Okay guys, here it is, the followup sequel to "That Little Game Called Life". Hope you guys enjoy it! Also, I decided to keep this rated T, I had said I might would do an M rating later on, but I decided I could work around it. This does get a little dark in places so just a warning.

Muse Music: Mostly the "King Candy" theme on the Wreck-It Ralph soundtrack. It's purely instrumental but, dang, it really speaks volumes about the character. Also "Dark Side" by Kelly Clarkson, "Animal I Have Become" by Three Days Grace, "Bring Me to Life" by Evanescence , and "For the First Time" by The Script.

Nothing belongs to me except Rosie (and anything involving her game Slam Dunk! which came out in 1983 fyi). Harley Davidson does belong to itself, but I made up the game "Harley Davidson and the Wild West Riders" and the characters within.

Save Me from My Dark Side

Chapter One

The only thing that kept him from suffering a concussion was his trusty helmet. Frankly, Turbo hadn't (fully) expected to go flying through the air and landing head first on the tile floor of Game Central Station. It wasn't really something people are prepared to have happen to them when they go walking into a place like Dance Dance Revolution. The former racer rolled a few feet before coming to a halt courtesy of a video display sign featuring everyone's favorite hedgehog giving his programmed lecture on "dying outside your game". Heh, that was a laugh. Turbo himself had defied death a few times, even been recreated once thanks to that psycho General Hologram from Hero's Duty. Good thing they didn't have to worry about him anymore.

Turbo groaned as his ribs slammed into the display and he laid there for a while holding pressure to the area in attempt to subside the pain. This was the second time he'd been thrown out of a game by force this week. The other game had been Street Fighter II and he had to say that one was more painful seeing as how M. Bison had been the one to toss him.


Yuni had her hands on her hips as she stood defiantly at her portal gate, glaring daggers at her unwanted guest. She hadn't been the one to throw him out, that had been the job of her bouncers. After she decided Turbo wasn't going to get up and argue his way back in, she turned on her heel and went back inside her home.

After a few more agonizing moments of lying on the floor, Turbo decided to try and pick himself up. He winced at the pain in his side, having to support himself on Sonic's digitized face to keep from falling over again. He didn't have to look around to know that people were staring at him; it had become a common enough occurrence this past week since he had reentered society. If they weren't staring, they were avoiding eye contact at all costs, as if they thought he could enter their souls and take over their very being just by looking at him. Whether they looked at him or not, there was one thing they all had in common: They didn't want him around.

Can't blame them. I wouldn't want me around either. To them, I'm nothing but a game-crashing murderer. I guess I was stupid thinking all would be forgiven after I practically saved the arcade last week. Of course, that was mostly my fault that it happened in the first place, so…yeah, stupid me.

Turbo heard the familiar tapping sound of Rosie's little sneakers as she ran up to him and he cracked his eyes open just in time to see her reach him. Her big green eyes were full of worry when she saw he was hurt. She didn't even know that he'd been evicted until she came back from the ladies' room within the game and had to ask about twenty people what happened before she finally hitched a ride back on the little portal train. When they were at Street Fighter II, she'd been off chatting with Summer and Raven only to find out from Chun-Li that M. Bison had thrown Turbo out while she wasn't looking.

"I'm fine," he told her before she could ask. He was still holding his side and he winced again as he started to walk towards a nearby bench to sit down. Rosie would've helped him but he waved her off, insisting he could do it himself. Her eyes lowered when she saw the "Kick Me" sign someone put on him and she quickly snatched it and crumpled it up to throw behind her shoulder before he could notice.

By the time he sat down, the fire in Turbo's side had nearly tripled…no, quadrupled… in pain. He felt Rosie sit down beside him but he didn't look at her. It was embarrassing getting forcefully evicted from places in front of the wife. He smiled to himself thinking of her that way. They'd had a wedding on the day General Hologram was destroyed, not wanting to waste any more time than they already had. The first couple of days, they had stayed in Felix's penthouse while their house was getting built in East Niceland. Turbo had been rather picky on the design, wanting it to look as classy as possible, which had gotten on Ralph's nerves so much that Rosie had to give the wrecker some meditation lessons to keep him calm.

"You don't…have to sit out here with me," Turbo finally said after a couple minutes, his breathing shallow from the continued pain he felt. "Don't let me keep… you from having fun."

Rosie looped her arm through his and leaned sideways against him, careful not to put too much weight on him since he was hurting. She tried not to pay attention to the looks they were getting from passers-by; it made her sad that nobody was willing to give second chances around here. Oh sure, people were being nice to her…when her husband wasn't around.

