Chapter I: Jealousy & Urges

"Oh, Momo!" Kairi sighed dreamily from the other room, I scoff as I take a sip of my freshly brewed coffee. All night I have been hearing my brother and his girlfriend, Momo, fawn over each other like children.

"Kairi, I have to go home now…" She coos softly, as she walks out his bedroom door, her clothes messily placed on her body, and her hair frizzy – it was obvious they had been doing more than studying.

He shortly follows her out, scratching his head – with a dazed expression on his face. "Okay, Momo… Want me to walk you home?" He asks, reaching out for her hand.

I interrupt the couple. "Actually it's pouring out there. Momo, maybe I should drive you home." I offer, setting down my mug. An annoyed expression forms on Kairi's face.

"Uhm… I guess." She hesitantly agrees, as she slips on her white cotton coat Kairi had bought for her.

Kairi sighs and crosses his arms. "Well, I'll come too." He snaps at me.

I chuckle softly. "Wish you could, little brother. But remember? My car only has two seats." I stand up and pull on my old university sweatshirt.

Momo looks over at Kairi as she zips up her boots. "Fine, but don't try anything, Ryo." He warns grabbing onto my sweatshirt.

I lift my hands up in the air. "Don't worry. She can protect herself even if I did." I smirk and jokingly slap his head.

He lets out a soft growl. "Hurry back then." As I tie up my shoes, Kairi leans over and gives Momo a light kiss. "Be safe." He murmurs against her lips.

I feel a slight twinge of jealously as I stand up, grabbing my keys off the hook. "Ready, Momo?" I ask, opening the door for her.

"As ready as I'll ever be." She sighs, then looks back at Kairi. "See you at school tomorrow." He nods, and with that she and I walk out the door.

I can hardly see through the windshield as I drive Momo home. "So, how did the studying go?" I inquire, cocking an eyebrow.

She pauses, as she plays with the sleeve of her coat. "Well, not bad – my work still needs improvement though…" Momo replies in a hushed tone.

"Maybe you should have been studying your work then, not my brother." I laugh, looking over at her.

"Shut up, Ryo. What do you know?" She snaps, crossing her legs.

"Sorry, but it was pretty obvious." I give her a slight smirk, she scoffs.

"You shouldn't have been eavesdropping, creep."

"Sorry, Momo. I really shouldn't have been." Sarcasm was noticeable in the tone of my voice.

She gives me a disgusted look. A sudden urge comes over me, and I park the car in an empty parking lot. She looks confused. "Why did you stop?" Momo asks her voice shaky.

I pause, staring at my hands on the wheel. 'What are you doing, Ryo?' I ask myself. I undo my seatbelt, and lean over, grabbing Momo's shoulders as I lightly kiss her lips. She makes soft whimpering noises, and I pull away. "I-I'm sorry… I don't know what came over me…"

She looks at me, terrified, and with that runs out of the car.

Author's Note:

This is my first fanfiction – I wanted to make a twist on the usual couples, so I paired Momo and Ryo together. I apologize for the summary – I'm never good at condensing plots. Criticism is also appreciated. I hope you enjoy my story, and I need advice whether or not they should end as a couple or if Momo should reject his advances and somehow he and Misao continue their relationship. Thanks, and I hope to hear back from you readers!

I don't know how soon I will be able to post a second chapter, due to exams – but hopefully in one or two weeks!