"Alright, baby girl," Cary's voice carries out of the speaker of my phone, his tone attempting to coax me into calmness. "You've gotta grow some guts and face this. What's happened, happened. You can't change it."

I fold my arms across my chest, hugging my sides tightly and biting my lower lip in frustration. The multiple boxes I'd picked up from the drugstore earlier lay strewn across the bathroom countertop, their contents scattered all over the floor. In my haste to open the them, I'd completely disregarded the directions and now, waiting for the results, I'm too chicken to read anything at all.

And what's a girl to do when she's completely having a meltdown in her boyfriends bathroom while he's in a business meeting?

Call her best friend, of course.

"But if it's true?" I question, shivers racking my body as nausea once again wells up in my stomach. "If this is really happening.."

"Then you'll have a choice to make, baby girl." Cary sighs, and I can almost see him running a hand down his face. "It's been five minutes, you know."

"You're lying." I gasp, bending down and pressing a button to make my phone light up.

1:37 pm.

"Nope. It's ready, Eva."

I groan, stomping my foot as indecision flutters through my veins. "This shouldn't be this difficult."

"It'll be fine. Just take a deep breath and look."

Easy for him to say, I think, slowly picking up one of the tests. He'll never have to worry about this!

Feeling the sudden brave urge to know, I flip the tiny stick over and hold my breath-



Reaching forward, I grasp the others in my shaky hands, quickly flipping them over. Seeing the words written upon them, I bring a trembling hand to my mouth as sobs racket my body.

"Eva?" Cary's voice floats in the background, my subconscious being the only reason for catching his voice at all. "Baby girl, c'mon. What's going on?"

Invisible hands reach up my arms, enclosing around my throat as the world blurs before my eyes. I grasp the edge of the sink, fighting to stop the spinning.


Oh, my god.

"Eva Tramell, I'm coming over if you don't answer me right now!"

"Cary?" I whisper, sinking to the floor and curling my legs under my body.


"It's real." I choke, fear cascading down my body as I squeeze my eyes closed. "It's actually happening, Cary."

"Baby girl, take deep breaths, alright?" Vaguely, I hear rustling in the background. "I'm on my way."

"No." My lip trembles slightly as the world shifts back into focus. My sobs decrease, and my arms find their way back to my sides, crossing over my abdomen. "I need some fresh air, Car. I'll call you later, alright?"

"Eva.." His hesitation lasts a few moments. "I don't think it's such a good idea for you to be alone right now."

"Don't worry, I'm fine." I reassure him, grabbing onto the counter and pulling myself up. Dizziness attacks me for a moment, but not long. I hoist the phone to my ear, shutting off speaker phone. "I'll just take a walk to the balcony, I think."

"In that case, there's no reason for you to hang up." He snaps back before lowering his voice. "You gonna be okay?"

I begin to pick up the mess, my fingers still wobbling. "Define 'okay'." I sigh, throwing the things into the bin beside the toilet. "I honestly don't know, Car. Gideon is gonna-" Oh god.


"Oh hell, Cary! Gideon!" I exclaim, forgetting the mess and stalking out of the bathroom. "What the fuck am I supposed to tell him?"

"That he knocked you up with his unusually active sex drive?"

"I'm serious." I balk, walking towards the kitchen. "This is so fucked up. I just moved in."

"Should've used a condom, babe." Cary retorts, humor lacing his voice, though I can still detect a layer of concern beneath it. "He's not going to run off on you, Eva."

"How d'you know?" I mumble, taking a glass from the cupboard and filling it with water.

"Because he knows first hand the effects of not having a father around."

"Can't I just not tell him?" I ask after downing the glass in one gulp. I sit it in the sink, turning to face the huge window across the room. "Maybe he won't even notice."

"Yeah, baby girl. This is why no one allows you to plan anything."

I smile a bit, my spirits lifting a tad. Deep down, I know Gideon won't leave me. After all, it's his penthouse, isn't it?

But there's nothing saying he won't make me leave.

Us, I remind myself. There's not just yourself anymore, Tramell.

Pressing end on the phone call to Cary without a goodbye, I sit the device on the kitchen table and make my way upstairs.

Damn it all, I need a nap.