Thicker Than Water

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King Balor paced back and forth in the hall. His wife had been in labour for two hours now. Every now and then a scream could be heard from the madical room. Every time he heard her scream it made him even more restless. He wanted to be by her side. The healers would not let him. Another hour later a woman rushed out of the medical room saying his wife was giving birth before she rished back into the room. The next hour was the hardest. His wife was crying, screaming, and cursing his name. He was just about to force his way into the room when he hear a different cry. A baby's cry. The cry was followed by another. Curious, he knocked on the door. The door opened and he walked in. He walked to his wife. When he saw her he stoped. In her arms there lay not one, but two babies. They were both sleeping. His wife smiled.

"We have twins." She said softly.

He smiled and went to take a closer look. They were beautiful. They both had pale skin and soft light blond hair. They had a line from the top one one cheek to the other. The symbol of elvin royalty.

"You can hold one you know. They are your children as well."

He reached out and gently picked up one of the babies.

"That one is a girl. The one I am carying is a boy." She told him.

They baby in his arms opened her golden eyes. They looked at eachother for a few seconds then she cried. He was worried until a healer told him that she must be hungry. He past his daughter to his wife and took his son. His son was awake. Once again the both looked at eachother. But this time the baby didn't cry. He just held his fathers gaze. He is gointg to be a fighter when he grows up. He thought.

"What shall we name them?" He asked.

"I was thinking Nuada for the boy and Nuala for the girl."

He liked the names. He looked down at his son. Nuada. He would protect his children. They were the future.

Sorry it's short. It was only the first chapter. My next one chould hopefully be bigger.