~*~Unshed Tears~*~

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There was a huge blast, Kurama tried to deflect the blast to protect Botan. She tried to help him but he told her that he didn't want her to get hurt. She looked over to Yuusuke, who was also trying to deflect the huge blast. Hiei was in the back ready to deflect it if it got through Kurama and Yuusuke. Suddenly Botan felt a strange pain that sent her into a concrete (I know I can't spell...) wall. Before she hit the wall, she felt that the Urameshi team was almost done for, all save Hiei. Then a searing pain hit her head and her world went black.
Chapter 1: The Darkness of Death.
When the Urameshi team got Botan to Yuusuke's house, they knew that she was gone. Kurama was in the back, even behind Hiei. His vision started to blur. The battle was still fresh in his mind. The blast. The scream. The darkness. He was afraid that they had failed. It was when he woke up, Hiei was the one who won the battle. Kuwabara was knocked out before the blast. Before the scream. Before the darkness. Kurama was too lost in his thoughts to notice that they arrived at Yuusuke's. Unnoticed tears ran down his face. His emerald eyes focused on the group ahead. They walked into the building and into the elevator. Kurama was holding the deity in his arms. Hiei noticed that he was spaced out, and crying. He waited until Kurama caught up with them. Yuusuke walked over to him and put a reassuring hand on his shoulder.
"I don't think that the deity of death can die." He said and he looked up. Tears clouded his emerald eyes. He looked back down to her pale and bloody face. When they got to Yuusuke's apartment, he walked straight to his room and told Kurama to set her down on his bed. Then he sent his mother to get them a bowl of warm water and a washcloth. She came back in and handed them to Kurama. He washed her face gently and bandaged her head. She was so cold. He did it so gently. Then when she was all washed and bandaged, she wasn't breathing, to them. Kurama produced a beautiful white rose and placed it in her hands, before she disappeared. When they went their seperate ways they didn't see Kurama for about three months, and they knew exactly what was going on. He loved Botan. Hiei even cried that night... well a few tears, thats all.
~*~3 Months Later~*~
Kurama walked through the streets. It was summer break from school. He only missed a few days. The last days. All because of a certain deity. He didn't tell her his feelings for her and now, it was too late. He wished he had told her sooner. The battle was still fresh in his mind, as if it was yesterday. The months felt like years to him. He wanted her back. She got the last rose he will ever give again, unless she was still alive, in which he knew she wasn't. He still couldn't face the truth of her death. He didn't understand it. How could the deity of death, herself, die? He didn't think she could. It was just impossible for him to imagine. The only way he could imagine her was alive and cheerful. She always brought a smile to his face, even when he was having a bad day. He wanted her back. He wanted her alive. He wanted her to know how he felt. But sadly he also knew that he wouldn't get what he wanted. He knew he'd just have to live life through. He didn't know how he'd live without her. She was his deity.
"Hey Kurama!" He heard someone shout. He turned around and saw Yuusuke Urameshi. He just tried to smile, but all that came to his face was a small sad one. "Where have you been? I haven't seen you since... well you know, three months ago." He said and Kurama just sat down on a small bench behind him. He nodded as he walked over to him and sat down. "I know how you feel." He tried to cheer him up. He stayed silent as Yuusuke tried numerous times to get him to talk. "For god's sake Kurama! Will you please talk to me?" He looked up surprised.
"I'm sorry." He muttered miserably.
"For what?"
"She tried to help me. I told her to get back, and that I would deflect it."
"What are you talking about!?"
"The blast that nearly ended our lives." He couldn't believe Yuusuke would forget.
"Oh..." Kurama cut him off.
"It's all my fault..."
"What's your fault?"
"That she's...gone." His voice started to break. He looked away from him.
"It isn't your fault..."
"Yes it is." He interrupted him. "Yes it is."
"No it is not!" Yuusuke said seriously. "What happened... well is what happened. You couldn't stop it, even if you tried. She wouldn't run. She wouldn't leave us to deflect it." He tried to explain.
"I know... but-"
"No buts!" He said seriously. "Come see your friends. Hiei, Kuwabara, and Yukina. Did you hear that Yukina and Kuwabara are together. Hiei didn't want that to happen... but it did." Kurama tried to smile at Kuwabara's boldness. He had the nerve to fall for Yukina... against Hiei... they're not friends.
"Hey Yuusuke!" Yukina said cheerfully. She then stared at Kurama. She looked at Yuusuke, confused.
"Remember Kurama?"
"OH! Hey there!" She said as she walked back to the table where Kuwabara was bickering with Hiei.
"Guess who's here?" Yuusuke said as he pointed to Kurama. The two stopped fighting to gap at him. He didn't change much but it was big shock to see him there.
"What're you doing here?" Kuwabara asked Kurama as he walked to the table.
"Yuusuke convinced me to come. He told me about..." He trailed off as Hiei glared at the orange-haired boy. "Nevermind." Hiei looked back at him.
"Its been a long time." He said as he moved away from Kuwabara. "Three months." Kurama nodded.
"It seemed like years to me."
"Where have you been?" He asked and Kurama looked down.
"Around the city."
"In other words, avoiding us?" He nodded slowly.
"I wasn't ready to accept the fact that..."
"I know. It was a blow to all of us too, but we didn't avoid you." Yuusuke said getting into the conversation. "In fact we looked for you."
"I'm home." Kurama said walking through the door as he went straight to his room. He closed his door behind him. He didn't hear a reply and went to see if she was home. He saw a note on the table. It said:

