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Soul woke up with a groan as he prepared himself to his usual morning routine. Since the day Maka left, he was bombarded with lessons after lessons with Maka's infamous death scythe of a father. Surprisingly, Soul grew to like these lessons with him for he was able to learn some interesting details about being a death scythe. He also learned that he and Sprit were so much alike when it came to battle. He never thought that Spirit would also feel vulnerable without a partner. A bond had formulated between the duo, and Soul actually felt accepted for once; it's almost like anyone close to Maka had the ability to make him feel welcomed and accepted.

Soul came to enjoy these lessons despite his and Spirit's constant disputes—he assumes Maka picked this off him—but did serve as a constant reminder of the one person yearned the most.

Blaire had walked in, dressed in her usual short, black dress attire. She wore a big smile on her face as she announced her breakfast creation.

Soul smiled gratefully that Blaire had taken responsibility to cook and clean once in a while. Even her cooking had improved. Her food was no match against Maka's, but they were still pretty edible.

"Thanks Blaire," Soul replied as he began to chow down his meal.

"Oh and I'm going to be out late again," Blaire stated, "Sorry I haven't been much of a company with you at night."

Soul shrugged, "Don't worry about it." He would never admit to Blaire that he had already grown used to the loneliness every night since Maka's departure. It was during these desolate moments when Soul had thought of his spitfire meister.

Soul finished his meal and began to wash dishes as he thought about today's lesson. Spirit informed him that today would put his skills to the test. He was actually going to fight somebody. Soul was trilled with the idea to be an independent weapon, but he'd always preferred to fight alongside his former partner. Maka always gave him a positive attitude in battles. She had influenced him to be stronger and to be more confident in his abilities. It was she who had made him want to be stronger, so he could always protect her.

"Soul, I'm leaving," Blaire called out.

"Alright! See you later," his voice returned. He heard the door close and found himself in an empty room of peaceful silence aside from the sound of running water.

As soon as Soul finished his chore, he made his way to the bathroom, brushed his teeth, and checked himself in the mirror before locking the house.

The moment he activated his Harley, a strange feeling overwhelmed him. He didn't know why, but something about today felt different. His instincts told him that something important was going to happen. It wasn't the usual bad gut feeling that he recognized in countless battles, nor was it a good one with growing anticipation. He felt unsure whether to continue making his way to the academy or not. Alas, Soul shoved the hesitation to the back of his mind as he sped down the narrow streets of Death City.

He hummed a small tune as he drove his Harley on the long stair way and reached the top in no time. He expected nothing less from the horrified and aghast death scythe waiting for his arrival.


Soul shrugged, though he did feel a little guilty for his action, "I was running late."

Spirit face palmed and shook his head with disapproval before returning to his professional façade.

"Alright, go park your Harley beside the columns. Today's lesson won't take very long."

Soul did as he was instructed. Afterwards he strode beside Spirit, hands in pocket and shoulder slumped in his usual cool demeanor.

"So," Soul began, "who is it this time?"

"Don't know," Spirit muttered, "Lord Death just informed me that we'd have a former DWMA student return to help out."

"So is it someone from your time, eh, old man?"

A vein pulsed on Spirit's forehead, but held the urge to knock the kid down. "Maybe… I definitely hope it's not Tezca," Spirit sighed. "He can be so tiresome, but he's a formidable opponent."

"Tch," Soul scoffed. He remembered that death scythe all too well, especially the monkey. They had been a strange duo on their first encounter, but had it not been for them, Maka and he would be at the mercy of Medusa. They were intimidating graduates, but there was no way Soul would show that reaction to Maka's old man. "I can handle it."

The two death scythes spent the remaining minutes to walk in peaceful silence. The sounds of their clacking shoes echoed the hallway, creating an upbeat thump with their untimed steps. It was not long before they finally reached a train of red torii guillotines that lead to the Death Room.

The closer they approached the dimensional cloud room, the stronger the warning signals from Soul's core reverberated. He was perturbed, but restrained himself from showing any sign on his face.

