-Rainfalls and Roses-

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"I want to be yours." She whispered into his ear. He picked her up and carried her out, but before he left the room he looked at Koenma.
"If you ever touch her again, I will tear your heart out and shove it down your throat." With that said he walked out of the room, and out of Reikai forever.
Kurama walked towards his apartment (NO! He doesn't live with his mother anymore!) with Botan at his side. Anyone else that dared to touch her again would be at the mercy of his claws. Yes, his claws. She was his and no one was going to take her away. He felt her squeeze his hand, so he looked down to find her staring up at him.
"What's the matter?" He asked making her jump. His now emerald eyes filled with curiosity.
"I just wanted to make sure that you were back." She said shaking her head. She looked back down and muttered something that he didn't hear and probably wasn't meant to hear. Suddenly, she looked up at the sky. Black clouds were twisting themselves toward their location. She slowed down and smiled. "I love rain, don't you?" She looked back up at him. He blinked and nodded. Grey clouds were over them now, and everyone was scrambling towards shelter. Botan giggled. "They don't know what they're missing." She said a smile on her face. Her lilac eyes showed excitement. Raindrops were falling now. Botan and Kurama were still walking hand-in-hand along the empty street in the rain.
"We're still a block from my apartment." He said and she looked up at him.
"Really? Even better!" She said moving closer to him. Kurama looked down at her and smiled.
~*~Kurama's apartment~*~
Botan laughed and ran into the bathroom before Kurama. She took all of her clothes off and wrapped herself in a towel.
"That is not fair!" He shouted from outside. "Atleast bring me a towel, please?" She giggled and opened the door, throwing the towel on the floor. "Thanks." He said sarcastically as he walked over and picked it up. He walked back out to the kitchen. Botan came out of the bathroom and smiled pleasantly at Kurama.
"Can I borrow some clothes?" She asked watching him walk towards her. He walked past her and into his room, with Botan on his heels. He opened his closet and took some clothes out. He handed them to her, then walked into the bathroom. "Thank you!" She dried completely off and put them on. They were baggy, but they were comfortable.
~*~Later that night~*~
Botan and Kurama were sitting, or rather laying, on the couch watching a movie. Botan was fast asleep and Kurama got bored of the movie so he started flipping channels. He sighed and stopped at a comedy show that wasn't really funny, just dumb. 'I'll never find anything good on this late at night.' He thought frustratedly. He wished Botan was still up. She was better company than this show. He directed his gaze over to the clock. 11:35 pm. What was he going to do? He wasn't tired and he didn't want to wake Botan up. He moved himself so that he was in a sitting position. He then picked Botan up and carried her into his room. He layed her gently on the bed and covered her up. She groaned and moved into a more comfortable position. He walked out quietly and shut the door behind him. He sighed deeply. He got himself a glass of water and went back to his couch, only to hear someone behind him. He turned around and saw Botan. He looked at her confused.
"Why did you leave me in that cold room all by myself? I only like to sleep where it's warm. Next to you." She said walking over to the couch and laying her head on his shoulder.
"Sorry but I didn't want to wake you up." He said resting his head on top of hers. She laughed.
"I'm sure you didn't. You were probably lonely, weren't you? When I rolled over I was wide awake." She said lifting her head up and giving him a kiss on the cheek.
"You're right. I was lonely when you fell asleep. The movie was so boring that this comedy that isn't even funny is better." He said. She started laughing. "It's true." She only laughed harder.
"Those kind of comedy shows are so dumb that they're funny. That's how they're starting to make them now. I hardly ever got to watch a movie when I was working." She said, holding back a sob. The lump in her throat got bigger. He sensed her discomfort and wrapped his arms around her.
"I understand how you must feel, but he has to understand that you don't want him. Do you?" He asked seriously. She shook her head vigorously.
"No! I love you. I don't want him. He thinks that he gets what he wants, until now. I guess you made it clear to him that I'm offbounds." She smiled through her troubles. Kurama scared the hell out of the little Prince. She cried when he tried to convince her that Kurama wasn't coming back, he also tried to convince her that the kitsune loved someone else. She whimpered, remembering every word that she heard. "He tried to convince me that you weren't coming back to me and that you loved someone else. I didn't believe him, but he made me believe him. He tried..." She was trailing off because the lump in her throat was too big and all that she could get out were sobs.
"Botan, always remember that I love you and only you. I have something for you, hold on." He said getting up. She wiped her tears away and closed her eyes. She couldn't believe that she doubted him for even a minute. She shook her head and cleared those thoughts. Kurama came back into the room and kneeled down on one knee in front of her. She couldn't believe this. "Botan, will you marry me?" Tears now cascaded down her face. She threw her arms around his neck and smiled.
"Yes!" She cried excitedly. He parted from her embrace and slipped the ring on her finger.
"I missed you so much that I decided to make you my mate in both ways." He said grinning at her. He looked at the clock. 12:01 am. He had proposed to her on the stroke of midnight.
"I love you so much. Words can't express the way that I feel right now." She sobbed happily. She still couldn't believe it. Was she sleeping? No, she was wide awake. She was freezing. She shivered and climbed up into Kurama's lap. He picked her up and went into his room, to make her his mate forever.
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Botan and Kurama were married on December 1. Botan later had twins, a boy and a girl named Kura and Kata. The boy was Kura.

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Keiko and Yuusuke were married the same day. They had a baby boy named Ai. Kuwabara and Yukina were married a year later. They had a boy too. His name was Kana.

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