Chapter 2: Wait, Crowns?


"Why won't the tunnel let me threw?" Cheyenne whined.

She heard someone chuckled. She turned around and saw a...girl?

She(?) wore a dinosaur suit that was green and had a brown trim, and she was riding a black panther.

"what's so funny?" Cheyenne growled.

"are you a newbie?" She asked.

"yeah, so what?"

"explains." she got off her mount, petted the panther then walked up to Cheyenne, Cheyenne notice the person had emerald green eyes and a few blonde strains from her hat.

"explains what?" Cheyenne asked.

"most people that comes to WizardCity doesn't know about the ... Crowns."

"Crowns?" Cheyenne asked with a what the heck your talking about girl? face.

"yeah, you can buy some with Earth Money." she said like it was obvious.

"what's Earth?"

The girl chuckled and shook her head, "Newbie's are sometimes so fun to hang with.-"

Cheyenne pouted.

The girl smiled, "earth is a world somewhere else in the spiral."

Cheyenne eyes lit up, "another world?!"

"yeah. only problem? The bus for it doesn't come until the end of the month."

"Th-the end of the month?! The month just started!"

The girl nodded, "but the bus already left this morning, so you have to wait that long."

Cheyenne dropped to the ground on her knees, "what?! NOOOOO!"

"Hey! Alexis! What your doing this time?!" a voice asked then came to them.

Cheyenne saw she had a Spell Binder's hood that was black with white trim, a robe that looked a bit to tight and had a torn cape, and some high heels (A/N: sorry sis, forgotten how you looked like DX!) all was black with white trimming, but the girl was riding a T-Rex with a another girl riding on the back.

This girl had a hood that covered her eyes, it was red with yellow trimming had a fire sign on both sides, she also had a Krokatopia robe and shoes that was also red with yellow trimming.

The both got off the T-Rex, and the girl in black feed it a piece of meat, "go wonder around and don't eat pets, okay?" she whispered, it nodded then went away, along with the panther.

"just telling this newbie how to get crowns, Andrea."

"We'll say it in a nice way!" the girl with the fire sign said with her hands on her hips. Cheyenne barely saw she had red eyes.

Alexis smiled, "how can i say the bus left this morning nicer?"

She widen her eyes, "why didn't you tell me! I have houses to sell you know!?"

"woah, am sorry and you never told me!"

"oh, guess it is my fault." she said quietly.

"umm..." Cheyenne said.

"oh!" Andrea said, then smiled and held her hand out, "am Andrea Nightshade."

Cheyenne took it, "am Cheyenne HawkWhisper." she stood up.

"oh! nice." Alexis said, "Am Alexis Nightshade."

Cheyenne thought for a moment, "wait. You two are, sisters?"

"does that surprise you?" Alexis raised an eyebrow.

"it's just that..."

Alexis laughed, "we look opposites, we know. I am Life, and she's Death."

"Your life?" Cheyenne smiled, "So am i!"

Alexis smiled, "Cool."

"Nightshade...Nightshade... where i heard that before?"

The red girl shifted her footing, "Nightshade is the wraith at the end of Haunted Cave."

Cheyenne eyes widen, "really?! So are you two related to hi-?"

"Yeah, not that we enjoyed it, we soon figured out that he's was evil and cause the chaos around WizardCity, we soon beat him, all three of us."


Andrea chuckled, "we also had a brother that was death, but he been on Earth for while now."

"How long?"

"A year or so?"

Cheyenne jaw dropped.

The red girl raised her head very quickly, "oh! I didn't say my name, did i?"

"Nope." Andrea and Alexis said.

She smiled, "am Alexis Redhead."

Cheyenne nodded her head in approval, "Nice name."

"am a level 21 fire." She smiled.

"am a level 38 death." Andrea said.

Alexis smiled, "guess am last. Am a level 51 Life."

Cheyenne jaw dropped once more but she quickly closed it, "then why are you h-?"

"Here?" She smiled more, "I only bought Membership twice, and a Dino Bundle so i gotten 5,00 crowns, which i wasted on to buy FireCat Ally, Cyclops Lane, Krok, and The Spinx. Gave the rest to my sister for she can get stronger."

"wow, you must be a rocken sister."

"eh, sometimes." Andrea disapproved.

"we can help you into FireCat Ally, it only cost 750 crowns." Alexis (RedHead) smiled.

Cheyenne eyes lit up, "REALLY?!" she jumped up and down.

"Yeah, we have a Family "Account", it lets up give crowns to other." Andrea said. (A/N: it does! me and my sister gave all our remaining crowns to Andrea Nightshade because i was the highest level. but you really NEED A FAMILY ACCOUNT TO DO IT!)

"Thank You!"

"it's only fair because you probably came this morning."

"heh, i really did ^_^'."

They smiled.

"Why can't we go across the rope?" Corrupt asked.

"I don't know." Black admitted.

"Because stupids, you need Crowns or Membership." a guy's voice said.

They looked around them.

"Up there!" Anne pointed above the ring shop.

Sure enough there was a guy, wearing weird stuff, he was with two other people.

The guy had a helmet on, a suit with a shield in front and feathers sticking out the shoulders, and the boots were just ... boots.

Next to him was a girl with black hair, and red eyes, and beginner clothes.

Same with the guy next to him, he had black hair and black eyes, and beginner clothes.

Corrupt was the first to come out the shockness, "uh, what are crowns?" she asked.

"Crowns are money to use to buy areas. What else?" The girl asked.

"How do you get them?" Black asked.

"go to Earth, work for their money, then buy some when you return."

"how do yer go to this, Earth?" Corrupt asked.

The guy with black hair looked at them, with some worry in his eyes, "You have to take this ship with wheels to go, sadly it left this morning and won't return until the end of the month."

"What?!" Anne asked, "But that's for another thirty days."

"might as well do extra quests around and wait, because that ship won't return no matter what us pirates do." the helmet guy said while shrugging.

Corrupt cursed under her breath.

Russel coughed, "why should we trust you?"

They all looked at him.

"Because we're waiting for the bus for we can buy the third area. duh." the girl said.

"Oh." Anne said.

"We can help you both if you want, we have enough for both of you." the black haired said.

"Yo-You will?!" Black asked.

"Why won't yer buy the next area for yerself, eh?!" Corrupt said, angrily.

"Because, it's either all of us, or none." the helmet said.

"Fine, we'll take yer deal."

They smiled.


A/N: am guessing you already know the evil people don't you? Hint: it's not the wizards turn yet. :P did you thought it was them? *Gasp* i am shocked if you did! How dare you?! Alexis Nightshade and Redhead are mine DX and my sister will NOT turn...not that i know of yet XD lol. Byie for now~