The first thing he noticed in the room was a young woman's back faced towards them. She wore a black hooded jacket with three short, yellow lines marked on her left head as well as on her left shoulder in a horizontal manner. It was clearly an imitation the three lines of Sanzu that belonged to Kid. The jacket stopped mid back, revealing a large amount of porcelain skin enough to make a man nervous, and had two long black trains hanging to her side in a graceful manner. She wore a black pair of short shorts with a studded belt to hold it in place. Her shoes were a pair of asymmetrical designed black boots. Her right boot stopped at mid thigh with the same yellow Sanzu lines at the peek of the boot. While her left boot stopped just below her knee cap with a small badge of a cross facing inward.

The albino haired boy looked away with a flustered manner, internally fighting to keep his cool façade. It took all of Soul's will power to control the blood from sprouting out of his nasal chambers, or worse, southward.

It was her partner who had noticed his presence first. She had the same matching outfit from the back, but at the front, two white rectangular flaps embraced her neck while a buttoned down hem lining poked out from where the zipper of the jacket should be. Her torso was bare, save for the black bra that covered, yet accentuated her large breasts.

That was it. Blood spurted from Soul's nose, causing him to fly backwards due to the release. "Ah…damn," he muttered, his head lolling upward.

Spirit, on the other hand, had eyes of sparkling diamonds as his eyes scanned her from head to toe. The girl had amazing cyan eyes that sneered mischief. She had unbelievably flawless skin, a sharp nose, high cheeks, and an intimidating, yet seductive smile. Her outfit gave a very mature complexion.

Spirit was ready to make a move on her when a Shinigami chop knocked him dead in his tracks.

"It's good to see you here, Spirit. Soul," Lord Death greeted with a pulsing frustration on his head.

Soul twisted to his side and pinched the bridge of his nose as he got back on his feet.

"So this is who we're up against?" the girl's alto voice drawled with disinterest. She turned to her partner, who still had her back turned towards them.

"Yep," Lord Death answered in her partner's stead. Then he turned to Soul, "Your task is to defeat these two with the skills you have learned up to this point."

"Seems easy," the girl interrupted with a shrug, "I though this would be a challenging one."

"Heh," Soul chuckled dryly, "better watch your tongue before someone cuts it."

The girl eyed him with fiery interest. "Oh? Looks like we've got a wild one," she clucked. "Tell ya what, kid, since this is the last time we'll ever see each other, I'll give you my name. It's Yuki Hitomi and you better remember that name."

"Well see about that," Soul challenged.

"Settle down, settle down," Lord Death quieted, "now, Spirit and I will be your proctors and we will step in if this fight goes too far." Spirit then rose from the ground and made his way beside the Death God in a serious fashion: arms crossed at his chest, feet grounded to the side, and a tight, stern lip. "With that being said, Yuki and her partner, Soul, you may begin."

"Finally," Yuki muttered as her body glowed white, "it's show time."

Yuki materialized into a long black cross, similar to Spirit's weapon form. When the blinding light ceased, he saw the same yellow Sanzu trademark lines on the wings of the cross. Her partner reached for her with a black gloved hand and twirled her in an intimidating fashion before plunging the black pole to the ground. With this action, the meister turned to Soul. She had the exact same outfit from the front, with a less, yet defined size of breast. Her face wad hidden behind the same mask that belonged to Lord Death.

"So, the meister's afraid to show her face, huh?" Soul taunted.

The meister lifted her weapon in a fluid manner before gently tapping the ground. With a soft thud, a long, curvy, grey blade came out from the striped wing.

"So, a scythe meister too," Soul noted "this will be a piece of cake.

Soul extended his right arm to the side and quickly materialized into his signature red and black zigzag blade.

The scythe meister was the first to move in blinding speed. She had wasted no time as she dashed towards him. Soul was barely able to block the attack with his left arm joining his right in a crossed manner. The gray blade connected to the left dip of the X; the curve of the blade was at a close proximity to the nape of his neck.

With a grunt, Soul ducked to doge the death blow at a hair's length. Adrenaline pumped through is body, heightening his sense at an exponential manner. The close call would have had ended him the moment he took a breath. It was his desperation to live that he unconsciously transitioned from defense to attack within seconds. The transition was so fast that a blink of an eye would miss Soul's advancement with his crossed arms aimed to slice at the technician's torso and below.

