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Zack threw his bag on the floor and passed out on his bed, This was the only place that had changed- his bed was a bigger size and Cody's bed was replaced with a bed more suitable for Woody. His mum had transferred to bigger hotel room and she could now afford it since she had a promotion.

"Hey Honey, settled in?" Zack had missed his mum at the start of his trip away, obviously not as much as Cody, but he was glad he was staying with her for a few weeks. It's shame his dad had gone on a mini tour, he wanted to have a few games of indoor baseball like the good old days.

"Erm, as settled as I can be" He didn't want to worry his mum and he'd only been here for a few minutes. She would over-react with anything Zack would say to her anyway.

"Are you ok?" How could she always know there was something wrong? He just had to tell someone and it would be better if it was her.

"Yeah. It's just-"

"Hey Roomie! We should have done this back on the boat" Woody, he was exactly like Zack. Not the cleanest, not the brightest and not the most sensible of guys. He excitedly jumped in the room and dropped his bags in the doorway, nearly fainting from the walk down the corridor from the elevator.

"Woody! We should but Cody wouldn't have been able to sleep in my room all alone without a night light" They hadn't seen each other for a few days, right after the Yankees game. It had been torture for Woody since these were his only friend.

"True. He could barely sleep with just his blankey" They both laughed a little too loud. But Cody did mention his mum in his sleep or Bailey and sometime even cried. Getting back together with Bailey did stop him from missing his mum for few nights.

"No bullying your brother, Zack" His mum yelled from the kitchen. "Would you or Woody like to have try some of this new dish I'm working on" She must have heard them laughing. They just muffled their laughter into a quiet chuckle. Nothing could stop Zack and Cody's brotherly banter.

"Woody. Don't even look at food that my mum offers you without checking if she's made it" Zack remembered the last time he tasted one of her 'deliciously lovely' snacks. He'd chipped a tooth then he was sick and stuck in bed for a week.

"I really don't believe that her cooking can be as bad as you make out" Zack gave him a 'really?" look.

"You really want to try them and found out?" Zack would just have to let Woody risk it himself. Woody just put his hands up in an innocent way as if to say 'it's all good, dog'. Zack couldn't wait for Woody to smell some good food and ditch him or lie down and start snoring. He needed to check the candy counter. Ever since Maya and his maturity in the dating game, he thought he owed it to himself to talk things over with his first love. Maddie.

"Woody! Do you want to come with me to this amazing pizza place?"

"Are you seriously asking me that question, Mrs Martin?"

"I'm taking that as a yes. But it's all the way into town, quite a walk. And call me Carey, please"

"Hey, Woodster, it's worth it. I bet you've never tasted pizza that good" This was not the full truth, it was good pizza but for Woody it's not worth a 15 minute walk. Zack just needed some time to breathe and prepare so he thought he'd send Woody away for a bit.

"Well, ok then. Let's go" He walked straight to the door, grabbed Carey on the way and dragged her down the hallway.

"I'll come with you. I need to see... Moseby anyway" Worst excuse Zack has ever said.

The elevator dinged as it hit the lobby floor. Woody losing his effort to drag Carey out, starting to breather heavily.

"See you guys soon"

They left and the doorman called a taxi. Zack looked at the revolving door, no sign. He checked Esteban's managers desk. What a wierd sentence without Marion's name in it. Finally, his eyes just skimmed the lobby and then her no longer blonde hair started to rise from behind the candy counter. Her stripy tie loosely around her neck, just like old times. As her eyes met his, she smiled.

There was only thing that escaped her lips when she saw him "Hey, sweet thang"

Cody had his room already cleaned once over and his clothes hung up or folded, freshly pressed, and put away neatly. He sighed with relief.

"That'll do her" He muttered to himself.

"Cody, wow. Didn't take you long. You're the cleaner and the cook and I'm the mechanic and wear the pants" Bailey was glad she took a break before jetting off to Yale. She wanted to see Cody in his home. If he acted any differently. He had seen her in action with her tools, now it was her turn.

"No crème brûlée for you" She giggled at him. Grabbed his hand.

"Sorry, maybe we can meet in the middle. I will act more ladylike and you? More manly"

They'd been through some rough times and made it through them all. Always kissing and making up. Cody got a text from his mother 'Give her a tour, show her the hotel. Make her feel at home x'

"Let's go. Time for a little introduction to everything and everyone" He opened the door, allowing Bailey to step out of their room and soared down to the elevator. They stood waiting for the bell to signal for the lobby floor when the elevator stopped. Mia stepped in.

"Hey, aren't you that wierd little boy that crashed me and London's party, erm, Cody?" Cody's cheeks blushed. Of all the people they had to see first.

"Yeah. That was fun until Moseby crashed it" Cody decided he should just try and carry on the conversation to impress Bailey.

"You kept repeating that rhyme about bagging things in a grocery store. Anyway, you're not little anymore, how old are you?" Of all the things she could have remembered! Cody's face was full red. Bailey kept her laughter in and tried to stay serious. For Cody.

"19" Mia nodded in respect. Hopefully the journey in the elevator would soon stop and so would this conversation.

"I'm Bailey. Cody's girlfriend. Nice to meet you and you are?"

"Mia. You ever need to have a fun time, just feel free to call. I'll be seeing ya. Gotta take over from Maddie at the counter"

"Maddie!? She's down there? Zack's down there!" Cody stepped out into the open space and saw Zack sat in one of the arm chairs casually reading a magazine. He was fine.

Zack hadn't been able to leave the lobby since he'd seen Maddie. He needed to speak to her but without looking desperate, like he hadn't changed at all. She must want to see how he's doing as she spoke to him as soon as she saw him.

Mia stepped behind Maddie and whispered something into her ear. Mia then pressed some buttons and Maddie was free to leave.

"Zack, hi" Maddie pulled her tie away from her neck. Grabbed Zack's magazine from his hands and playfully pulled on his hair. "Hair cut? You have grown since the last time I saw you"

"The last time you saw me was on the boat and a certain little prince had a crush on you. You kissed me, I beat the stupid brat and then you left"

"Is that how you saw it? I thought it was very romantic, like the movies. Where the guy eventually gets the happy ending. So, how you been?"

"I graduated this time. I met a girl"

"A girl? Zackey-poo, did you fall in love?" She linked her arm into his. At least she was interested. They spoke for a while, mostly about Maya, Maddie often joked with Zack in a flirting manner. Zack thought it would have been awkward for them to talk but it was great, better than before he left. She spoke to him differently, like she's realised he's not kid anymore.

"Why is Maya not here, then?"

"We broke up. She got placement in Chad and she thought it would be better if we finished before she left because long distance relationships don't work"

"Wait. She broke up with you? What happened to you?"

"I felt something for her. I wanted it to work. She didn't. I tried to break up with her, I was going to but I couldn't"

"You've become a man, Zack. I never thought I'd see the day"

"What are you doing now?"

"Working here part time and living here on the 18th floor. Not much different. Well, it's been good catching up with you. I'll see you around"

They went in for a hug. It lingered for a few seconds.


They separated and turned to the main doors. A girl with mascara stains down her face, showing her recent tears, and 3 full bags by her feet. Zack couldn't move, she was here.