E/O Challenge WoW: Corner
No Spoilers
Word count 100

A.N. Confession time. I had already written this drabble and was just waiting for the challenge word to land so I could see what I needed to incorporate into it. Corner worked just fine :7)


Warning - implied character death.

Reflected light in a glassless corner window, spotted out of time. Explosive crack fragments the air, a man falls. Panic. False reassurance believed, a brother races toward the building, shooting, hunting. Finding stairs, takes them in threes. Enters the open doorway into that room, markers in dust all he finds...

The fallen cries out, overwhelming pain punishing him for his lie. He clings, desperate, prays to see his brother, one last time.

Echoes mock running feet, the brother returning, hurrying, to help the fallen. He sees...Freezes...Collapses...Heart shattered, too late even for goodbyes. He howls. What nightmares will taunt him now...

Chick x