The meister had been caught off guard by Soul's quick agility that she barely dodged the attacks. With every slice Soul attempted, the closer his blades were to her body. With quick thinking, she sacrificed a second of her time to use her weapon as leverage to escape the death blows. A soft grunt escaped her lips as she landed several feet behind him. Her bleeding left thigh was the price for her survival.

Soul smirked with satisfaction as he overheard the weapon bombarding her partner with worried chastise.

"Damn, you have to be more careful," Yuki exclaimed, "Don't let your guard down."

The scythe meister only nodded to her response before returning back to Soul. She spun the scythe with graceful ease, striking attack after attack against his zigzag blade with a sparking clang. She retracted quickly, spinning the dark shaft around her neck, to collide with his other side. She did this as she her mind formulated plans as well as searched for blind spots. She busied him with a consistent, upbeat pace, attacking his sides with progressing aggressive attacks, causing Soul to double his defense. Then her eyes found his blind spot. The scythe meister twirled the shaft and feigned to slice upwards.

She noticed Soul was ready for the surprise attack to the right, that he left his left side open. While the scythe was still in mid-movement, she purposely missed swinging at him so the top end of the shaft rested on the floor. Then in one fluid movement, she grasped the scythe with both hands as leverage and kicked her feet at Soul's torso with every force that came from her body.

Too late to react, Soul flew on his back several feet away. He was momentarily dazed, but quickly retrieved equilibrium for the sake of the battle. But before he could move, a foot was pressed to his chest while the sharp blade hovered threateningly on his neck.

A shiver crawled down his spine, but Soul, strong willed as he was, eyed the sharp weapon with an unreadable stare. The weapon before him shined before a haughty Yuki took place within the reflection.

"Told ya," she purred.

Soul continued to stare at her with that unreadable look, but within seconds, he closed his eyes and smirked.

"Heh," he chuckled, "As uncool as this sounds, I'll admit I lost."

Soul glanced back at the meister's feral form. Despite being a mysterious and quiet technician, she was a dangerous opponent both in her sex appealing physique and her dangerous skills.

Damn, he thought, I put my guard down for one second and I already lost. If this had been real, I'd be a goner.

A clap reeled the trio's attention back to their head master. He laughed with amusement and entertainment before excusing it with a soft cough. The technician took this cue to back down, while Soul sat up.

"My, my, you kids really have grown stronger in a year's span!" Lord Death praised. He paused to slide his large gloved hand into his small sleeve in a blinding motion and returned with a pop. "Oh, yes, this is for you."

Lord Death presented a small patch with the Spartoi emblem on it. He handed it to the meister's weapon. Yuki immediately transformed to her human state and squealed with delight as she hugged the emblem to her chest.

"Unfortunately, this is where your partnership ends," Lord Death informed the duo.

Soul gawked at him furiously for announcing such horrible news. Why did Lord Death have to separate two great partners when Yuki finally received her badge? Had it always been this way? Wasn't this the exact same way he was separated from Maka? Was it because of the fact that he was a death scythe?

Soul's hands formed into tight fists as he stood up and glared into Lord Death's eyes with great defiance.

"What's with this Lord Death?" he hissed, "Why do you have to separate other partners from one another? Are we just tools for you? For this stupid project? Are meister only supposed to make weapons for your disposal and continue making them for the rest of their lives?"

Soul couldn't stop these words from flooding out of his mouth. He had bottled these feelings for a full year now. He missed his chance to speak these words to stop Maka from leaving, and now he spilled them. He missed Maka and her bitter arguments that filled their apartment with liveliness and usually ended with her Maka chops. He'd admit that he didn't miss the latter very much—he practically regained all the victimized brain cells over the course of her absence. He wanted to hold her in his arms again, to weave his fingers through her untied hair during idling times. But more than anything, he missed having her presence around their home. He just wanted see Maka and kiss her senseless. Their last kiss at the airport had been haunting him in his dreams and invaded his idling thoughts. He loved Maka very much and these words only amplified these feelings.

Soul continued to glare at Lord Death with a rebellious look, waiting for the shinigami to respond to his outburst.

His two opponents faced towards him, the meister stood emotionlessly still while Yuki turned to him with sympathy despite her cocky personality.

