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It's a crazy world

She walked through the halls pushing the ultrasound machine she had just used. She understood why the couple was shocked, yes scared. She had heard enough about them in the news to know they already had two kids, teenagers as far as she remembered. Still she was a little bit jealous every time she had to give these news to yet another couple. She wanted a kid and it seemed like the thing she wouldn't be having - along with a man. She was a good looking woman she knew that. Yet, it seemed that those men that used to love her both had fallen out of love with her and moved on to someone else. What wouldn't she had given for having Derek look at her like Alicia Florrick still looked at her husband even with what he had done to her. But no he looked at Meredith like that now. She shook her head trying to get rid of these thoughts.

She had not seen the stain of water on the floor and the next thing she knew she was flat on her back. A hand was held out for her she grabbed letting whoever it was help her up again.

"Are you okay?" the person asked, making her look up, she recognized the voice and the person it belong to. It was the guy that had been with Mrs. Florrick when she first came in and he had obviously waited around.

"Yeah thank you. I just didn't see the water." She smiled at him, unlike the ones she gave her patients all day which were not really fake smiles just smiles meant to make them feel good and comfortable. This however was a real honest smile.

He nodded.

"Yeah, rain outside, I guess that is what makes these floors so wet." He commented.

"You are still around? I thought you had left a couple of hours ago?" She asked, he looked confused for a moment, making her realize he didn't recognize her at all. Of course Addie, he is hanging around for another woman, why should he.

"Oh... you were Alicia's doctor, sorry, the last couple of hours have been a bit stressed. I got a case related to the hospital." He explained.

"Oh a case, are you a doctor?" Addie asked confused, making him shake his head.

"No, no I am a lawyer but the hospital has been a client of ours for years. I was actually looking for a doctor, do you know where I could find a doctor Walsh? I need to talk with him about some patients of his." He told her.

"Well you are looking at her. I am doctor Walsh, Addison Walsh. What patients of mine?" She asked him suspiciously.

"I am sorry. As I said, the last few hours have been busy and confusing. I am Will Gardner, partner at Lockheart and Gardner." He smiled friendly at her, and held out his hand once more for her. This time to shake.

"Dr. Addison Walsh, chief for OB gyn. and neonatal surgery. What is this about?" She inquired.

"Umm Donovan, Jackson, Carmichael and Lawson. They are suing the hospital, do you have an office we could go talk in?" He asked. Addison nodded her head, just what she needed today, a lawsuit. She wondered what it was about, she knew all cases and didn't remember anything that could have been an issue.

"Yes of course this way." "Trisha." She called out to a nurse motioning in the direction of the ultrasound machine, before she let Will in the direction of her office.

"Could you please look a little less happy and grinning?" Peter was pulled out from his thoughts by Alicia's sharp voice.

The smile that had been playing on his face left right away. Of course he was worried and surprised over these news, but he was far more happy and excited actually. Clearly far more happy than Alicia was. She was worried, yes terrified, he could read that on her face.

He wished he had something he could say that would convince her it would be okay, that it all would be alright in the end, but he didn't have that. Still he found it so hard not to be happy and excited like he had the two other times he found out that they were expecting. Sure this was unplanned and bad timing to say the least, but the thought of how he would in under 8 months be holding their child, children he corrected himself, was thrilling. Yes it was also terrifying but he would hold their children. He loved Zach and Grace so much, and wished he had not spent so much time at work and at other things and instead spent more time with them. He would do that now, this time around he knew that Alicia and their family were the most important thing, they were what mattered to him and made him truly happy. He would focus his time on them, he had meant it when he offered to drop out of the race right away just by the thought of her expecting a child and he would do it in a heartbeat if she as much as said the words. Now he looked over at her taking in the fear and weariness painted on her face. He walked back over beside her bed pulling up a chair and taking a seat as he took her hand in his, stroking it lightly.

"Alicia..." He whispered gently.

"There is really nothing to be smiling about Peter. Twins. One child is hard enough in our age. I am 44 Peter, and you 10 years older. Twins Peter, this is crazy. How can we even think of doing this?" Her voice was so serious and scared it made him somber and serious as well.

"Alicia, I meant what I said when I told you I was beside you whatever you want to do, even if that choice is abortion. I will be there love, I will be there holding your hand." He told her gently, squeezing her hand a little.

"Peter I meant it when I said I am not having an abortion. I could never do that. But I am so scared, I am feeling so overwhelmed. How can we ever do this?" She whispered her voice growing thicker once more due to the emotions she was feeling.

"We'll do it by taking one day at a time, one thing at a time, Hun. Is this scary and terrifying? - Yes, but we can do it. I am not saying it will be easy. I know it won't but we can do it Alicia. You can do it. You are the strongest and most loving person I know. If anyone can do it, it is you." He smiled at her and stood up leaning down and placing a gentle kiss on her lips. She smiled against his lips. Her eyes were happier as he pulled away again. "Feeling more confident now?" He asked.

"Not really. Just can't wait to see when they are crying at night and I wake you up because YOUR babies need a changing or a feeding." She was smirking at him now, making him groan lightly, because he had no doubt she would do it. With Zach and Grace he had gotten up from time to time, however since he would need to go to work in the morning Alicia had usually done it herself, so he could sleep. However he knew this time would be different and he owed her to make it different this time. If that meant he would get up every night to tend to their children he would happily do it as long as she was okay and happy.

