he wanted to be a death eater, fine, but don't get caught. Which is exactly what had happened.

Barty rolled his eyes, motioning for the bar tender to bring him another drink. He downed it quickly, ignoring the waggle of eyebrows Lucius was sending him.

He stood to leave, but was stopped by Lucius. "Where are you off to in such a hurry?" Behind him, Severus sent him a wink.

Barty rolled his eyes, chuckling to himself. Every week, Lucius tried to invite him home with him. Apparently he had a fetish for threesomes with men, who would have thought?

"Going home, to my wife." Barty grumbled, although a smile was starting to form on his lips.

Lucius pouted. "Why don't you come home with us? You know it would be a good time." He leaned forward, so Barty caught a whiff of his overly expensive perfume.

"I'm not interested in whatever sordid things you will be doing later with Severus," Barty said, inching towards the door.

Once more, Lucius tried to stop him. Barty rolled his eyes. Did the man ever give up?

"Don't knock my lifestyle until you try it," Lucius said, grinning.

"I'm not knocking or trying everything, I'm going home." He said more firmly, walking out the door. He heard a shriek in the background, and knew Lucius had done something dramatic to attract the attention of everyone in the club.

He turned on the spot, quickly getting away from whatever trouble Lucius and Severus were about to stir up.