Spirit grew restless over the silence and was ready to scold Soul when Lord Death finally answered.

"Hmm…" Lord Death hummed as he brought his left hand to his chin, forefinger and thump pointed into a check mark manner, while his other fingers curled into a fist. "That does sound a bit harsh, doesn't it?"

Soul did no reply.

"Well, it isn't like that at all, Soul. You know that very well." Soul did feel a little guilty, but he kept his face emotionless. "But that was an agreement that they made since the beginning. You had witness it yourself."

"I witnessed it?" he inquired with confusion.

"Yup," Lord Death nodded with enthusiasm, "I'm simply returning the meister to her former partner."

"Returning to her former partner…" Soul repeated. He wracked his mind to remember what Lord Death spoke about. It was minutes later when it finally dawned on him.

Soul turned to the masked meister and watched as she took the mask off. His heart raced exponentially as he recognized the face that haunted his every thought.


She smiled at him while holding on to the mask on her right hand. Then in one quick motion, she threw the shinigami mask at Soul's face with so much force.

Soul stood there with the same shocked expression on his face as his mind slowly progressed what took place. In less than a minute, Soul's face contorted into one with fury.

"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR?!" Soul screamed.

"You forgot me already, jerk," Maka dismissed, as she shifted her weight on her right leg.

It finally hit Soul that this was the first time he heard Maka's subtle soprano voice in a full year. He smiled inwardly as a small chuckle escaped his lips.

Maka tightened her fists to her side and puffed a cheek with a small pout.

Soul chuckled once more with relief and pure happiness, not because of the cute expression she portrayed, but because she was standing before him in living, breathing, solid glory. God he was so happy that he took Maka in his arms and hugged her close to his chest. He inhaled her fruity scent with delight, grateful that her scent remained the same unlike her physical appearance. Her room was the only place that kept that smell intact. In order to preserve it, everyone was restricted from entering Maka's room, omitting Soul. It was a place where Soul frequently visited in order to feel closer to Maka although she wasn't physically with him.

Maka was pulled back by Soul's action, but slowly returned it by wrapping her arms around him. Maka smiled with delight that her Soul had turned out the way she had hoped he'd be.

"I'm back," she whispered softly.

Soul smirked into her hair, "Welcome back."

They pulled back from one another and stared at each others eyes for a brief moment before Soul shrugged out of his jacket and wrapped it around his partner. Maka stared at him questioningly, but he turned his flaming cheeks away. She muffled a giggle while Yuki threw a thumb up in her direction.

Spirit was in a frozen state as he watched the couple exchange a loving greeting. His jaw dropped and eyes blanked with shock, fear, and rage coursing through his immobile state.

"MA-MA-MAKAAA!" Spirit shrieked.

Maka turned to her father with an annoyed, dead look. "Oh, hi papa," she greeted.

"W-w-why? M-my little angle?!" he sputtered as tears ran down his face. "Why are you wearing such clothes?! Why with that damned brat? Why didn't you tell me you'd come back?!"

"I can wear what I want," Maka retorted curtly.

A lightning striked Spirit's heart.

"Soul doesn't concern you."

Another strike.

"And I could have told you if you weren't eyeing my weapon like she's my next mother," she dismissed harshly. "Quit checking out younger girls unless you want to be called a pedophile."

The last strike shattered his heart to pieces and Spirit crumbled to the floor, hugging his legs to himself in a feeble manner.


Maka rolled her eyes, growing annoyed of her father's false cries.

"Ahem," Lord Death cleared his throat so he could gain everyone's attention over Spirit's broken wails.

"Now I'd like-"


A vein pulsed on the shinigami's mask as he tried to maintain composure. He gave up and immediately shinigami chopped his cranium to shut him up.

"As I was saying," he recalled, "Now that Maka has completed her mission, Yuki is ready to return to Japan and assist her fellow classmates to control the kishin eggs over there."

"But doesn't she need a meister?" Soul asked as he slipped one arm around Maka protectively.

"Don't worry, Soul, Yuki doesn't need a partner," Lord Death answered.

"Then why did Maka-"

"Extra lessons, idiot," Yuki interrupted.

