HI! Thank you guys for reading. I don't think this is the end yet, but I think it's getting close to it...

Liz woke up in the hotel room she and George were sharing a couple of hours later. She looked out the window and saw that it was dark. She looked around the room and noticed George wasn't around. She frowned and got out of bed. She went to Cynthia and John's door and knocked with a sleepy sigh. John opened the door, his hair in a mess and his clothes rumpled.

"Hey, Russo, everything alright?" he asked groggily. Liz bit her lip.

"Have you seen George?" she asked, "He's not in our room." John frowned and shook his head.

"Non, I haven't." he said, "Not since we got here, love." Liz looked at the floor sudden;y worried about him. John noticed and pulled her into his and Cynthia's room.

"Liz, I'm sure he's fine," John said, "He probably went for a walk and got side tracked."

"But he usually tells me when he goes out." Liz said quietly, so not to wake up Julian who was cuddled up in the blankets on the bed.

"Well were you asleep?" John asked. Liz nodded, "He probably didn't want to wake you up." Liz nodded and bit her lip. She turned to leave and John grabbed her arm. She looked at him curiously. He pulled her into him and hugged her tight. Liz sighed and hugged him back. She nuzzled into his chest before he let her go, "Night, Russo." she smiled at him and left him to go back to sleep.

She went back into her room and climbed back into bed. She sighed, hoping George was alright as she went back to sleep. The next morning, when she woke up, he still wasn't back. Liz started to panic, but stopped briefly when there was a knock on the door.

She opened the door and saw John with Julian in his arms, "George back yet?" he asked. Liz shook her head and swallowed hard. John passed Julian over to her as he stepped into the room.

"John, what if something happened to him?" she asked, feeling tears well up in her eyes. "I can't lose Jenny and him too, John, I'll go mad without them."

John put his hand on her shoulder and raised his eyebrows at her, "Calm down, Liz," he said, "Maybe he came back and he went to get something to eat early this morning."

Liz shook her head, "No, he hasn't been here. I would've heard him come in." she said. Julian put his head down on her shoulder and she rubbed his back absently as she panicked.

"OK, Can you look after Julian if I go look for him?" John asked trying to make her feel better. Liz nodded and noticed Julian had fallen back asleep. She put him down in the bed so he could sleep better. Cynthia suddenly knocked on the door and walked in looking panicked. She took a deep breath when she saw John and Julian in the same room with Liz. John snickered and kissed her cheek as he walked out.

"He's gonna go look for George," Liz said in a small voice. Cynthia gave her a sympathetic look as she crossed the room. They both sat down on the end of the bed and Liz put her head against Cynthia's shoulder with a sigh.

George woke up with a major headache. He groaned as he sat up and rubbed his head. He looked around and found he was on a hard cement floor. He wondered how he got there as he looked around the room he was in. The room was large, and it had boxes and things all over, much like the warehouse in Hamburg did. He heard a door open and spun around to it.

Charlie walked in holding a squirming Jenny in his arms. George hopped up off the floor and started toward them. He was close enough to take Jenny from him, and he did, but Charlie had other plans. Jenny clutched onto George and whimpered. George hugged her to him and kept a wary eye on Charlie. Charlie moved about the room, and seemed to be looking for something.

Jenny was crying by this point and it hurt George's heart to hear the sound of it. "You're alright, Jenny," he said to her quietly, "I'm right here, I won't let him hurt you anymore." George usually gave her a nickname when she was upset, to try and make her laugh, but nothing came to mind as he watched Charlie prepare for something.

Jenny sat up and looked at him, her eyes wet from crying, "Picklepuss." she said simply. George frowned at her, "You didn't call me anything silly, so I chose Picklepuss." George cracked a smile.

"OK, then Picklepuss," he said giving her forehead a kiss, "You're alright now. I won't let him hurt you." Jenny nodded and She borrowed into his shirt. He rubbed her back and found he'd lost sight of Charlie. He turned around to find him, and before he knew what happened, Jenny was ripped from his grasp and she screamed.

George saw Charlie had her around the waist, and George leaped toward them. Charlie dodged George and continued with what he was doing. He put Jenny in a chairs and tied her down quickly, and George went after him again. He grabbed Charlie by the arm and turned him around. He received a strike to the jaw, and George moved back from him slightly. Charlie swung at him and hit him in the stomach. Jenny yelped as George doubled over, gasping for air. Charlie hadn't tied her down very well and she started to get up. George noticed and when she started to run toward George, he held up his hand.

"NO!" he said loudly, causing Jenny to stop, "Go back to where you were, Jen-Picklepuss, I don't want you to get hurt." she nodded and stepped back as Charlie advanced on George again.

