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Chapter 1

"Wow, nothing's changed at all" Zack looked surprised as he walked into the Tipton Hotel. Cody, London, Woody, Mr Moseby and Bailey followed him closely behind, pushing their way through the rotating doors. Marian dripping with sweat as he carried his 2 carry on bags along with London's 7 heavily packed suitcases.

Cody looked disgusted when he saw the lobby he had waved goodbye to a few years back

"Yeah, the same unsanitary hotel" He dropped his bags to put on his special white gloves and wiped the banisters. "I mean look at this filth. It's just so unhealthy and don't get me started on the crumbs on the floor" Bailey giggled her annoying giggle whilst she grabbed Cody's hand.

"You think that's disgusting, did any one see the lack of service on that awful private jet?" London said, adjusting her 5th new outfit of the day. She thought about the fashion show she would have been at if Mr. Moseby hadn't forced her to come 'home'. Never again would she let her dad buy her a hotel.

Bailey chuckled. "London, that was a plane"

"What do you mean? Eww, I was on a poor people jet" Off London went on one of her 'freak outs'

While she was swiping the 'dirt' of her clothes, the group didn't know what to do, it was all just too much. Bailey and Woody had never been here before but the rest couldn't quite get over how the smallest of details hadn't been altered. Esteban came out of the managers office in a classic black suit with a hint of green, his hair parted with too much grease and his shoes and tie a matching pink. No bellboys outfit! Atleast something had changed. Moseby knew that if Esteban was no longer a bellboy then his old job was obviously taken.

"I thought you said he just took luggage to people's rooms" Bailey whispered as not to sound rude.

"He does or he did" Cody replied, looking pleased for his old friend.

"That's a bit of a smart uniform for such a little job" Woody interrupted confused as usual as he watched Zack. "What's your brother doing?"

Zack was looking around for something which he had been doing since he saw Esteban. The candy counter was there, with Tia and Millicent, the manager's desk was there, where Esteban was standing but there was no sign of...

"Cody? Do you still think?" He spoke in worry. A whole week home with no familiar faces wouldn't be the same for him. He needed Arwin to pop up and annoy Moseby and a lovely blonde girl to be stood by the candy looking miserable. Wishing to anywhere else.

"Do you think Maddie still works here?"

"Probably it's not like she had a better chance at anything else" Cody said sarcastically.

"Hey, she had other talents. Undiscoverable talents but they were still talents" Zack came to Maddie's defence, just like the old days.

"What about Arwin? He wasn't fired when we were here so I bet he lasted a few more years" Cody always thought Arwin would have been fired years ago when they lived here. But if he was safe then he must still be here. Estaben wouldn't have the heart to fire anyone, never mind Arwin.

"Little blonde peoples!" They had been spotted. Esteban yelled over with his hand gesturing them to come over. "Are you looking for your mum? Or looking to get your own room?"

London clicked her fingers and expected for him to pick up her bags. It took her a minute for her to realise no one was moving.

"Hmm hmm. My room?"

"Yes, Miss London. It's all ready for you"

"No my bags need to get there"

"Ah, yes. Wait here" he rang the bell and Ilsa came round the corner with a bell hop. Marian burst out with laughter as soon as he caught sight of his old enemy in Estebans old uniform. He was going to have more fun than he thought.

"Wait. Why aren't you doing it? And why are you in a suit?"

"Don't worry I got this. I've learned to deal with her" Bailey walked to the elevator leading London the way and slowly explaining to her in the simplest of ways.

"Esteban. Please tell me a certain candy girl is still here" Zack couldn't get Maddie it of his head. When he left he thought it would have been different if he came back but he felt the exact same. Although Maya was always in his mind. He could picture her in Chad with guys all over her. She sends the odd message since she feels guilty on how they reationship ended. Or maybe she still likes him but can't send more texts because of the bad signal. Zack chose to believe in the second option since he will always love the girl he had serious feelings for.

"Who? Maddie? Yes, but only part time" He grabbed a few papers and went to the back of the managers desk, he didn't look the right part like Moseby did. "Now, are you going to check in with your mum or on your own?"