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'If only they knew' Tsuna thought as he looked down at the stack of mail he had just received. On the top of the pile was a letter addressed to 'Mr. Sawada Tsunayoshi'. He chuckled, and took the paper in his hands, reading over it once more. It had only been 5 years since middle school; he had officially inherited the Vongola about 2 years ago. The ninth had taken a vacation to Hawaii soon after he was relieved of the duty, leaving with a cheery goodbye and a promise to come back soon. But like I said, that was 2 years ago, and since then the only other vacations he has taken is to come back to visit his heir. It seems he took a liking to the tropics, and the head to toe service he got once the locals found out the Vongola owned the island and had saved them from a rival family.

But back to topic, Tsuna was currently staring at an invitation that had arrived the night before, inviting him to an old middle school reunion. He stood, paper in hand, as he walked to the door. A small part inside of him really wanted to go, to see how his old classmates were doing, and check up on his old friends. 'Ha' Tsuna thought 'what old friends? The only friends I made in school live in the mansion and I see then almost every day.' This was true with the exception of Enma, who had managed to make his famiglia grow rapidly within the last few years. With the help of the Vongola, they were now in the top 5 of the largest mafia, which also included the Vongola themselves, the Cavallone, and the Millefore. The fifth one doesn't matter right now. The Millefore had recently been formed, but Byakuran and Tsuna are on good terms. The conflict in the future is never to happen in this timeline, and their bonds have only grown tighter since the fight with Vindice, that also lead to a friendship with Bermuda, who had kept in contact. He seems to think Tsuna saved him from something that had been haunting him for quite a while, and sees Tsuna as a person worthy for the great title he carries because he believes Tsuna can truly change the mafia world.

Getting back on track once more, Tsuna shook his head and left the office. He needed to inform Gokudera and Yamamoto of-

"BOSS, I RECEIVED A LETTER FROM OUR OLD SCHOOL, ARE YOU-" Gokudera was racing towards the door of his bosses office when he saw his boss walking out. Almost crashing into each other, Tsuna reached out a hand to steady himself and his guardian. Tsuna himself had changed a lot since his graduation 2 years ago, his hair was still the same, but not so out of control as before, and his skin tone had become darker, a nice tan from his training out in the sun. Another result of his training was the toned arms and abs, though you couldn't see it because of the light orange dress shirt he wore.

"Ah Hayato, it seems like you received one also." Tsuna replied to his storm, who was apologizing profusely for almost running into his boss and holding a letter similar to the one that Tsuna was holding. The ever loyal right hand man looked exactly as he did when he was constantly working on the C.A.I. system in the future. His hair was in a loose ponytail, with a few stands brushing his face. He wore a red dress shirt exactly like Tsuna's, matching his flame color. The sleeves were rolled up to just below his elbows. He had on his Vongola gear like always, prepared for any danger that might sneak up on them.

"Y-yes boss, I did. Are you going to go? I mean the looks on those people's faces when they find out who you are, imagine!" Gokudera laughed as Tsuna shook his head.

"You know as well as I do that I can't tell them, it might put them in danger. I have too much paper work to sign anyway." Tsuna answered.

Footsteps echoed down the hallway as a cheerful laugh reached their ears. They both turned toward the newcomer and smiled, well Gokudera scowled, but he was smiling on the inside.

"Yo, what's all the noise about? Tsuna, I'm here to turn in my mission report, I hope it's not too late." Yamamoto laughed cheerfully and paid no attention to his ranting friend. Like the other two, Yamamoto wore a dress shirt that matched his flame. However, unlike the other two, he had a more carefree personality to him, instead of being totally serious like is ten years late self was, he is more confidant with the fact that his father is still alive, and still running the family business. His face had become older though, and he now sported a scar on his chin.


"It's ok Gokudera, it gave me time to catch up on all of my other paperwork." Tsuna tried to calm Gokudera down. "Oh, Yamamoto, did you also receive a middle school reunion letter?" he asked.

"Reunion letter? No I haven't, but that would be fun to see everyone again, wouldn't it?" Yamamoto laughed again.

"Hmm, you didn't get one? That's strange… Well if you want to go I won't stop you-"

"Then again I haven't checked my mail in about a week."

Tsuna sighed and put a hand to his forehead.

"BAKA! What if Juudaime sent you something important, like a letter to a meeting? Or a formal invitation to his birthday?"

"Gokudera-kun, it's not even close to my birthday yet." Tsuna stated simply.

"Of course I know that Juudaime, but you could have your birthday early this year, and this idiot would never have known because he didn't check his mail." Gokudera seethed.

Tsuna walked back into his office and shut his door. His sound proof door. And locked it. He locked his sound proof, bullet proof, explosion proof, sword proof door, and sighed. He walked back over to his seat and sat down. He couldn't even remember why he left the room in the first place. He looked on the calendar, nope, his birthday wasn't for a few moths still. He looked down into his hand. 'Oh yeah' he thought 'the reunion…'

"Ciaossu." A voice said.

Tsuna jumped and turned around.

"R-Reborn! How did you get in here?" Tsuna shook his head "Never mind, what is it you want?"

"I hope you don't mind but I rented out the ball room to some class reunion Kyoko was nice enough to inform me of. I expect you to go; you wouldn't want to disappoint the guests, would you? Not to mention Kyoko. They were, after all, promised to meet the most powerful and influential man in the world." Reborn smirked. "Oh and by the way I also took the liberty of organizing a party in honor of your 2nd year anniversary of being boss. It's scheduled for the night before the reunion, and I also gave them the offer of staying the night. I only invited the Varia, Bermuda, Enma, Dino, Byakuran, Uni, CEDEF and maybe a few others, you know, everyone."




"I'm doomed."