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Maka and Soul have left DWMA with an honorable title, leaving them as the most powerful duo to ever graduate. With Soul now a fully developed death scythe, Lord Death assigns a mission where Maka must train a NEW weapon. How will the duo handle the news? Will a certain albino be able to muster the guts to speak his mind out before it's too late?

"Maka!" someone called from behind.


A masculine boy of the age of eighteen with disheveled, frosty, spiky hair, and a pair of intimidating yet playful ruby eyes strode lazily to the table and took a seat behind me. "Lord Death called."

I flipped the bacon over the pan as a sign to continue.

"He needs us to stop by his office; said it was urgent."

I stopped fidgeting with the sizzling strip and glanced at him with a short acknowledging glance. "What did you do this time, Soul?" I sighed disapprovingly.

"Hey," he raised his voice defensively, "don't assume I did something wrong when I don't even know what I did."

"That's exactly it," I stated teasingly, "sometimes I wonder if you ever grew up Soul."

"Of course I did," he grinned with that dangerous, charming trade mark smile of his, "a cool guy like me would never pull immature stunts and get caught."

"Only with Black*Star," I muttered aloud.

"So not cool, Maka," he retorted in an annoyed, even tone.

I snorted as I brought the pan over and gently dumped half the contents onto Soul's place followed by mine.

"All joking matters aside," I resumed while he consumed his breakfast, "what do you think he really wants?"

"Don't know," the albino shrugged, "maybe a new mission." He returned to monstrously devour his meal as I stared at mine a bit anxiously. It was a familiar disturbing feeling that urged me to stray away and ignore my curiosity, but of course a former Shibusen Student should always investigate. Nostalgic… I wonder why.

The roaring engine of Soul's orange Harley was the only sound that accompanied us to the beautiful, symmetrical Death Weapon Meister Academy. Words were not needed to be exchanged for what awaits us at Lord Death's room. The atmosphere at this very moment was peaceful and calm, yet a little tense—or perhaps that was my imagination.

The action did not pass unnoticed by my weapon. I could feel his weary eyes glance at me like a cobra's strike, but I ignored his gaze and focused ahead.

Within moments, the purring engine died down and we stood at a ridiculous amount of stairs leading up the academy.

Perhaps the moment we reached the top and stood to admire our former school was enough to encourage Soul to speak his mind out, "Hey." I turned to meet his worried burgundy eyes in silence; half of me was standing towards Soul while the other busied itself with nostalgic memories to cover my troubled thoughts. "What's eating at you?" he asked as if it was the most natural thing to say with a cool decency.

My lips parted slightly to voice out my confusion, but I stopped midway as my thoughts were bombarded with chastisement of my self-doubts. There is nothing to be worried about, it ultimately came to. I closed my mouth and broke his gaze to stare at the ground with idling interest.

"Nothing," I answered, "let's not keep Lord Death waiting."

With an encouraging smile, we walked towards the building in silence. Unsure of what awaits us.

"Damn it all," Soul growled once we reached home, "Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!"

"Hey, how about saying something else for a change, Soul? Something less uncool," I barked in frustration.

"Well how about you use that big mouth of yours back there, Maka!" he retorted as our gaze locked in a fiery battle.

"And you know very damn well that I can't deny his requests, Soul!" I hissed venomously.

Soul took a step close to me, our faces only centimeters apart. His height made him all the more intimidating. "Oh yeah, because I'm little miss perfect and DWMA's top class student," he mocked scornfully. I stood there staring at him speechless, "You can quit being a kiss up, Maka. No one's gonna buy it anyway!"

I felt a burning sensation radiate from my left hand the moment those words left his mouth. Never had I ever slapped Soul in my entire life being with him, it was always a Maka-chop, always impacted on the cranium, but this… it was a new level of low.

