Alright guys, let's see how well I can do this fight scene! I guess this is a good test to see if I'll be able to write the battle of Helms Deep…

Chapter 8- Scout

All heads turned towards the screams of agony. Legolas ran over the crest of the hill, bow drawn back.

"Get ready guys." I pulled my bow off my shoulder. Riley readied her ax, Jeff his sword and Tosha her short sword.

"Hey-" whined Mia "How come we don't get weapons?"

"Here, take my bow." Tosha gave Mia her bow, not the nice one the elves had given her but an older wooden one.

"Sweet." Mia was into archery back home so we knew that she knew what she was doing.

"What about us?" asks Lexi

"You and Nani go with the others." Riley pointed towards the panicking townspeople.

"We don't you two getting yourselves killed in the fight." Jeff explained "It's better for you to be off the battle field."

Nani pouted but agreed to go. She knew that now was not the time to argue. She dragged Lexi along behind her on their way to Éowyn.

"Let's go!" We all mounted our horses and rode up with the soldiers.

"You girls go with the others!" shouted one of the men.

"Don't worry about them." Gimli smirked "They've fought Uruk-hai before."

We rode to the top of the hill where Legolas stood just as the goblins on wolf-like beasts crested the next hill.

"Charge!" The king rode his horse into battle, his warriors following him.

"Cierra!" I saw Legolas running towards me. I scooted back in the saddle, allowing him room to ride too. He grabbed the saddle and swung himself up expertly.

"Ready?" he asked, grabbing hold of the reins.

"Yep." I knocked an arrow as he guided the horse into the battle.

Riley rode on her own but she managed to guide the horse and still swing her ax at the same time. She charged straight for a pair of two goblins on a wolf, ax parallel to the ground and held out behind her. As she got close they drew their weapons but Riley just charged past with a single swing. She took off one of their arms and the others head came clean off.

Boromir had helped Mia onto his horse and he steered and let her hit wolves with the recently received bow. Boromir still managed to get his sword out as he guided the horse with his knees. He swung at any enemy he passed by and injured many and killed a few.

I let Legolas guide the horse as I let off arrow after arrow. Legolas had pulled out a sword and was swinging it one handed as he had the reins in the other. I released another arrow and it struck the harness of a wolf and the goblin slid of the beast. As we galloped past it Legolas swung and left a deep gash on the goblins chest. I turned around as we past and hit the wolf beast in the back of the neck with a well placed arrow.

Jeffrey and Tosha rode together, Tosh in the front guiding their steed through the chaos. Jeff sat behind swing his deadly sword around. As a wolf charged at the couple from the side, Jeff plunged his sword into the beast as it tried to pounce on them. The wolf fell, crushing its rider beneath it. Tosh turned around to give him a quick smile of approval before they went after another target.

The other soldiers fought alongside the strange children and were surprised at their bravery and skill. They all seemed to work as hard as a grown man and were not afraid of the monster like foes.

As the last of the goblins fled the soldiers dismounted and looked to see if any of their comrades were among the dead.

I dismounted as Legolas stopped the horse. I ran to my friends who were dismounting as well.

"Are you okay?" I asked as Tosha gripped her side.

"N-no." she whimpered. I noticed that blood was starting to seep through her fingers.

"Oh no!" I rushed up to her "Sit down." I ordered

Jeff helped her sit down on a clean area of grass. I kneeled down next to her. "What happened?"

"I got clipped with a sword as we ran past a rider."

"One of the soldiers?!" Mia sat next to Tosha

"No-o, one of the g-goblins." Tosh explained

I gestured for Jeff to sit behind Tosha, "Tosha lean back."

She let out a hiss as she leaned back into Jeffs lap. "Can you move your hand?" I asked

She nodded and slowly took her bloody hand away. The gash was jagged, she more than just gotten 'clipped' with a sword, it had torn away that section of her shirts so I didn't have to worry about peeling it away. Riley and Mia helped by trying to sooth her. I grabbed my bag and pulled out a roll of cloth and a pair of leather gloves I'd picked up in Rohan. I slipped the gloves on (touching other peoples blood is a no-no, blood born diseases are a serious threat) and un-rolled the cloth.

"Can someone get water?" I asked and Riley nodded and ran off.

I started wrapping the cloth around Tosha's torso above the wound.

"What happened?" Boromir seemed solemn as he walked up and his eyes widened at the sight of Tosha. "What are you doing?" he seemed to be referring to the warp above the wound.

"Cutting off the blood flow." Explained Mia

"Sorry if your legs go a little numb Tosh." I gritted my teeth as I place a piece of cloth over the wound. I needed to try and stop the bleeding while Riley got the water.

I didn't have to wait long, Riley ran up with a canteen sloshing with water. Gimli and Legolas followed her over and were surprised at the sight.

Rile handed me the water and I poured it on another piece of cloth. "I'm sorry." I applied the cloth to the gash and started to wipe away at the edge of the skin. Tosha screamed in pain and let off a string of cuss words, gaining more attention from the soldiers. Jeff stroked her forehead, trying to calm her down. I relentlessly continued to clean the blood away and to get the specks of black out of the wound. As I neared the center of the gash I found a sliver of metal in the muscle. I gritted my teeth as I pulled it out of Tosh. She didn't scream but just whimpered some more. I set the metal down before cleaning out the rest of her wound. Her bleeding had slowed down, probably because of the wrap I'd made. I created a pad with some more cloth.

"Can you hold this?" I gestured for Mia to hold the pad to Tosha's side. She nodded and held it there "Apply a bit of pressure to stop the blood."

I grabbed another strip of cloth and started wrapping it around Tosha's torso, holding the pad onto the wound. I pulled the cloth tight and tied it off as Tosha gave one last scream. I pulled off the strip that was stopping the blood flow. I sighed and backed away from Tosh and tugged off the bloody leather gloves.

"If you're done we should get a move on." Théoden came up behind me.

"Alright." I didn't like this guy, Tosha could have bled out but he just wants to keep moving.

Boromir helped Jeff get Tosh onto their horse and he mounted behind her, holding her up.

I looked around, noticing Aragorn was gone. I turned to Legolas "Where's Aragorn?"

"He fell over the cliff." Legolas turned to face the scene of his departure.

I gasped; I'd completely forgotten that he fell into the river. I mentally face palmed at my stupid forgetfulness today.