The Snake The Bee and The Witch ch.5

Just they had planed the night before everyone was up before the sun. Voraciously chomping oatmeal and fruits, the group ate breakfast as if it were their last, because in all seriousness it very well may be. Taking a headcount before hand Mai had every detail planned out. She was ready to make history today and gain her freedom to love in the process. She started by deploying the main distraction.

"Earth benders with moles. You tunnel under the wall towards the castle and topple it." With their mission in mind all that could be heard was tunneling as they set off. "When we hear the big crash of castle falling Dai Lee you tear the wall to ribbons, and we all head in dart towards the castle. We take out Azula and anyone she has in her employ and we will win." The loyal followers hoorayed quietly as they waited for their cue.

Moments went by and they continued to wait patiently, but things didn't seem right.

"They should have knocked the castle down already." Lao of the Dai lee stated.

"I know it's odd. I guess we just... wait a bit longer." Inwardly Mai was growing weary she was afraid that things weren't as simple as she had planned. What if...what if Ty lee WAS a mole. Nonsense she was hear when we made the plant to tunnel under. Who could it be. After a while her thoughts were interrupted by a rumbling.

"They're coming back. I think their may have been a problem." one earth bender said. Just as he finished his sentence the ground beneath him exploded as a mole grabbed him by the leg and pulled him under.

"What's going on!" Mai shouted as she was tossed off of her eel hound by another hole opening up beneath her. She hit the ground harshly and was left stunned. Only to watch as her entire team was ambushed. Elements began flying as the crew got their bearing.

"Raise the earth." Head earth bender shouted to any one who could control that element within range of his shout, and just as he had commanded it was done. Rectangular mounds of land began rising with remaining members of the rebellion adorning them. After the battalion was raised high enough into the air, the rumbling quieted down soon later.

"Is it over?" one of the peasant turned militia asked. Just as he spoke a blast of crimson hot fire came hurdling towards him. He fell from his perch atop the raised landmass, lifeless. A death has occurred and war was officially on. Jumping from their perches, no longer fearing another mole attack the little army began striking, water benders with their sacks of water began throwing ice spears and shards on their fall to the ground only to have them melted by the fire benders seething rage. Earth benders of every caliber started to use their element all around them to their advantage. The area between the fire nation soldiers and the rebellion was a mass of cloudy, dirty, air laced with fire. Weapons specialist rushed into battle narrowly avoiding blasts of fire, striking down anything in red they could get their blade to touch. Earth benders began using the earth around their target to life them into the air for projectile experts to strike at freely. Now the battle field was raining fire benders, dirt and fire. Blood was littering the ground an alarming rate, and don't think for a second that Mai wasn't joining the action. She threw with deadly accuracy, killing every target she aimed for. In her wake was at least 40 dead soldiers, who stood not the slightest chance even with bending on their side. Ty Lee, also wanting to do her part, did the best a pacifist could. Surprisingly pretty well seeing as how she was keeping up with Mai on downing soldiers, using dim mac Ty Lee ran through the crowds of soldiers paralyzing, chi blocking, and to the surprise of anyone watching, dodging. She used her advanced acrobatic ability to avoid blasts of fire that would have surely killed her, to have them slam into and kill other soldiers of the fire nation army.

From a bird's eye view Azula could see the rag tag band of misfits was putting quite a suitable challenge, but not at all phased by it she continued to sip a glass of hot tea. After she was done, she excused herself from the table of war generals she had also had in her blimp and leaped from it. She dropped out of the sky into the battle, regardless of who was in her path she scorched the ground with a long trail of fire intending to soften her landing. She killed four of her men and an earth bender on her entry but hadn't even begun to kill. Seeing Azula join the battle, Mai called for her army to retreat, hoping to take her out on her own. They didn't listen or couldn't hear but due to whatever reason they charged her. She made quick work of them, with quick precise blasts downing up to three men a blast, before finally loosing an outward wave from her waist that incinerated anyone it touched, even some of her men.

With the chaos dying down you could finally see into the battle from the outside. With the numbers of people Azula had killed of her own and of Mai's all that remained was a few Fire Nation soldiers and a handful of Mai's rebellion. Ty Lee stood close to Mai, relishing the loss of all the lives here.

"So you decided to leave me after all Ty Lee?" Azula began. "Just goes to show how ungrateful you were. I gave you everything and you crumpled it up and threw it back at me." Azula spoke coldly with a smirk on her face the whole time. Ty Lee never met her eyes fearing she'd be crushed by the stare alone, and Mai wouldn't allow her to hurt her anyway.

"Shut your trap you witch."

"Oh Mai. You silly little fool. Look at you." Azula teased. "You wanna fight me because you're have a silly crush on my wife. Well I'll show you what happens to those who fight someone they have no business fighting. Didn't you even wonder why it seemed so easy?" Mai fell silent. Dreading the weight of what Azula was implying. Out of the corner of her eye she turned in time to strike Jet down.

"Jet why?!" she called to him. "Even after I saved your life."

"How dare you make a fool of me. I was born to lead this team, and if I can't then no one can." Were his last words as he coughed up blood, and grew cold.

