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When we were small, I'd imagine one day we'll live in a small house built by ourselves, far far away from other people. It'd be quiet and peaceful, and the two of us would live happily ever after with children of our own. You'd hunt, collect firewood, and farm while I'd take care of the house and kids. I had dreamed we'd both grow old together with white hair, sitting in front of our front porch as we watch our grown up children have kids of their own, and we'd be doting grandparents.

Part of the dream came true as we did marry and settle down in the mountains, with occasional visits from friends. Then we had Gohan together, and I couldn't be happier. With a bright future ahead, I believed my dream would fully come true.

But I had forgotten of how you were, your love for fighting. You were the earth's hero.

At first I was angry of how you left so recklessly and risked your lives for others, even putting our helpless son in the midst of battle. I didn't ask for this, I didn't want this. I didn't want you to be so selfless, putting yourself out there for the sake of others and leaving me at home.

I was bitter. I wanted my life back. I wanted my dream back. I wanted you and Gohan back.

Yet slowly, I realized that this tendency of yours was always there, and I had ignored it in favor of my insubstantial dream, half spun out of my own simple desires that consumed my mind and tricked me into believing it was real. I had conveniently forgotten the times before where you fought for our world and became a hero.

As more time passed, I saw that our son was becoming just like you. But I wasn't angry anymore. I accepted that fact wistfully, knowing that lost dream would never come true.

And now, I'm neither bitter nor sad, because I've accepted what I dreamed for was long gone. It was just never going to happen, not under these circumstances.

So when you left again, I saw you cast a hesitant look in my direction.

I just smiled back understandingly. You had your reasons, I knew, and who am I to stop you?

I've acknowledged that side a long time ago, even if we were never going to grow old together and dote on grandchildren.

That's why I love you, after all.

I hope I did alright with first person POV, because I am usually extremely uncomfortable with it, but it fits this much more than third person would. Haven't written my OTP in so long~ Hope you guys like it, and maybe leave a review? :)