"As you wish dear. Whatever you want." He told her softly.

"Anything?" She smiled at him, and he already knew just from that smile that whatever came now would be something he would hate to give her, and would want to say no to. But what could he do, he already had the sins of a lifetime to make up to her, and now she was carrying his children, their twins.

"Anything!" He promised.

"Good, then take me home now." She smiled at him, making Peter roll his eyes. She had gotten him exactly like she wanted and had planned, his sneaky wife.

"I can't Alicia. The doctor said you had to stay." He explained, hoping she would accept it.

"You said anything I wanted. Peter what I want is to go home. I want to sleep in my own bed, in my own clothes and I want to see the kids and remember that I have already done it, that I can do it again. That I didn't screw them completely up. Peter please take me home, I hate hospitals. You can spend the night, I will eat and rest and not go back to work tomorrow just please, take me home." She was begging him now, pleading with him, and pulling her puppy dog eyes at him. Eyes she knew he had a hard time resisting. He let out a deep breath. She could rest in the apartment, and he could make sure she ate, drank and took care of herself. Dr. Walsh had already set up another appointment with her in the beginning of next week. And she did need rest, rest where she actually slept and he knew there was next to no chance of that happening while still in the hospital. He looked at her IV fluid bag, there wasn't much left in it now, maybe he could make her a deal.

"Okay I will go find a nurse and a doctor and talk with them about taking you home tonight but, and I mean this, only if you agree to stay until your IV-bag is finished." He looked her in the eyes, letting her know how serious he was with this. She nodded smiling, relief shining in her eyes.

He shook his head at her, she truly was hopeless when it came to hospitals.

"I am sorry Mr. Gardner but I need to cut this short." Addison held up her beeper, indicating why she needed to cut the meeting short so suddenly. Though the meeting was important to both her and her legacy and the hospital. She looked at the number of the room she was being called to, almost shaking her head. The world was truly a mystery with these things. The woman Will Gardner had come in with was beeping her now.

"Oh duty calls? Well I think I got most of what I need anyway. But would you be able to drop by the office tomorrow? Just to finish up these first details." He smiled at her, and Addison nodded.

"Of course, not a problem. But you are welcome to hang around and we can finish this in a little while. I am technically off now, just a patient I need to check up on." She told him. Okay Addie that sounded way too much of a hint of a date, not just a meeting with your lawyer. She thought to herself, trying to shake the idea out of her head. The guy had issues, hung up on a married woman it seemed, one that was now expecting kids with her husband yet again, and clearly committed to making it work with the husband. She should really not be getting into any of that. He looked at her for a moment, then nodded.

"What do you say to this? I go down and wait in the cafeteria getting us some coffee and you can join me when done with your patient?" He gave her another smile, almost a boyish grin, making her just a little weak in the knees, wondering if Mrs. Florrick had at some point felt like that because of that smile, and that was the reason he still was hung up on the other woman.

"Sounds good but maybe take the coffee-shop just around the corner of the hospital. Hospital food is terrible and their coffee in the cafeteria is not much better." She joked with him, making him laugh a little.

"Okay, got it. I'll go wait for you there. While you look after your patient." He nodded and stood up following her out of the office.

As Addison hurried through the hallways back to Mrs. Florrick's room she wondered if it was very wrong to date your lawyer while still a client. If so, she hoped they would be able to settle this lawsuit soon. After all she could not say much about him yet but she doubted he would stay pining over Alicia Florrick when he realized that she seemed to be getting back together with her husband.

Or rather seemed to be back together with him, she corrected herself as she walked into the hospital room finding the state's attorney leaning over his wife, kissing her gently.

"So, you needed me here?" She interrupted them, making them pull back in shock. If it had been patients she knew better, she would have made a joke about if this was really what they should be doing since it seemed to be what got them here in the first place.

"Yes, my wife would like to go home, we talked to a nurse and she said we would need to ask you." Mr. Florrick explained. Addison nodded, she was not surprised this was it. She had already seen how little Mrs. Florrick liked to stay here, and she had almost guessed it would be brought up before long. She nodded her head slowly.

"I see. Well technically there is nothing really against it, as long as you rest for the next days because of your concussion. Your vitals are stable, your blood pressure which we checked a little earlier is a little on the high side but not terribly bad. Really if you prefer to go home and promise you will come back if you feel bad at all. You did after all fall down. You don't feel any cramping or anything at the moment right?" She asked her, knowing that there was a minor chance that just this fall could have coursed a miscarriage if she had landed wrongly, and she did suffer from a minor concussion, so she might have. This was the real reason she preferred to keep her overnight, but hours had passed already and Mrs. Florrick's vitals were perfectly in order.

"No, I don't. Nothing at all." She answered, getting a pointed look form her husband. "I really don't Peter. I would say if I did. I wouldn't want to risk anything." She added. Addison nodded.

"Good, then I'll sign you out. As long as you keep the appointment we have made for Monday everything should be fine. Then we'll do another ultrasound and your blood-pressure and talk about some light exercising for you, and other regular things for a checkup." She smiled at them and started type up a few things in the file.

"I can go home?" Alicia Florrick asked her, suddenly smiling.

"Yes you can go home!" She nodded and smiled back at the other woman, while wondering how long it would take her to finish up here so she could go and enjoy her coffee.

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