Main Characters: (So Far)

Corrupt Madison Evans: orphan by a storm. Grew up at
Marleybone. Jailed because of Smuggling.

Black Autumn Kidd: orphan by Mutiny. Grew up at Skull Island,
born a sneak. Jailed because of Withdoctoring.

Cheyenne HawkWhisper: Life

_Skull Island_

"On the run from the Armada, are you? Well, I run a pirate
haven here, not a charity. If you want me to hide you, you'll
have to work from it," said captain Avery. "One of my
more...willful crewmen, a Buccaneer named Fin, stole a Jade
Amulet from me. I need it back! Fin fled to Skull Mountain,
and roused the Troggies - now they're bombarding us. Get my
Amulet back. Report to Chief Rigby at the West Bastion. If
you're to be a pirate, you'll need ship. Do this right, and
I'll give you one. You have my word of honor. Do we have an

She nodded.


Black walked around until she heard a voice.

"Aye! You there lad'ie!"

Black turned around. She saw a girl her own age with white
pigtails, red eyes, cheerful smile. She had a green bandena
with a white feather, green vest, white sleeves, green
tights, yellow half-shirt tied by a green lace, and green
boots with yellow trim, and a musket on her back.

"Eh? Aye there mate." Black said.

"What's yer name? Am Corrupt Madison Evans." The girl said
with a thick pirate's voice.

"Black Autumn Kidd, mate."

"Nice to meet ya." Corrupt took her hand out.

Black shook it, "I suspect yer a Musketeer? Aye?"

"You got that right. Straight from Marleybone."

Black eyes had some bit of shock, she herself never seen a
person from Marleybone.

"What about yerself mate?" Corrupt asked.

"Witchdoctor, grew up here on Skull Island."

"Oh! You grew up here, eh?"

Black nodded.

"We better get that Amulet Captain Avery wants, am I right?"

"You sure are." Black agreed.


They walked out Avery's house to Rigby in Avery's Court.

_Wizard City_

"Welcome to WizardCity, Cheyenne." Merle Ambrose said.

Cheyenne bowed, "hello Headmaster Ambrose.

"Things here are not normally this hectic. There's a problem
on Unicorn Way that absolutely must be dealt with before we
can get you enrolled."


"I've an idea! Perhaps, if it wouldn't be too much trouble,
you might take a look? You may be able to help."

"If I get enrolled then ya."

"It will also let you see more of Wizard City."

"Ok, you got me."

The headmaster handed Cheyenne a letter with a ornate wax
seal. Cheyenne examined it.

"Please deliver this letter to Private Stillson at the
Unicorn Way gate. He will let you through."

"Will do" she saluted the headmaster then started to walk

She made a friend then saw a gift in her backpack.

"Huh?" Cheyenne looked at the gift then opened it.

It was an egg! And it was hatching!

When it opened she saw a baby girl Storm Beetle.

"Aw!" She whispered, "I'll name you Queen Zoey!" (A/N: I
really got a Storm Beetle named that...)

She walked outside along with her pet besides her.

She heard Merlins pet, Gamma, "once in a while people will
help you with tips, hopefully these will help you."

Cheyenne smiled, "thanks." Then continue to walk to Unicorn