E/O Challenge: Corner.

Our word was Gold.

A three hundred word triabble from Dizzo, Edina Clouds and Amberdreams not necessarily in that order.

I blame Dizzo for this mad one - LOL

Far over the Misty Mountains cold

The last pearlescent shreds of daylight illuminated the mouth of the cave as the Winchesters stood, staring in awe at its contents.


Carpeting the cave's floor, piled high around the walls, a mass of jewelled gold disappeared into the dank shadows.

Mountains of gold doubloons and sovereigns soared high over a twinkling sea of precious stones.

A landscape of opulence laying before them.

Dean stifled a pained whimper and resisted an overwhelming urge to roll naked in it.

His fantasies were rudely interrupted by Sam's gasp as a snort of sulphurous smoke erupted from the corner of the cave.


Weirdly, when Dean looked, Sam wasn't there. Was it just him, or was it getting kinda hot in here? He spun round to see the mountain of gold erupt as a ginormous dragon burst out of its slumber, literally all fired up.

Dean was frantic. Where the hell was Sam?

The bronze dragon turned a fiery golden eye on Dean. He backed into a corner, desperately looking for the nearest exit.

He froze when scorching-hot breath singed the back of his neck.

He turned. The giant eye of the second dragon staring at him was swirling hazel and confused.



Dean could've sworn the dragon winked before it spread its huge wings and took off, landing on top of the treasure guarding monster.

The roar of battle was deafening as both dragons fought for possession of the golden hoard.

The older Winchester sheltered in the corner as the cave filled with fire.

And then a triumphant roar as the Sam-dragon turned its giant head from its now dead opponent.

Moments later the same head nudged against Deans singed body. "Hey Dude," it growled.

Dean opened his eyes and looked at his brother.

"You just slept through The Hobbit," Sam grinned.



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