It was just at the end of the final battle. Neytiri struggled from beneath the thanator and quickly released two arrows towards Quaritch in quick succession, as he was about to kill Jake. Both Neytiri's arrows stuck Quaritch and he fell backwards, his amp-suit crashing on the ground.

While lying on the ground, Quaritch realised that he was somehow still alive. Both arrows seem to have miraculously missed his vital organs and Neytiri seems not to have used the Na'vi neuro-toxin.

Quaritch breathed a sigh of relief. "Nothings over while I'm still breathing".

But suddenly, Quaritch's Amp-suit exploded. Neytiri's arrows had struck a critical system causing the amp-suit to blow apart, throwing Quaritch high into the air.

Miraculously, Quaritch, who was still wearing his oxygen mask, was not killed or even injured by the explosion. Instead, the blast launched him high into the Pandora sky, way above the canopy of the trees, freeing him from Neytiri's two arrows as he spun in the air.

As Quaritch started to free-fall towards the forest, he was sure his end had come.

But on his way down, Quaritch incredibly landed right on the back of Banshee which happened to be flying by. Quaritch grabbed the Banshee's queue and desperately hung on for dear life. The banshee screeched angrily and flew faster, swaying from side to side, trying to shake off its unwelcome and unexpected cargo. Quaritch grimly hung on as best he could.

Eventually, after constant shaking and swaying, Quaritch lost his grip and fell towards the ground. Fortunately for Quaritch, the thick foliage of the forest broke his fall, as he bounces off several large leaves and an enormous mushroom on the way down.

Incredibly Quaritch landed relatively unharmed on the back of a Sturmbeast which was pursuing the remainder of the RDA forces through the forest. Again , Quaritch managed to hang on to the Sturmbeast's queue and stay on its back as the huge creature crashed through the forest at high speed.

Quaritch looked wide-eyed as the Sturmbeast charged towards the perimeter fence of Hell's Gate. Just before the fence, the Sturmbeast broke hard and Quaritch was catapulted at high speed over the perimeter into the compound.

Quaritch looked in horror as he plummeted towards the concrete ground of the Hells Gate compound. Surely, this was the end. Surely his luck had run out.

But miraculously, in a stroke of incredible good fortune, Quaritch landed on a large mattress which several RDA employees happened to be holding in that exact location at that exact moment, as they carried it across the compound.

Max happened to be passing as Quaritch landed unharmed on the mattress. Quaritch jumped from the mattress, brushed himself down and calmly walked away with only a few light injuries.

Max looks at Quaritch walking by and shook his head before saying:

"Quaritch, you lucky bastard!"

Author's note: This story was inspired from a scene in Monty Python's The Life of Brian when Brian escapes from Roman captivity and ends up in an alien craft before coming Back down to Earth.