ok the last chapter i dont think was to good and was all scrunched up so im gonna try and make it more spread out so on with the story chapter 2

The bathroom

The next day ayano was in her room sweating with her clothes off masturbating because of the air that was pushing up against her asshole begging

for release she hated kazuma for it but it felt so good and weird it was hard not to masturbate she was trying so hard not to let the air go that it took all her

energy once the air stop its assault on her ass she collapsed on her bed sweating and breathing deeply she then said to herself "why does it feel so good that

have to masturbate i have never even touch my pussy in my life but here i am masturbate to just this air im my ass that keeps pushing against my asshole"

once this thing is over ill burn kazumas clothes off and put my magic up his ass see how he likes it" just them kazuma walked in with his usual cool look on his face

even if ayano is naked but ayano was to wrapped up in her anger for kazuma that she didnt even notice him so he decided to us his air magic and turn invisible

to have some fun he silently closed the door and sneaked up to ayano then he moved his finger making a breeze wash over ayano making her nipples hard

she shivered and said "god i thought i had kazuma fix that draft" he then touched her pussy with a finger she sat up wondering what that was but just laid

back down from exhaustion from masturbating kazuma then moved his hand and a tentacle of freezing wind the of a width of a finger but as long as a sword

came and entered her pussy ayano moaned at first but then looked at her hands that were not at her pussy she then looked at her pussy but didnt see

anything but felt it plenty the tentacle of wind started to move in and out ayano with a flushed face started to moan louder and louder as is increased speed

the wind tentacle final got her to climax and it disappeared ayano was laying on her bed panting even harder than she was before but just then she needed to

go to the bathroom because of the tentacle she totally forgot about the air in her ass and about the water mage waiting to strike she went to the bathroom

and shat and because of the seal the wind didnt come out she then flushed just but as she looked at the water she remember the air in her ass and the water

mage but she was to late the water mage was looking in the window of the bathroom and then he used his magic and forced the water up her ass filling her

but since she was the only one home nobody heard her scream her father was out shopping and the rest of the family was either at there own houses or

hunting youma she fell on the floor holding her now chubby belly from everything thats in her ass she was holding her stomach in pain just as kazumas wind

disappearance stopped and kazuma was now looking at ayano with a smirk on his face ayano just glared at him then the water mage came in the house

and walked to the bathroom where the two were kazuma paid him 10,000,000 yen for the assist and the water mage went on his way but the water mage did

something for kazuma and made the water push up against her asshole begging for release ayano rolled on her back and started masturbating again not able

to stop herself from the pleasure of the pressure kazuma just watched the show with a bulge in his pants ayano noticed it and without control of her body got

up on her knees and pulled down his pants she then started to suck his dick white masturbating unable to stop herself she then thought to herself " what am i

doing its like i cant control myself because of this feeling this has to be a dream i would die before doing this to kazuma im so embarrassed" kazuma just

stood there stunned that this kind of thing would do this to a person like ayano but after he got out of his train of thought he realized he was building up but

he decided to give her a third enema he stopped her from sucking him turned her around and starts to fuck her in the ass feeling the water and air in her ass

ayano moaned so loud that you could hear it through out the whole house kazuma has reached his peek and started to fuck her faster he then released the

cum into her ass making her scream from even more pressure in her ass she wanted to let go so bad but the seals prevented it from happening willingly once

kazuma was done cumming he put his pants back on and zipped his pants up and he said "you better get dressed your old man is almost home" her eyes

widened and she got up she ran to her room and quickly got dressed and fixed her hair and everything but as she looked herself in the mirror she realized that

her stomach had gotten slightly bigger because of the damn enemas she went to the bathroom again and tried to push the enemas out didnt manage to do so

lucky the water mage had already gone home so she didnt have to worry about him but kazuma was standing in the doorway and said "hey ayano since you

have 5 more days until this is over ive decided to add another rule since its summer break you have to wear skirt the rest of the time or else another 3 days

and another wind enema put theres a catch you cant wear panties under the skirt you wear" ayano got mad and yelled "YOU JERK YOU KNOW I ONLY HAVE

SHORT SKIRT YOUR USING IT AGAINST ME well im not gonna follow that rule " she was about to pull her panties back up from sitting on the toilet but kazuma

grabbed her with wind and tore her panties off her legs he then lifted her up so her ass was sticking out and spanked her wind going in her ass as he did she

screamed from more pressure in her ass after he was done she was released and she fell to the floor she got up slowly and walked to go great her father with

a full ass just waiting to let go

wait for chapter 3

i hope this chapter was better than the last and was more spread out i lack proper grammar so i dont put a lot of commas or periods so sry if you were bugged by it