"She needed to learn how to fight beside a meister and other groups," Maka answered.

"'Cuz you see, I'm a solo kind of person," she grinned as she jerked a thumb towards herself.

"Cocky bastard," Soul muttered.

"Oh yeah, Mr. Cool guy, catch this." Yuki threw a small, thin packaged paper towards Soul like a ninja star. Soul caught the paper with ease and questioned its purpose. "My former partner always got into nasty accidents after fights," Yuki commented, "I always carried the emergency for her sake."

Soul caught the hint of her message and glanced at Maka's injured leg—the injury he inflicted on her. Without a second word, he opened the bandage pad and gently placed it over bloody wound. "I'm sorry," he murmured for only her to hear.

Yuki stifled a snort while her eyes met Maka's blushing face. The exchange did not pass Soul unnoticed.

"Hey Yuki," Soul called out.

"What?" she perked to the sound of her name.

"Thanks for taking care of Maka," he stated with pure gratitude.

"Huh," Yuki snorted as a light blush formed on her face.

"By the way," Soul continued, "How'd you get a bookworm like her to get into clothes like these?"

"She had a wardrobe malfunction in one of our earlier missions." She paused briefly to recall the memory with humor. "Not even kishins liked the way she dressed."


Maka tugged Soul's sleeve to hold him back, although she was grateful that he would go as far as to defend her skin covering clothing. She appeared uncomfortable with the topic, but her face fought to keep composure. Soul immediately stood his ground.

"Ahem," Lord Death cleared his throat once again, "To wrap this up, we'll be sending Yuki back to Japan tonight."

"Why does it have to be tonight?" Maka asked.

"Remember, we are not the only ones who are growing stronger. Now that Yuki is a death scythe, she is required to be trained immediately upon her return. She'll be assisting us on occasional missions, so this is not your final goodbye."

"Huh," Yuki scoffed, "I hope we don't."

Soul stared at her with mixed confusion. He glanced at Maka, expecting to see a deflated and upset look in her complexion. Instead, a smug smirk was on her lips while her eyes held a competitive glimmer, but at the same time, they were soft and kind.

"We'll see," Maka answered.

Yuki met her eyes with the same kind eyes and a warm smile.

"Well then. This is a good bye fro here on out, Maka," Yuk stated as she offered hand to her.

"I enjoyed your company while it lasted," Maka replied as she removed a black glove to shake her hand.

"Good luck," they stated in unison.

"This meeting is now adjourned, you are dismissed," Lord Death addressed, "Yuki I'll need to speak with you in private."

The trio nodded before turning to one another. With one final wave, the former partners turned their separate directions.

Spirit jumped from his feeble spot to hug Maka with blissful tears running down his face. Maka and Soul took one stop aside in order to doge the attack, resulting with Spirit's face smashing into the wall, He stifled a cry once more and attempted to scream out, but he was immediately cut off by Maka's black boots. When Spirit finally met her eyes, Maka stated, "I'll tell you next time, Papa."

With a small smile, she returned to Soul's side while Spirit stared after them with tears streaming down his face.

"What happened to Stein after you guys left?"

"He stayed with us for the first couple weeks before leaving ahead," Maka answered.

"That bastard," Soul growled, "making empty promises."

"That's not true, Soul," Maka interrupted.


"After I got this new uniform, he made sure he scared men away from us. Yuki wasn't happy about it."

"So she wasn't kidding about the wardrobe malfunction thing?"

Maka shook her head, "It was a way to get men's attention."

Soul stared at her with hurt and confusion in his eyes "Are you-?"

Maka shook her head once more, "Yuki wasn't kidding about the wardrobe malfunction business. We were on a mission to go to Shibusa and fight off one of the kishins who disguised themselves as street performers. Turn out it was an ambush. Several more kishins showed up and damaged all our gears. Even the clothes I wore were ruined." Maka sighed before continuing. "Yuki took the liberty to go shopping and bought our new uniforms."

"And you went with it?" Soul asked.

"Not at first. Stein had checked all the damages the kishins caused and none had survived. Ultimately, it came to choosing between being in my birthday suit or this," Maka winced.