Fighting back tears Mai called out Azula. "You heartless evil creature. You reign ends here now!" Causing Azula to simply chuckle. She dismissed her other soldiers stating 'I won't need you for this.' She then removed her bulky armor and took a martial stance against Mai. Waved off Ty Lee.

"Stay out of this, I couldn't live if you got hurt." and also took a stance.

The calm before the storm was very evident here, as the two girls faced off in a staring contest to determine their lives, and the future of this battle. Then suddenly as if a bell had went off both girls charged at one another. Mai loosing stilettos and knives at an alarming rate, and Azula stopping them like tiny annoying gnats. Close range was Mai's favorite and she sought it. She stepped into Azula's range quickly cutting off the distance, between them so that she could have her hopeful advantage.

"Trying to stay close I see. Didn't you ever learn. Fire is hotter at the center!" Azula began speeding up her fire bending mixed with martial arts tactic to counter Mai's quick slashes. This was truly a fight to behold, although neither side was gaining any leverage, the sight was marvelous. A brilliant display of Blue fire and yellow sparks from Mai's weapon. The two in the center of the fire were masses of red just dancing beneath the flames.

This dragon dance of power continued for a few minutes before Azula grew weary of playing fair. She shot a blast to Mai that she knew would miss completely, while also avoiding Mai's next slash. She ducked down low, then back hand sprang out of danger. Mai, reveling in the fact that she had caused Azula to flee, taunted.

"What's the matter Azula. All of this battling too much for you." her self-praise was cut short as she noticed the evil look in Azula's eyes facing Ty Lee. She turned to see Ty Lee lying on the ground with black cinders around her. She screamed and ran towards her. Just short of reaching her, a blast of blue flame exploded in front her, causing her to halt.

"We're not through here." Azula stated with no remorse at all in her voice. After the flames dismissed Mai attempted to again go to the aid of her lover. Only to be stopped again by Azula's taunting flames.

"If you want to tend to your little girlfriend, you can do so after you defeat me. Or join her in the afterlife." That was the last straw for Mai, she raged running towards Azula like a bat out of hell. She had her favorite weapon, the sai, in hand ready to destroy Azula and enjoy it. In her blind rage she forgot Azula was the prodigy of the fire nation, and a fire bender. Azula let loose one single blast of fire that Mai, after coming to her senses, just managed to avoid. She recovered from her close call, with a kamikaze slash with the intention giving it her all. She swung her sai and gashed deep into Azula's right arm, that was also up ready to blast. She let off one more final blue, green tinted blast of fire that seemed cut short but only after succeeding in blowing Mai up into the air and clear across the battle field. She landed with a heavy thud, chuckling victoriously between sobs and coughs. With heavy breaths Azula asked,

"What are you laughing at?" Not paying any attention to Azula, Mai began crawling over to to her dying lover. She crawled as quickly as she could with the wrenching pain in her body that was slowly sapping her life.

"I will not be ignored!" Azula shouted angrily as she attempted to blast Mai. All that came out was a yellowish orange flame that went for about a for then died down. "What the hell!" She shrieked as she tried again, and again the same thing happened except with a slightly less visible flame each time.

Mai finally arriving at Ty Lee's side grabbed her hand.

"I'm so sorry Ty Lee. I never meant for you to get hurt in this ordeal."

"Don't apologize, sweetheart. I am glad that we're going out together now, seeing as how we never were able to before." Both girls chuckled as painfully as it was for them.

"What is going on!" Azula began shouting her head off as she made her way to the dying couple. Now finally aware of her presence, Mai answered her.

"It's a poison." she began to whisper with her voice growing weaker, and her strength quickly waning. "Given to me by the great Lion Turtle. *cough* he came to me in a dream, telling of my fate, and telling that I'd have to die to take you out. I woke and this new sai was there made from the stone on the back of the Lion Turtle. I knew *cough* what it was for and how this would play out. My only regret *fit of coughing* is that I had Ty Lee doomed with me."

"Don't feel regret for me. I said. I want to be with you, and I couldn't live with out you either." Ty Lee said as she tightened her hand around Mai's.

"You'll never bend again" Mai said before going in to give Ty Lee one last kiss.

Now perfectly enraged with this situation Azula, screamed and cursed to the heavens. She looked down to the two who did this to her. She aimed her good hand at them, hoping to have enough juice for one more devastation. To no avail as she only let out a single puff of smoke that didn't phase the lovers, who after being locked in one final kiss, fell lifeless. Outraged at the turn of events, Azula began stomping on the dead corpses of her two ex friends, sullying their clothes even more, a desecrating their final resting place since no one survived to come along and bury them.

Azula fell to her knees at the sight of her ex friends as the guilt of all that had happened sense day one swept over her. She began to cry, first in little weeps then a full blown hurricane of tears poured from her yes. She came to a point in her depression where she didn't know if she was more upset over the loss of her bending or the loss of her best friends.

The hoards of soldiers she had at her disposal rallied around her to see if she was alright. They circled up around a crying, sniveling Azula who shouted a last screeching wail.

"Why!?" she asked the heavens hoping for an answer...It never came.

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