Since the day that I was kidnapped and (then I collapsed 2 minutes later and Ben had to carry me home) healed, me and the boys have discussed what the cause of my miraculous healing could have been. Hi reckons aliens/guardian angels. But that's just Hi for you. I guess it can only be put down to The Flare – something that we Virals don't yet understand, and probably never will. Me and Ben finally got together and Jason was put in the plan B pile, though I can't really see me having to resort to using him as a second option. Martin Whitecross was arrested and all the endangered and poor animals that had been part of his sick experiments for too long given loving homes – the poor man was gone, he honestly thought that he was doing nothing wrong.

So this is me – Tory of the Virals signing off.

Another adventure over – or just another one about to start?