Thanks to Alatum Laminis and Miharu Midorikawa


As the doors blasted open, all eyes turned toward the scene, some covering their eyes from the dust that was expelled during the explosion. The class group all took a few steps back, not knowing what to expect from this mysterious event. As the smoke/dust was clearing they could barely make out a figure walking toward the side of the room Tsuna was. A clearer vision of the person showed it to be a lanky male in a purple riding suit and a purple helmet. If anyone took time to glance toward the door they would also notice a purple motorcycle leaning against the damaged framework.

Watching the figure intently, they watched as he made his way toward Tsuna. Tension grew in the air as the man stopped about five feet from where the Decimo was conversing with his mentor. Skull's mood became more and more depressed as her stood there.

"Dammit Reborn I'm standing here you know!" Skull finally yelled

"Did you hear something?" asked reborn tilting his head to the side as he looked at Tsuna, his face never changing from his serious façade, and then across the room to the doorway where the class was standing, waving his hand in a sweeping motion. "Anyone?"

"Nope, can't say I did Reborn." Tsuna answered as a smile threatened to break out across his face. The hitman smirked as he turned and shrugged.

"Must have just been the wind, maybe I need some coffee-"

"I really hate you sometimes you know that reborn!" the cloud retorted, smirking as reborn finally turned to him.

"Oh so that's where the noise was coming from. I was beginning to thing we had mice. Better have an exterminator come look at that just in case. Maybe they know how to get rid of annoying lackey too. You know what they say- two birds with one stone." Reborn finished, enjoying the annoyed posture along with the horror on the groups faces.

"I'll show you reborn! I've had enough of your attitude. I can't even visit without getting disrespected." Skull said, and suddenly he was holding a bazooka. Jumping back, he fired it directly at the hitman as the class watched with horror as screaming echoed in the hall. The frenzied class tried to get into the door as Yamamoto ushered them forward put looked back as one of them yelled, seeing the wayward cloud misfire in their direction.

Before the rocket made it even halfway, a figure blocked their view. Wearing a black cloak, all they could see of the person was the hair, which the immediately identified as Tsuna. Some of the taller people could even see a flame licking his forehead as he redirected the bullet causing it to explode in the wall.

With Mochida and his brother ~

After the brothers had calmed down and passed out in the hallway, they woke up to find themselves in a room lying on the bed. Looking around, Mochida noticed that the other occupants of the room were the same people who were in their group the night before.

After talking with them a while, he gathered that they had all woken up here and he and his brother filled them in on the video that they had seen. With the group reeling from the new information, they began to talk about why they were in this room and the plan for the day. As they were talking a loud bang was heard from the one of the main rooms downstairs. They all raced down the hall toward the sound and were startled by what they saw.

Tsuna's eye flickered to the doorway behind skull seeing more of his classmates show up. Noticing that Skull was about to take another shot at Reborn who was constantly moving, enjoying the game he had made, and that if Skull shot he would have a chance of hitting the new arrivals. Tsuna had had enough.

"Skull, drop you weapon." Tsuna said in a commanding voice. His tone caused shivers to run down the spine of the group behind him as they had never heard of Tsuna taking control like that. Skull turned toward the Decimo with a semi scared look on his face, as if he was a child who did wrong and knew it, but didn't want to get yelled at.

"Now, Skull." Tsuna repeated upon seeing the man hesitate. The class was astonished how the person who was once the most useless was now talking to the Cloud Acrobaleno as if he were a 4 year old. Sighing as he heard the weapon hit the floor, the began to rant.

"Skull look around you. At all the people besides reborn who you could have hurt." Tsuna said gesturing around. All of his guardians were protecting a group of innocents to keep them from getting hurt, and most of the other mafia members had walked out when this had started. His classmates looked terrified.

"Remember that time you attacked my middle school? Remember how bad you felt afterward realizing how many innocent people you could have killed? These are the same people from that middle school Skull. You have now endangered them not once, but twice. Furthermore. I have been working my hardest since the start of middle school to keep these people safe from others like you. To keep then safe from the mafia, since I automatically put them in danger just by being near them. I think you owe them an apology. Don't you?" Tsuna reprimanded. The class was shocked to the core by what Tsuna was saying.

"Yes Decimo." Skull said in a quiet and sad voice.

"What was that?" Tsuna asked, lifting his hand in a manner that meant for Skull to say it once more, louder.

"I said yes Decimo, sorry Decimo's classmates. I did not think before is acted." Skull pouted

"DAMN RIGHT YOU DIDN'T!" said a loud voice to the left of the group. Lal Mirch walked out of a set of doors straight up to skull. Ripping off his helmet, she class had a good view of his face- as she slapped him hard enough to spin him around. Never pausing, she grabbed his ear and dragged him through the door with a snickering Colonello trailing behind.

"Well… I think we are done here for today." Reborn said as he looked around the destroyed room. Then he turned toward the class as if remembering something. "Today was your last day here correct? No need to return to your rooms, Vongola maids have packed your belongings. I hope you enjoyed your stay at the Vongola main house." Then turning to Tsuna "Dame Tsuna, you've been through a lot and I know you never wanted your class involved, but it was inevitable. Now I'm going to bed to get some beauty rest, if you need me you know where to find me. Oh, and Tsuna, congratulations on being the official Vongola Boss for 2 years."

And with that he left, leaving Tsuna to shake his head despairingly before he, too, exited the room along with his guardians who instantly began talking and play fighting, lightening up the mood. Soon the only people left were the people in the class, and Mochida and his group joined them with nothing more than "I tried to tell you" coming from Mochida as they were ushered onto a bus to be taken to their homes, away from the chaos of the mafia. Well, for most of them at least. For a few, they doubted their lives would ever be the same again.