Dear Kurama,
I went out for a little while. I'll be in later. I went shopping earlier too.

Kurama smiled at the simple note. His mother always kept things sweet, yet simple. He had to be careful about what he thought about. Things kept going back to the blast... and the deity. Kurama went back to his room. He hadn't slept in what seemed like ages. All he would dream about was the blast. He closed his eyes, but thought against it and tried to stay awake. He soon fell asleep.
Kurama woke up with sweat rolling down his face, his shirt was soaked and so was his pillow. Then he realized he was crying. He peered up and saw his mother. She was shaking him gently.
"I'm awake." His words were barely audible, but they were enough to stop his mother from shaking him. He sat up and rubbed his eyes. It was bright in his room. "How long have I been sleeping?" He wondered out loud.
"I don't know. I just got back two minutes ago. I tried to call you and tell you I wouldn't be here and that I was staying over a friend's house." She explained. He looked over at the clock and saw that it was 1:30 p.m.
"I'm going to take a cold shower." He said as he walked to the bathroom.
"Okay." She said as she walked behind him, heading towards the kitchen. He walked in and turned the cold water on, with a little bit of warm water.
"Hey Kurama!" Yukina greeted him as he walked into the ramen shop. "How are you?"
"Fine, thanks. How are you?" He asked politely.
"Fine, except for those two bickering again today." She said pointing to them as she shook her head. He gave a small smile. "I'd rather have Yuusuke and Kuwabara bickering than Hiei in there." He smiled as he walked toward the table. He seemed kind of pale.
"Hi guys." He said and they stopped short of their sentence.
"Kurama, you are my hero." Yukina said coming over to him and hugging him.
"I don't hear that much." He said as Yuusuke grinned.
"You're mine too." He said and Kurama stared at him weirdly. "Do you think I could stand that for a minute longer!?" He asked and him and Yukina laughed. Hiei glared at him and he shut up.
"You look pale." Hiei pointed out to him. "What happened?"
"Nothing." He said looking away from everyone's gazes.
"What happened?" He repeated slowly.
"I had a nightmare. Are you happy now?" He asked quietly. Yuusuke raised a brow.
"What about?" He asked and Kurama felt like glaring a hole through his head.
"Nothing important." He said and Hiei gave him a lame look.
"Nothing huh? That explains why you're pale." He said sarcastically. Yukina elbowed him in the ribs. He shot her a pathetic look.
"It was about the battle, thats all." He said and Yuusuke gave him a sympathetic look. Kuwabara raised a brow.
"Why would you call that a-" Yuusuke cut him off.
"You are not that thick." He said lamely.
"OH! My mind was on something else." Hiei smirked.
"Your mind is always on something else." He said and Kuwabara glared at him.
"Shut up shorty!" He said and Kurama glared at both of them. Neither of them seen him glare unless he was in a very big battle. They immediately shut their mouths. Yuusuke's eyes grew wide.
"I am not in the mood to hear bickering." He said and Hiei just scowled and looked the other way, but Kuwabara nodded and looked down.
"Thank you." He (Yuusuke) said. Kurama looked at him and got up. He left without saying another word.
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A young girl looked out over the city from her postion on her oar. She could see almost everyone from her spot. She frowned when she saw him. She couldn't remember him, but he seemed so familiar. She watched as the red-haired boy walked down the street. Her heart thumped loudly and quickly in her chest. All she remembered was where she worked and her name.

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