Dog Without A Blog Chapter 1

Stan put his head on the table. 'Steak... it looks so good!' He licked his lips. Suddenly, he heard a scream from the living room. "Coming!" Ellen ran into the living room. Sparks were flying from the computer. Avery walked away from it. "Lucy's back!" Chloe said. Lucy flew onto the monitor of the computer and opened it. She bit the wires. Stan opened the patio door with his nose. 'Man... I meant to lock it so I could have that bird for dinner. It would make a great appetizer next to Ellen's slippers and steak. Stan thought to himself. Tyler came down the stairs. "That stupid bird ruined our computer?" He covered his mouth. "I was about to tweet some cute cheerleaders!" He said. Ellen left the house to get Bennett. "My blog! What will I do without it?" Stan asked. "Stan we still have my laptop..." Avery suggested. "It won't be the same." Stan frowned, leaving the room for the stairs. "Without that blog I'm just a regular dog." He sat in Avery's room. He curled up, tears forming at his eyes. "Stan is really upset. We need to fix that computer." Avery said to Tyler. "How? The circuit's blown?" Tyler argued. "You just figured something out." Avery was shocked. "C'mon, lets get to work." She said.