AN: In this fic Tamahome never died so he stayed in the book as Tamahome. Taka doesn't exist. Miaka and Yui are 17, Tasuki is 20, Tamahome is 20, Prince Boushin is 7.
The Second Chapter of Suzaku

Neptune Princess

Chapter One: The Return

"Priestess of Suzaku," a voice echoed, " find me once more and seal the second book. Priestess, please hurry and find me." The voice trailed off as the image of a red-haired man dissolved, and a new image appeared. "Aishteru, Miaka."

The new image said. It was a man with dark blue green hair with the sign "oni" on his forehead. "Come back to me please." The eyes of the young woman flickered open. They were a brilliant golden green and were filled with tears.

It had been two years since Miaka Yuki, Priestess of Suzaku, had been in "The Universe of the Four Gods" and seen all of her friends there. Tamahome, Tasuki, and Chichiri were her only three remaining seishi. Hotohori, Nuriko, Chiriko, and Mitsukake had all died in the battle with Kutou and the Seiryu Shichiseish.

She missed them all, but mostly she missed Tamahome. She wondered what would have happened if she had stayed in the book, but that would never have been allowed. A priestess could never stay in the book, it was forbidden by the four gods.

Miaka slowly got out of bed and changed into some comfortable clothes. She knew what she had to do, but first she had to pack some things, and tell Yui, Tetsuya, and her brother Keisuke what she was going to do , so that they could help her whenever and distract her mother.


"Arigato Keisuke," Miaka said. " Are you sure about this?" Miaka's best friend Yui asked. " I mean, you don't know how much Konan has changed."

"I'm sure," Miaka said firmly. " Well, good luck little sis."

"Arigato Keisuke, but remember you have to come too. You have to get and read the second book while I'm in it."

" Oh yeah. Hehe."

The group walked into the National Library and up the stairs into the room where everything had started. "Let's see, I found the first book around here on the floor so the second book should be!" As soon as Miaka touched the spine of the book her body was engulfed in a bright red light.

Keisuke, Yui, and Tetsuya closed their eyes because of the intense brightness. Yui was the first one to open her eyes. "She's gone now. All we have left to do is read and pray." Tetsuya put an arm around Yui as Keisuke picked up the book and opened it. "Listen to this guys, it says, the Priestess was welcomed with a great festival, and all were glad she was there. All of Konan rejoiced, but news of Suzaku no Miko's return had reached the Kutou Empire, where a sinister being was plotting her death.

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