The Snake The Bee and The Witch

"Where is she, I will destroy you?" Princess Azula shouted as she raged into Ty Lee's room in the castle.

"Where is who 'Zula?" Ty Lee asked innocently as ever.

"Don't toy with me! I've had people executed for less." Taking a big gulp Ty lee, continued to play dumb.

"I don't know who you're looking for." Eliciting an angered stare from Azula.

"If I find her, I'll ring both of your necks!" she coldly said. "Guards, keep watch on my wife. I believe there may be a deadly knife thrower around seeking to penetrate her." Azula left Ty Lee's room and continued down the hallway in search of the intruder. A short while later a whisper could be heard from beneath the bed.

"She gone?" was what the whisper said.

"Yup!" Ty Lee eagerly answered. "It's just us now."

"Good" Mai said crawling out from under the bed.

"Now where were we?" Ty Lee teased as she grabbed her lover around the waist.

"I should really get going, that was as close a call as any, and knowing Azula she'll be back just out of paranoia."

"But I'm not done satisfying you yet."

"Trust me. I'm satisfied just seeing you and knowing you're safe."

"Then one last kiss, so that I may dream about you in your absence." The perky contortionist leaned fully into the taller goth girl pressing her lips to her enough to cause a heat leaving Mai slightly stunned afterward.

"I will see you in a month my dear." Mai whispered, still in Ty Lee's embrace before jumping out of the 100 story high window in Ty Lee's room. Ty Lee ran to the window to see her soul mate depart but saw nothing. She simply faded away, to return in month's time like the full moon.

Almost as if cued in Azula came bursting into Ty Lee's room, striding from the door to the window faster than an eel hound, alerting her to her presence only by the infuriated shouts she spewed.

"That was her! Wasn't it?! Tell me. I can not have this treason under my roof."

"'Zula you're all stressed out from dealing with the rebels, and it's making you paranoid. To the point that you're seeing and hearing things." Azula continued to scan the area beneath the window for signs of Mai but found none. Finally relenting she turned to Ty Lee, exhausted from her yield less outbursts.

"You're right. I am stressed. I could use a little relief." Looking at Ty Lee with starving eyes she grabbed her around the waist and in a single lift tossed her high into the air onto the bed. Propelled by proverbial flames she leaped into the air to join her. Straddling the littler woman, Azula began voraciously tearing off her gowns. Stopping only for a short while to pull Ty Lee into a heated, passionate, yet loveless kiss, one that Ty Lee returned as enthusiastically as she could muster. Finally with her dime of a wife nude Azula began to ravage her. From outside of the room, the guards could hear their throws of passion. Cries of lust. Sounds of activity. One guard was fool hardy enough to sneak a peek in through the key hole and was blinded instantly by the bright blue fire Azula loved to boast while sexually dominating her wife. This went on for a good while but ended suddenly. Soon after ending, the door to Ty Lee's room boomed open, with Azula standing their fully clothed. She walked gracefully out of the room to her study where she'd continue working on her war strategy to annihilate the rebellion. Ty Lee however, lied there asleep looking as elegant as she always does.