"How bad was it?" Soul inquired worriedly. He knew that the damaged outfits meant critical injuries to the meister.

Maka remained silent for a couple moments as her mind recollected the vent. She could still feel the cold sharp blade grazing her throat as she lied on the ground. If not for Yuki, that final movement would be her demise. With Maka critically wounded, Stein had rejoined with Yuki and used her weapon form to destroy the remaining enemies. But she didn't want to tell him of her near death experience, let alone the small scar that tattooed her neck as a reminder of that event. Maka knew she couldn't hide this from him forever, he would find out on his own one day if she decides to keep it a secret. But for the time being, she'll save the story sharing next time.

Soul waited patiently for her to answer, but he knew that Maka would tell him when she was ready.

"Let's just leave it at that," Maka answered finally, "I'll explain next time. "Besides, I wanted to see everyone."

"Let's stop by our home first," Soul suggested.

Our home. Maka had missed the sound of that; her true home, the place she wanted to be.

"Alright," Maka nodded, "but what for?"

"You should change out of that…"

"Why? There's no point to change if we're just seeing our friends," Maka complained, "Or is it because I look bad?"

A scarlet blush ran across Soul's face, "Tch. I-It's not that. I mean it'll get cold tonight. It's almost winter anyways."

"Oh. That's right, the weather here is pretty drastic during the winter," Maka recalled.

Soul sighed gratefully that she took the bait. No need to show Maka like this to other guys, let alone Kid and Black*Star.

"Alright, let's go," Soul walked ahead, pulling Maka to his upbeat pace.

"Hey-" Maka whispered.

Soul stopped at his tracks and turned to face his meister.

"What's wrong? Is your leg hurting?" he asked worriedly.

Maka shook her head, "I'm fine. It's just…you weren't thinking of getting another meister while I was gone, were you?"

Soul stared at his meister with a cocked brow followed by a guffaw.

"Soul, I'm-"

Soul stopped mid-laugh so he could press his nose against Maka's.

"Like hell, I would."

Maka stared at him surprised. "But if you won earlier, then you would be the one promoted to a new meister or fight independently…"

"If I recall, you were the one who took me down without a second thought," Soul replied. "That tells me a lot about your motives." Maka blushed as she glanced at the ground. "Even if I did…" Soul looked to his side while Maka glanced up, "It would only be you."

Maka smiled, "That's why I trained harder as a meister."

Soul stared back at Maka dumbfounded.

"You know, you're pretty well known in Japan," Maka smiled indifferently, "When other meisters heard about our separation, they competed to get you, but only the strongest scythe meister could wield you. Everyone else would have to back off."

Soul remained silent, staring at Maka with bewilderment as he recalled Maka's quick, graceful movements. She had grown stronger.

Maka took the dragging silence and Soul's bewilderment as a sign of doubtfulness. Her patience quickly thinned out.

"What?" Maka barked, "It's not like I'm a weak bookworm who reads all day."

Soul had one hand clutch his stomach while the other remained holding her hand. He laughed at her comment for being the first time she called herself a bookworm.

"I'm serious!" she stated.

"I know," he replied after catching his breath, "that's why you're the coolest partner I know."

Maka smiled approvingly as an epiphany appeared in her mind.

"Soul," she whispered in a soft tone.

The change in her tone immediately got Soul's attention.


"I think I understand why love is similar to madness."

"Oh the letter your mom wrote you a year ago?" Soul recalled, "Well it is intriguing, like how music sounds to a person."

"No," Maka laughed as she shook her head. Then in a quick motion, her hands took a hold of Soul's face and dragged it to meet hers for a sweet kiss.

Soul was pulled back by the action; nonetheless he closed his eyes and responded to Maka's kiss with pleasure.

After a few moments, Maka pulled back to meet a pair of intense, pleasure seeking eyes. With an airy breath she whispered, "Love drives a person insane."

Before Soul could kiss her once more, Maka pulled away form Soul and ran ahead with her laughter echoing the hallway.

Soul growled at Maka's dirty trick at seduction, but he chased after her with the same bubbly laughter emanating from his chest.

As they made their way out of the building, Soul had never noticed how beautiful the afternoon sun had affected Death City from the top of the stairs, until now.

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