The morning sun filtered through gibbs living room curtains, enhancing the silhouette of the marine sleeping on the sofa. He hadn't wanted to sleep in the bed, not until he had the women who belonged there with him. In the times before ziva he usually slept on the sofa anyway, unless he fell asleep in his basement. Reverting back to this sleeping habit was a necessary punishment for destroying the best thing to happen to him. He took a deep breath and slowly opened his eyes, bracing a hand against his forehead to combat the light shining brightly into his eyes. He couldn't understand how the sun could be shining so brightly when his world was shattered, although he hoped temporarily as he hoped his gut was correct about his suspicion of being spiked. If this was the case, he might be able to get ziva back, albeit it was a long shot. Ziva wasn't one to forgive easily. Hopefully she'd find it in her heart for him, for them. Everything he loved was hanging in the balance, to be determined by abbys 'babies'. With this in mind he threw his legs down onto the floor. He wanted to be ready and out his door as fast as he could possibly be. He had to know, preferably before ziva got to work.

All gibbs could think about as he layered his simple white toothbrush with his minty toothpaste was ziva. Usually she would be stood at the side of him, pulling faces in the mirror as she brushed her teeth, ensuring a full belly laugh from him with a guarantee of toothpaste dribbling onto his chin. Even a simple everyday task was changed in his perception by her being with him. She added the fun and the extra bit of something that had made his usually dismal mornings into something he enjoyed. His whole existence was just generally happier because of her. He walked into the bedroom, avoiding looking at anything but his wardrobe, not wanting to focus on her possessions mixed so perfectly with his own. He reached for a shirt and blazer and pair if slacks before hurredly leaving the room, this was his and hers, it wouldn't be right until she was back there.

As soon as he entered the ncis headquarters ur headed straight to Abbys lab or 'labby'. The ever cheerful goth was dancing around without a care in the world, her two pigtails swinging as her head bobbed to obscenely loud music. He stood in the doorway waiting for her to notice him, as soon as she did she crushed him in a hug. "Gibbs! Do we have a case already, because your early, not that your not always early, but i mean your early early, really early, like crack of dawn early..". Gibbs had to grab her shoulders to stop her ramblings, " no case Abs, I need a favour. Can you test my blood for any drugs from satday night?". "Umm, ok, wow, why?" "Just please Abs, for me." Abby gave a single headnod, picking up on the fact that he didn't want to go into details but it was obviously important.

Abby took a small sample from his arm and inserted it into one of her many machines. " This shouldn't take too long gibbsy, my babies know what there doing". When she looked over at gibbs she saw that he wasn't paying her any attention, he was deep in thought, about what she couldn't work out but whatever it was, it couldn't be good. Gibbs was always attentive, he never phased out. Ever. What she didn't know was that gibbs was saying every prayer he knew to every god he'd heard of that something would come up, something to justify his actions. Well, not justify, his actions were inexcusable, but add verification as to why the may have occured. The lab was in silence, waiting for the machines to reveal the answer. When there was a loud beep both abby and gibbs rushed towards the screen. " Gibbs, there's some mix of chemical in your blood. You were definately given something, but its strange iv never seen this mix before, its a concoction of loads of different drugs that are used to spike people, no wonder you were so loose that night. Hey! Speaking of that night how's your new girlfriend! What's her name? Do you remember what happened? Did you spend the weekend together?". Gibbs didn't acknowledge any of her questions but she noticed him get paler when she mentioned the woman from the bar. It was obviously a touchy subject for him, she couldn't blame him. Gibbs was a gentleman, he probably only did that because of the drugs in his system. He pressed a kiss to the side of her head and took a copy of the results. And like that he was gone, leaving abby with a myraid of questions and thoughts swirling around her head.

Instead of heading to the bullpen gibbs decided to wait at Zivas parking spot, it was in the more secluded section of the carpark, he knew she had chosen it for such reasons. Be wanted to get to her before she entered the bullpen, before he was boss and she was subordinate. Little did he know that she wouldn't turn up earlier than the rest of the team, she wouldn't turn up at all. That she had just spent a night worse than anything she had ever had to endure. That her nightmare, and his, was just getting started.