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This story is based on a song by Lady Gaga. "Show Me Your Teeth."

Summary: After his "bad habits" of biting himself and others for pleasure are getting more and more out of control, Ryou is forced to attend a therapy session with other teenagers who are all kinds of messed up. And who is this new guy who has no problem in indulging in Ryou's "bad habits"?

Chapter 1

Meet Your Therapist

He was dizzy, his vision was a bit blurry but he felt like he was in heaven. With his head lolling to the side while a man-he had long forgotten his name happily feasted on the flesh that was visible. The unnamed man grunted as he shifted the lithe body underneath him and bit harder into the pale skin.

"Heh," he muttered. "You taste so good Ryou. How do you feel about moving this somewhere more private?"

Ryou tried his best to look at the man in the current light setting. He vaguely remembered that he did go out to a club. There was some dancing, a few drinks here and then he was shoved against a semi-private wall; being sucked and bitten on as if he were a delicious piece of meat.

The thought of being bitten over and over again sent shivers down the younger's spine.

"It doesn't matter to me."

The unnamed man tugged on the pale teen's hand. "Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go."

The next morning was chilly—something abnormal for the beginning of a summer day. With the first ring of the alarm clock, Yui Bakura pushed herself from her bed with a stretch and a quiet yawn. Quietly, she gathered her robe and exited the bedroom to begin her motherly duties. First, she went down stairs to put on a hot pot of coffee for her husband, and then gathered the newspaper from the front porch. Afterwards, she began making a simple breakfast for her family—knowing that they would end up throwing most of it away.

Yui paused from mixing her eggs to laugh quietly. Such a wasteful family she had.

Once that was finished, Yui placed out four plates for her family at the dinner table along with a gallon of milk and orange juice.

"Now, time to wake up the sleepy heads." Yui muttered to herself.

She traveled upstairs to her son's room since it was closest from the top of the stairs. Knocking softly, Yui jiggled the doorknob twice.

"Ryou, it's time to wake up for breakfast…"

Yui smiled softly when she heard her son moaning softly. Knowing that he would need a more encouragement to roll out of bed, Yui opened her son's bedroom door.


Yui's cheerful smile fell.

In her son's bed was not only her son—but a man… from what Yui guessed was more than twice her son's age. His arms were wrapped her naked son's body—which was covered in purple and black marks. Even from the bedroom door she could see the bite marks.

Yui could feel tears form in her eyes as her hands came to cover her mouth.

Then she screamed.

He didn't want to be here. He would've chosen any place but here.

He pushed his body back far as it could go into the uncomfortable chair he sat in while he left leg twitched nervously. He glanced at the woman that sat beside him—too busy writing things on a couple of papers that were attached to a completely worn clipboard. Then his eyes moved to the couple of people that were waiting along with them.

Parents. He figured. They must want to get rid of their kids just like mine does…. Heh. Figures.

Unconsciously, he began to chew on his lower lip in thought, his mind trying to come up with some desperate, emotional story to tell to the current poor excuse of a therapist his parent's had found for him.

"Mom," a girl who sat beside him whined. "Ryou is doing it again!"

Immediately his brown eyes turned to the now grinning girl but stopped the biting on his lip. "Snitch," he hissed.

"Now Ryou," Yui started. "How many times have I told you about talking to your sister like that? Now, apologize."

"Yeah Ryou," the preteen cooed. "Apologize."

As Ryou stared at his younger sister, he could feel anger rise in his throat. He wanted to lash out at both his mother and his sister. But instead, he took his bottom lip into his mouth and bit down hard; hard enough to feel blood slowly flow into his mouth. Immediately his tense body relaxed to the point he slouched down into his seat.

"Mom! Ryou's mouth! He's-"

But before Ryou's sister could even finish her sentence, a young woman dressed in white walked out from the large wooden desk centered in the middle of the office.

"Bakura, Ryou?"

"Ah, that's you dear!" Yui gushed as if her son had been chosen for a spectacular prize and pushed him forward. "Go on, we will be waiting for you out here when you're done."

"That is if we don't decide to leave you here."


Rolling his eyes, Ryou turned to the assistant with a small smile. She returned the smile happily before leading him out of the waiting room.

"First, let me introduce myself. The name is Nosaka Miho—but everyone here calls me ribbon." Miho turned back at Ryou and smiled again. "As your mother requested, you will be attending therapy sessions for your-"

"Yeah, I already know what I'm here for."

Miho blushed at the tone of Ryou's voice and quickly turned around. "O-oh right. Well, your therapist is Mazaki Anzu; you will be required to attend the weekly group sessions with the other patients she's working with..." Miho stopped in front a large oak wood door.

"Any questions?"

Ryou stayed silent.

Miho blushed again. "R-right… well, Anzu has a session in progress as we speak. Please, be courteous to her and the patients."

Ryou said nothing as Miho pushed opened the doors. Miho glanced back once more, this time silently gesturing Ryou to follow her in.

"Ah, is this another patient?" a short haired brunette chirped happily as soon as they entered. She stood and took the folder that was handed to her and immediately read what was inside.

Ryou Bakura

DOB: September 21

Weight: 52kg

Height: 176 cm

Referred by: Ishizu Ishtar of Domino University Mental Institution

Diagnosis and (or) Mental Illness: Odaxelagnia (1)

Observations: Patient was first seen by me on 8/23. Recorded hostile behavior towards family members (mother and sister. Father travels) easily threatened by strangers. Patient has been referred to me by high school consular after biting a classmate. Be aware that patient likes to bite his hand, lips and other body parts to relieve anger and draws his own blood by biting himself and or others.(photos of bites scars in file) patient mother believes that his illness will only get worse. No signs of suicidal tendencies.


Anzu swallowed as she closed the file and looked up at the white haired teen. "Welcome Ryou. I hope that we will work together fabulously.

Ryou's lip twitched as he looked at the small circle of teenagers who were unabashedly staring right back.

God I hate my life.

Odaxelagnia is a paraphilia concerning sexual arousal through biting, or being bitten.

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