Epilogue- 1 month later

Hikaru leaned up against the counter with his chin pressed into his cheek. Behind him, the carnival game lit up in bright lights, repeating the same excited slogans it always did. It was getting on his nerves.

He switched his eyes to slowly scan the other amusement park games and spotted Tamaki and Haruhi working games right next to each other. But Tamaki's duck pond was busy, so he hadn't had a chance to really talk with Haruhi today. Hikaru laughed sadistically.

Then he looked over to the game on the far side: the basketball throw. Kyoya was standing, idly dribbling the ball as he waited in vain for customers. Kyoya had finally stood up to his father and told him that he wanted to do something for himself. Working at an amusement park wasn't that impressive, but it was a start.

Suddenly, Hikaru's supervisor slammed a hand down on the counter in front of Hikaru, surprising him. He jolted briefly before straightening up for his boss, but he didn't give Hikaru time to talk.

"Your guardian just called the office. You need to go home immediately. They said it's something about your brother?"

Hikaru's heart froze with fear. "Did they say what it was about?"


Hikaru raced around the guy and bolted down the sidewalk past his friends' games. They stared after him but didn't call him out. They knew that whatever it was, they would hear about it later that night.

On the way home, Hikaru repeatedly called everyone in his household. No one picked up. It is possible that something terrible had happened again? It was a thought that left him breathless.

When he reached home, he slammed into the driveway, and was up to the door in a flash. "Kaoru!" Hikaru cried, throwing the door open, frightened.

He paused at the sight he was greeted with in the living room. Kaoru was sitting on the couch with Rika and Emi on either side, looking absolutely gleeful. Yasushi sat on the arm of the couch with the same grin as the girls. Kaoru, however, was blushing heavily with his hands over his face. "I told you guys not to call him at work."

"This is important," Emi said excitedly. "Hikaru, get over here."

Hikaru approached slowly, not knowing what to think. "What's going on?"

"Nothing, they're overreacting," Kaoru said.

All three started protesting at his words while Hikaru looked around in confusion. "What?"

"Kaoru, tell him," Rika said.

Kaoru sighed but smiled despite himself. "This morning I woke up… and I'm seeing—"

"WHAT?" Hikaru cried.

"Calm down!" Kaoru cried, laughing. "I'm only seeing really, really, really blurry images with like no color."

"But you're seeing!" Hikaru hollered.

Kaoru started laughing and happy tears bubbled up into his eyes. Hikaru launched himself at Kaoru and gave him a suffocating hug. "It's a miracle!"

Hikaru started crying himself after that and Kaoru ended up comforting him. Nothing had changed, but yet, everything had. It was wonderful.

The End.

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