George dodged a few of the punches swung at him, but he was hit more often then he really liked. George was knocked back to the floor and he heard Jenny whimper where she sat with her eyes covered. George knew he had to do something before she got hurt. Charlie came at him with a knife this time, and George's eyes widened. He moved out of the way quickly. He glanced at where Jenny was supposed to be sitting, but she was gone. He looked around for her and saw her in the corner sobbing. He swallowed hard and found that Charlie was walking toward her, brandishing his weapon.

An overwhelming sense of fear and anger welled up in George and ran for Charlie. He was not going to touch his little girl again. He tackled Charlie to the ground and wrestled the knife from his grasp. He tossed it away from them and Charlie started swinging punches again.

This time, George was ready for them and was doing most of the damage. Jenny was still crying in the corner, and George was trying his best to get to her.

When he did, Charlie was groaning on the floor. He pulled Jenny up into his arms and she cuddled him, something George missed more than anything during all of this. He held her tight and found he was breathing immensely hard. He sat down on the floor with Jenny and tried to catch his breath. She finally stopped crying and was falling asleep in his arms. He didn't think was the best idea, but he couldn't stop her when she was sleepy. He looked around and saw that Charlie wasn't where George left him, and suddenly panicked. He wasn't just gonna put Jenny down if Charlie could get to her, but he didn't want her in the middle of a scuffle.

He looked around frantically for the foe, as he stood up off the floor. He turned in circles trying to find Charlie in the room, but only resulted in him getting a bit dizzy. Jenny wasn't completely asleep and she whimpered when George spun around with her. He glanced down at her and stopped, knowing she didn't like it.

"Jenny, I can't find him," he said. She sat up and looked around with him, and when she looked back at him her eyes widened. She let out a yelp, and George put her on the floor quickly just before he was stabbed in the lower back. He heard Jenny scream as he sank to the floor. He saw Charlie grab Jenny quickly as his vision blurred and he blacked out.

John came back to the hotel with a look of worry. Liz stood up when he saw him, and bit her lip.

"I found him, but..." John trailed off and pulled Liz out of the room into the hall way. Liz gasped when she saw him. George was bleeding heavily, and he was barley breathing. Liz started sobbing, and Cynthia ran out to see what was going on.

Cynthia pulled Liz u off the floor and back into the hotel room quickly, "John, do something about it will you!?" she said giving him a glare that John used to know quite well. John didn't know what to do.

He'd found George lying on the floor in some warehouse after he saw a guy and little girl fleeing rather suspiciously. He considered going after them, but then remembered George was still missing. He was glad he found George, but he didn't know what to do about his bleeding friend. Liz came back and said she'd called an ambulance and that it'd be there soon, but John had a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach that George might not be alright.

When the ambulance got there, John told Liz he was going out again and he went back to the warehouse he'd found George in. He looked around the place, knowing Jenny and Charlie probably weren't going to be there anymore. He looked around for any clues that might point them in any direction as the where they went, but John didn't find anything. He heard a girlish squeal and looked around. He'd heard that squeal when he'd go see Liz and Jenny before the band broke up.

He looked around some more, half hoping to hear it again. He did, and he followed it, but he didn't want to know why Jenny was screaming like she was. He heard it again. this time close by. He stood in a hallway type area and saw a door slightly a jar. He walked in that room just in time to hear a loud crack of hand to cheek contact, and to see Charlie strike Jenny hard. John took in a sharp breath as Jenny screamed again. He charged Charlie and the unsuspected fell to the floor. Charlie looked at John and a grin curled onto his face.

"Well, well, well, Harrison too weak to came and fight for his own daughter?" he sneered.

"No," John said, "He's just not unconscious at the moment, and I'm hear to get my niece." Charlie stood up and walked toward John.

"Well I'm right here," he said, "You just have to get through me first."

At that invitation John went to beat the man senseless, if he had any sense to begin with. When Charlie was good and knocked out on the floor, John bent over him, "And you don't hit little girls!" he said before turning to little Jenny who was huddled in the corner.

He picked her up, and she looked scared of him. She whimpered and tried to get away from him.

"Shh, Jenny," he said as he walked out of the place, "I'm Johnny, remember? I won't hurt you." Jenny looked at him and a few tears started to fall from her eyes before she started sobbing. John held her tight to him as he exited the warehouse and ran to the nearest payphone. He first called the police then he called Liz and Cynthia.

He told them he was fine and that he found Charlie. Liz flipped out and asked about Jenny, who pulled the phone from John and spoke to her mother. John smiled slightly and Jenny handed back the phone before he hung up and walked back to the warehouse to see if Charlie was still there just as the police got there.