"Not much fun without you," she replied, rubbing his hand gently.

Turbo flipped his hand over so he could hold hers for a while. "Unless your idea of fun is watching me get thrown on my ass, I think you're out of luck."

Rosie furrowed her brow angrily at that and she grabbed his face to force him to look at her.

"See here, mister, I'd rather be bored to death with you than spend all evening with a bunch of snobs that have nothing better to do than-"

"You're cute when you get mad," he interrupted her with a little smile. "I was just kidding. We both know I'm the most awesome person here, so of course you'd rather hang with me."

She knew he was just trying to lighten up the mood for her sake; his eyes still had that sad look about them but he wouldn't fully admit that he felt bad. She knew better than to press it though, so she just smiled back at him.

"You're a mess," she kidded as she rubbed noses affectionately.

If there was ever anything that she did that could make him blush (it was usually the other way around), it was the nose rub. Even Turbo couldn't explain it, but every time she did that to him he'd turn the brightest shade of red and get the biggest grin on his face.

"That tickles!" he was trying not to squeal as he backed his face away from hers. He forgot about his injury when he jerked back like that and the pain flared up again, making him hiss a few curse words under his breath.

"Sorry!" Rosie said, having winced herself when he reacted as such. "You want me to get Felix?"

"I'm tired of bothering him," Turbo grumbled as he hung his head down towards the floor. "He's already done enough for us. I hate to keep asking him for favors."

"I doubt he expects anything in return besides a 'thank you'. Besides, at least you didn't land on your face this time."

It never hurt when Felix used his hammer. There was a warm, tingle feeling that lasted for a second but that was it. Just one second and all the pain and damage was gone. It was so easy to erase the physical scars, but the emotional ones? That was a different story. Turbo had expected a long time ago that he was never going to be welcomed back with open arms but he had never thought that people would turn against him so actively. He realized he had gotten his hopes up after the General Hologram incident that perhaps he'd be seen as some sort of hero, but that was not the case. Getting shunned like this only drudged up memories of all the other times he had felt alone in the world and it was really getting to be a chore trying to keep them locked away in the back of his mind.

Like Rosie had said, at least he hadn't landed on his face this time. That had been rather messy when M. Bison threw him two days ago. The racer had been bleeding profusely out his nose and he was pretty sure it had been broken. Felix had grimaced in disgust when he saw the damage and almost acted like he was too scared to let his hammer touch him in fear of getting blood on it. Calhoun had thought it was rather funny, as she still harbored a tiny grudge towards Turbo for making her forget her marriage to Felix, but she eventually got the laughs out and then promptly went and chewed M. Bison a new one for bullying people smaller than him.

"Keep this up, and I might have to switch my profession to doctor," Felix joked he was done, chuckling a little bit as he put his hammer back in his tool belt. He saw the pained look in his friend's eyes and immediately regretted saying it.

"Sorry," he quickly added, rubbing the back of his neck in shame. "That was in poor taste."

"No, you're right," Turbo sighed as he sunk lower in the oversized couch positioned in his living room.

The house was a two-story brick establishment with white-and-grey interior and a few splashes of red here and there to break it up. Turbo had wanted a glass chandelier like he had in his old house from TurboTime but of course they couldn't find one. It had been hard enough getting the color scheme right. The bottom floor consisted of the den complete with mini-bar and a giant stereo sound system that one of the Nicelanders didn't want anymore. Cathedral ceilings drew your eye up to the top floor where the loft-style kitchen was. To the left, was a short hallway led to the bedroom (complete with balcony) and a small bath to the side. He'd wanted a sauna but Ralph drew the line at that.

It was definitely the fanciest house in East Niceland, not that it really mattered right now.

"I feel like I'm being a burden," the racer continued quietly, his eyes drifting down to the floor. "I know nobody likes me being around so it's pretty cool that you're even letting us live here, considering everything that's happened."

"Why, it's no trouble at all," Felix told him with his trademark friendly smile. "Besides what kind of friend would I be if I left you to the wolves?"

"A real shitty one."

Felix wasn't accustomed to Turbo being depressed like this. The majority of the time they had spent together during the Hologram catastrophe, the racer had been driving him nuts with wisecracks and constant yapping about whatever popped into his head. There had been a few times where he had been serious, but he always bounced back to his usual cheerful self after the fact. Felix plopped down on the couch beside him, wondering briefly if he would ever be able to get out of it without some help, and gave Turbo a light shoulder punch.

