Chiming Bells

Summary: Oneshot Their laughter sounded like the chiming of bells.

The sweet smell of flowers filled the air as a flaxen blond danced around in her backyard. Her moves were swift yet graceful, like a ballerina's. The wind swished through her golden locks as if telling her a thousand secrets at once. Her feet felt the tickling sensation of the grass as she watched the white clouds go by. Unbeknownst to her, was that another child was watching her.

His blond hair swayed along with the wind. His curious blue eyes watched her intensely. She had such a pure look to her. The way her white dress moved along with her made him think of an angel, no she was an angel. The sun's light reflected on her beautiful porcelain skin. Suddenly she turned to see the boy crouched behind a bush.

Both became flustered and blushed a scarlet red. When their eyes met it felt as if a promise was made. Slowly she walked towards him, as soon as he understood what she was doing he hurriedly tried to get away. Unfortunately, he failed and fell on his knees. Ugly scraps were left on his knee and cheek. Tentively she touched the bruise on his face.

"Sorry." Her angelic voice was soft, yet so clear. It hinted laughter and soon enough they were both chuckling.

The bells hanging on the porch made a ringing sound and both children looked up. The wind caressed their soft skin as the sun began setting.

"Beautiful.." The male youth whipsered

"Naminè." She greeted while sticking her and out. "My name is Naminè."

"I'm Roxas, nice to meet you...Naminè." She smiled ear to ear at the sound of him saying her name.

Giggling quietly, they both sat and watched the sun set. The once blue sky, turned to a pretty golden color. Roxas' blue eyes wandered towards the clock tower and quickly he grabbed his new friend's hand.

"Come on!" He shouted eagerly as he yanked her towards their destination. People gave them bewildered stares as they scampered down the streets of Twilight Town.

Finally the duo made it to the clock tower and smiled. Hand in hand, Roxas and Naminè quietly sauntered up the stairs.

The purest friendships, are always the best.


A/N:I know this is probably super cheesey, but oh well. It's just a short drabble, nothing special.