Soul's head remained turned away for a couple seconds as we registered my action, but I couldn't take back what I've done. I took a step back from him and hurried off to my bedroom and slammed the door immediately. My breaths came in shallow and ragged as I leaned on my door for support and sunk to the floor. Tears prickled my eyes and ran down my face, leaving behind a burning, hot trail in its wake. Soul couldn't see this. I don't want him to see me at my vulnerable point, especially when he was the cause of it.

My throat burned from holding back wails and cries, but I swallowed the pain and hid them in my silent sobs. I gathered my legs towards me and hugged them to my chest.

I never thought it would come to this.

"Scythe Meister Maka Albarn ready for-"


It was always the same routine every time we came to Lord Death's room. Papa always dashed from the other side of the room screaming my name like a psychopath with mesmerized, goo-goo doll like eyes as he came towards me. As always, I had my handy book ready to smash into his noggin before he could lay a single hand on me. This was the only thing I'm glad to be away from after graduation. Soul shared the same look of disgust as we glanced at one another; seems like I'm not the only one.

"Hello! Hello! Wazzup? Wazzup? Good to see ya!" Lord Death greeted in his usual friendly, falsetto voice.

"Lord Death, what do ya need from us?" Soul stated nonchalantly.

"Soul!" I chastised in a hushed tone. Even after graduation, my partner still couldn't learn a thing or two about respect.

Soul only shrugged in a bored manner. He had always been straight to the point.

"Oh yes! I have a new mission for Maka," the thin Shinigami stated.

Soul and I exchanged disbelief looks. "Uh, don't you mean Soul and I?" I corrected.

"No my dear, it is only you this time," the Shinigami answered.

"But Soul is my partner," I interjected.

"For this specific mission, I'm afraid not… even for a while."

"Lord Death-"

"I apologize, but with Soul as a death scythe, there are still others that are in dire need of your assistance, Maka."

My hands formed into fists at my side as I glared at the ground in defiance.

"Maka's my partner," Soul stated confidently, "she's the only one who can wield me."

"Now, now, I know you're upset, Soul, but let's be reasonable. We need to recruit more death scythes as much as possible. We require these death scythes to be assigned a post in case of a future Kishin attack so they'll be able to protect their home from the madness," Lord Death explained.

"But why Maka? Why not Stein?" Soul argued. If I didn't know my partner any better, I could have brushed off the sound of pain in his tone as a part of my imagination.

"Stein is already assigned to the same mission. Maka and Stein are the only ones who have obtained flexible souls and can adjust to any weapon of choice." Lord Death turned his attention to me, "Stein had taught you how to control it, yes?" He didn't pause to let me answer and returned his attention to both of us, "You are both our highest and advanced meister and weapon in the district. This is why I have chosen you," Lord Death finished, "I'm sorry it has to be this way."

From my peripheral vision, I saw Soul bowed his head in defeat as his hands formed into tight balls beside him. Although I disliked this mission strongly as much as Soul, and even more for the fact that I can't be with him, but I had no choice but to follow orders.

"I'll do it."


Also this is my first time writing a Soul Eater fanfic(dedicated to SoMa shippers out there!) and I'm uber nervous about how this will turn out. :/

In all honesty, I feel horrible and every time I turn back to read this, I think it's just a horrible crap I manifested after reading the manga and Soul Eater Not! manga.
There are some details that refers to either or, but I'm sure it'll work out with the story. I'm still experimenting ya'll!


In the anime it doesn't show that Maka can wield other weapons besides Soul, but in the manga she does wield Tsubaki during the fight against the Legendary Wolf. From this small detail, I was able to assume that Maka does have a flexible soul like Stein, but it isn't as strong. And also, I believe it's because she has a good bond with Tsubaki (and that she's a girl) that she's able to do so.
And in my story, I decided to say that Stein saw this in Maka and decided to train her, that's why she's on this mission with Stein.

Now, Soul won't be useless as he portrays himself on the manga/anime without Maka (which is why I ship them so hard core) though I prefer that, but with Maka outta the picture, I think he'll need some professional help from someone who has experience *ahem*Spirit*ahem*

^I will mention this somewhat later in the story (if I feel like it). Anyways enjoy!~