"And it's not true that nobody wants you around," Felix told him in a reassuring voice. "Rosie certainly counts. I like you being here. The Harley Davidson guys liked partying with you. Tammy..." His face fell at that one. "Well, I'm still working on her."

"Yeah, memory erasure wasn't the best first impression I ever gave."

"And Ralph…well, I'm not sure about him yet. He gets along with Rosie anyway." Felix scratched his head under his hat. "Huh. There's gotta somebody out there that doesn't mind you being around."

Turbo stared blankly at the wall in front of him. "If you're trying to make me feel better, you're doing a wonderful job. And by wonderful, I mean terrible."

Felix twiddled his thumbs, not sure what to say. The racer sat silent for another moment before sighing and rubbing his eyes tiredly.

"I'm sorry, Felix, you're trying to be nice and I'm being a grump about it." Turbo turned his head towards his guest and smiled at him. "I'm glad we're buds. I've never had a pal before, besides Rosie of course, but she's a girl so…yeah."

He cleared his throat then shoved himself up off the couch. "Want a root beer?" he asked, attempting to be chipper. "When you decide to grow up and join the big boys, let me know, and I'll let you have a normal beer."

"Um, sure, root beer's fine," Felix answered, a little baffled at the sudden mood swing. He was pretty sure that it was just a facade, but he didn't say anything.

"Okay, don't go anywhere," Turbo told him, heading for the downstairs fridge on the back wall where the drinks were stashed (he had stuck a few non-alcoholics down there for Rosie to have). He opened the fridge door, the chill air hitting him in the face, and sort of stared into it for a good minute before remembering what he was supposed to be doing and grabbed a couple bottles.

Felix tried to sit up more but found that the plush nature of the couch prevented him from moving at all. He wiggled a bit but that seemed to make him more stuck.

"Jimminy jamminy," he muttered. "Almost as bad as Nesquick Sand."

TurboTime circa 1979

"Hey, fellas!"

Teddy turned his head back in the direction of the voice. He closed his eyes and groaned when he saw Turbo coming up to them. Why did he always think he had to come and chat after work? Didn't he get the hint by now that they didn't want anything to do with him?

"Here he comes," he griped to Ted as he finished refueling his car, pulling the nozzle out and then twisting the cap on the tank. "The hell does he want?"

The twins kept their backs turned towards their star player, who came up and put an arm around both of them in a group hug attempt. Teddy had a rather annoyed look on his face while Ted just looked uncomfortable, glancing down to the side.

"Hey, good job today, guys!" Turbo was saying cheerfully as he squeezed both of them. "Boy, lots of kids at the arcade, huh?"

"Um, yeah," Ted answered, smiling nervously. "Must be summertime out there."

Teddy glared at his twin who immediately piped down. He didn't like making his brother mad, and one of the things that made him mad was engaging in conversation with Mr. Turbo-Freakin-Tastic himself. Ted honestly didn't have a problem with Turbo, but his brother hated his guts.

"Hey, you guys wanna go grab a beer?" the star racer asked hopefully, a big grin plastered to his face. "My treat, of course."

Teddy grabbed the arm that Turbo had around his shoulders and threw it off roughly. "Ted and I were actually going to go drive around for a while, if that's okay."

Ted felt bad about giving him the slip but his brother was glaring at him again so he just patted Turbo on the back and said, "Yeah, we were gonna practice, y'know?"

Turbo's smile fell slightly and he took his other arm off of Ted. "Oh…yeah, okay. That's fine." He pulled another grin to show his feelings weren't hurt punched Ted in the arm. "Gotta practice to beat me one of these days, right?"

He hadn't meant anything by it, but you couldn't have told Teddy that. Turbo turned around and walked off slowly, heading to his own car and sticking his hands in his pockets. He didn't know why they never wanted to hang out. Maybe it was because they were programmed to be his competitors and thus were not able to have friendly relations with him. Yeah, surely that was it...not that it made him feel any better.

Teddy watched Turbo go and spit in his general direction before kneeling down to check the air in his tires.

"Dude, he just wanted a beer," Ted told him after Turbo drove off.

"No, he just needs someone to get drunk with so he can yak about how 'turbo-tastic' he is and shove it in our faces that we suck compare to him. I'm not subjecting myself to that and neither are you."

A/N: I know TurboTime (according to Disney Wiki) came out in 1982, but I had it come out in 1977 when I wrote my first fic "Going Turbo" so he was around ten years before the RoadBlasters incident. Hope that was an okay first chapter, things pick up later I swear, this is going to be a slower-paced story than the last one. Please leave a review to let me know :) (Turbo said he likes to read them too lol)