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Chapter 2

Stubborn As A…..

Mazaki Anzu could feel the tension in the air as Miho walked in and introduced her patient but she reluctantly immediately stood to greet them.

"Ah, is this another patient?" She chirped as she grabbed the folder.

As she read Ryou's file, her sapphire eyes looked up over the file curiously. Whenever Anzu was introduced to a new patient, she became fascinated with them; as if they were a forbidden treasure and they were placed in front of the brunette to touch and unravel. She then swallowed hard when the white haired teen stared back unemotionally.

"Welcome Ryou. I hope that we will work together fabulously." She then turned to her group of sitting patients. "Everyone, this is Ryou Bakura; I expect you all to be respectful to him."

"Ew, Mazaki-sensei why does he look like that?" a blonde with emerald green eyes screeched. "Is he going to die?"

Anzu flushed as the girl kept on spewing on how disgusting Ryou looked with all the bandages wrapped around his neck and arms. It didn't help that the other patients urged her on, and began to spew their own comments on what they thought about the newcomer.

Ryou eyebrow began to twitch dangerously. This was the group that was supposed to help him? Slowly, his eyes traveled over to his therapist who was trying her best to get things under control.

Ryou mentally sighed.

This definitely was going to be a waste of time…

After three hours-which seemed like eternity, Anzu finally excused her patients for the day.

"Remember everybody; be back for the group session Thursday afternoon. Be sure to stop by Miho to get your timecards for next week."

They grumbled their replies before disappearing, eager to have their freedom back.

Anzu sighed once the last patient left the room and began to gather her patient's records and began her trek back to her office. Mentally, she cursed herself for wearing such high heels to work.

" Do you need some help with those Mazaki-san?"

The young brunette squeaked like a mouse before whipping around making all her files fall to the floor. Slowly she looked up immediately felt herself drowning hopelessly into a pair of crimson red eyes.

"Atem-Sensei!" Anzu squeaked again. "Um no—I can handle this! Really I-"

"No, I insist."

Anzu felt her legs go weak when the Atem flashed a charming smile. Atemu Atem (ironic name) was the one of the senior therapists that worked at Domino University Mental Institution but devoted most of his time at the Domino Community Clinic. Also, he had been a teacher to Anzu for two semesters at the university. During that time, she had completely fallen in love with the foreign man. She sure that the man knew of her feelings; but he never acknowledged them much to her dismay.

"I see that you've have your first group of patients now. Congratulations. How was the first day? Anything productive?"

"U-um yes, it was very interesting… to completely work with the people I've read about in textbooks for so long is amazing!" Anzu rambled. "Like this one patient—his name is Yugi; adorable but his illness is-"

"Discussing patient's information as if it were gossip isn't ethical Mazaki-san," Atem interrupted making the woman flush in embarrassment. "But I will be sure to read over your assessments at the end of the week."

"O-of course."

Atem smiled again. "Now, let's get you to your office."

Ryou sat in the backseat on the way home while Yui drove chattered away with Amane with something whatever girls talked about. He didn't care. He just wanted to go home take a much needed shower, and relax.

From the rear view mirror, Yui noticed her son's rigid posture immediately. She could tell that he was frustrated. And if he was frustrated, he would begin to bite himself or lash out on someone else and bite them. She wanted to avoid that at all costs. Yui honestly didn't think she could afford another hospital bill thrown to her from the person that was unfortunately targeted by her son.

"So dear," Yui started carefully. "How was your session? Did you make any new friends?"

"I wouldn't think you want Ryou to make any friends there mom; you would think that two crazy people would be your limit." Amane immediately chipped in.

"Amane!" Yui scolded. "Honestly, what is with you?"

The preteen didn't answer. She simply turned to look out the window.

"I agree with Amane for once," Ryou drawled, leaning his head against the window.

Yui simply frowned.

Once they made it home, Amane immediately ran up to her room; the slam of her door echoed throughout the whole house. Ryou trailed behind and watched as his mother gather Amane's discarded things and put them away. It pained him to see how Yui was disrespectfully treated sometimes.

"Aoto, you're home early." Yui said suddenly, making Ryou turn to the couch. There, indeed was his father sorting through papers from his leather briefcase.

"Yeah the office was auditing today; told me to go home." Aoto's hazel eyes then roamed over to his son. "So, how did your session go?"

"It went well dad. I didn't expect life changing miracles on the first day." Ryou muttered with a small shrug.

"Yes, that is true. But these sessions will only be effective if you take them seriously. Your mother and I have put a lot of effort to get you seen by those people at the clinic."

Immediately Ryou eyes narrowed. While Yui smiled happily. Those might've been caring words if it had not come from Aoto.

"We put in a lot of money into this so don't you dare ruin this!" was the message that Aoto was clearly trying to convey.

Ryou simply nodded. "Yes. I understand."

"Good. Now, go get ready for dinner. I'm pretty sure that Yui will have it done within an hour or so."

Yui perked at her name and nodded. "Be sure to wash for dinner Ryou and change your bandages."

Ryou was already up the stairs.

Yui stood at the bottom of the stairs and sighed before looking back at her husband. "Do you think those sessions will really help him Aoto?"

Aoto grunted. "I honestly don't know. It's going to help as much as Ryou wants it to help. We've tried all we could Yui."

"I know that," Yui muttered as she bit her lip. "I just want my baby boy to be alright, and be the shy caring boy that he was in the past." The raven haired woman pressed her hands to her face and began to sob lightly. "I don't know how much more of this I can take Aoto! It's like everything is falling apart; no matter how hard I try to piece it back together."

Aoto frowned before rising and gathering his wife into his arms. Sighing, the man embraced the woman against his chest and could easily feel the tears that had begun to soak through his dress shirt.

"I can't take this anymore Aoto! I just can't!" Yui repeated as she continued to sob.

"It will be alright Yui." Aoto whispered and pulled the small woman closer. "Just wait and see."

From the second floor in the hallway, Ryou stood there, clenching on his bath towel as he listened to his mother sob and his father try to comfort her. It made his heart beat uncomfortably. Sure, he didn't get along well with his mother but she was mainly the only one who still believed in him.

Silently he walked to the bathroom closing the door quietly behind him and stared at his reflection. He took in his tangled white hair and the bandages around his neck before pulling them off, revealing black and purple bruises and even darker bite marks.

He wasn't going to like going to these therapy sessions but he felt like he owed his mother.

Ryou sighed pitifully as he ran his fingers down the prized bite marks. He was going to miss these marks. He bit his lip thoughtfully.

"I suppose I could do it one more time…for old time's sake." He whispered to himself.

Ryou could've sworn he saw his reflection grin in anticipation.

Yes, just one more time.

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