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A man walks down the streets of Liverpool on his way to see a long-lost family member. He not only wants to meet this member, but he has a plan. This plan might not turn out well for the family member, but in the last few years the man never cared enough about what happened to other people; especially when it had anything to do with his father and his death.

The man came to a street of nice little houses with kids running around and playing in the street. This was the street he was looking for. He looked at the slip of paper with the required address of his long-lost family member. He walked up to the house of the correct address and knocked on the door casually. He waited for a minute or two before the door opened to a small little girl who looked to be the age of five or six. She looked a bit scared by the man's sudden appearance, and he smiled at her to calm her down a bit.

"Hello, little girl," the man said, "I'm looking for an Elizabeth Parker." He knew suddenly that wasn't right. The Elizabeth he was looking for was married to a man in the British army, but he couldn't remember the name.

"Um, well I don't know anybody called Elizabeth," the little girl said suddenly warming up to the man. A tall woman who looked to be in her late thirties early forties walked up and picked the little girl up with a curios frown on her face.

"Hello can I help you?" she asked as the little girl wrapped her small arms around the woman's neck contentedly.

"Yes ma'am," The man said with a casual smile, "I'm looking to speak with an Elizabeth Parker." the man shook his head and his brow creased in sudden frustration.

"I'm sorry, I don't remember the real name, but her first name is Elizabeth. She married to a man called George who was in the British army, but I can't seem to remember the correct surname." he said reassuringly.

The woman nodded and held out her hand, "I'm the Elizabeth you're looking for; Elizabeth Taylor." she said smiling kindly. The man nodded to her and shook her hand politely.

"My name is Charles Parker, and I'm trying to find someone in my family who's also called Elizabeth." Charles said hopefully.

The woman, whom you already have known by the name of Beth, nodded and let the man into her house. The little girl in her arms seemed frightened by the man who calls himself Charles, and she clung the Beth tightly as they travelled into the living room.

"So, Charles," Beth said rubbing the little girls back comfortingly, "Who is it you are trying to find?"

"Oh, you can call me Charlie," he said smiling, "Everyone does; but I'm looking for my little sister. He name's Elizabeth, but that's all the information I could get on her besides the fact that she lives in Liverpool."

Beth nodded and the little girl in her lap seemed to warm up to Charlie again as she got up out of Beth's lap and walked up to him.

"My name's Jennifer Elizabeth Harrison." she re-sited with a sweet smile. Charlie gave her a smile and shook her little hand, "My mummy and Daddy call me Jenny though."

Beth chuckled and Jenny walked back over to the couch and climbed up next to her.

"Who is she to you, if you don't mind me asking?" Charlie asked simply.

"Well I suppose the technical term is great-aunt," she said with a laugh, "But Her mum, Liz, is like a daughter to me, so I'm more of her grandmother I suppose."

Charlie nodded, knowing he found the right place, "So Liz is your niece?" he asked.

Beth nodded, "Yes, she is her mother died when she was eight, and her father was...not the greatest. He was killed when she was 20."

Charlie knew all about that. He knew what happened in Florida and he knew what happened between his father and his sister when she was 14. He nodded grimly and looked at Jenny rather closely. She looked very much what he expected was his sister, but there was another familiarity in her face that he couldn't put his finger on.

"Who's Jenny's father?" he asked before he could stop himself.

Beth smiled, "George Harrison, Liz and George have been close since around 14." she said sounding rather fond of her nieces spouse.

Charlie knew who Jenny looked like now. She was a close match to the famous Beatle. Charlie nodded and looked around the common living room. It was homey; something he didn't get growing up in the orphanage he was raised in.

His background story wasn't as happy as he wished it was. He was put up for adoption when he was very young. His mother and father were poor at the time, and couldn't feed a child and keep a place to live. A few years later they had Liz and Charlie was forgotten. He used to get letters from them sometimes before Liz was born, and those stopped when she arrived.

He was jealous of his sister and how much better he life turned out to be than his. He was planning on fixing that on this visit.

Beth suggested some tea and she got up to fix it. Jenny scurried after her with the look of fear in her eyes at the thought of being alone with Charlie.

He smirked at that. He'd have to come up with a way to get little Jenny to warm up to him if this plan was going to work. He took out his check list he kept in his pocket and checked off the next part of his list:

Meet Elizabeth Taylor

He put the paper back in his pocket as Beth came back and put a tray of cookies and tea on the coffee table with a nervous smile.

"So," She said sipping her tea, "Tell me about yourself Charlie?"

"Oh, well I was raised in an orphanage and grew up there. I learned I had a sister by my Father; Warren I think it was, and decided to find her, see how she turned out." he said, only partly lying. Beth seemed to cringe at the name of his father and Charlie didn't blame her much for it. He was a scary sort of man, but he was out for revenge for what happened.

He stood up in his seat suddenly and Beth winced slightly before he spoke, "Well thank you for your help, I think I'll go and see where I can find to stay for the night."

Beth had a sympathetic look in her eye as she stood up with him, "You don't have anywhere to go?" she asked suggestively.

Charlie shook his head, "But that;s alright, I'll find somewhere."

"Non-sense!" Beth exclaimed, "You're family, and if you have nowhere to go you can stay here!"

Charlie looked as if he was thinking this over be nodded curtly and sitting back down in his chair. Jenny didn't look too pleased that the scary man wasn't leaving.

After a few more minutes of talking, the phone rang and Beth smiled at Charlie before picking u the receiver.

"Hello?" she asked into the phone. She listened for the person on the other line to speak for a second, "Oh, Liz darling, are you coming to get Jenny?" there was quite again and Charlie was suddenly very interested in the conversation, "OK, well there's someone here who wants to meet you so hurry."

Beth laughed at a cheeky remark made over the phone and hung up. Jenny bounced in her seat for the whereabouts of her parents and Beth put a hand on her shoulder.

"Jenny, darling, you mummy and daddy are on their way here." Beth said smiling.

"YAY!" Jenny said running out of the room to collect her things.

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