New Addiction 1

Feeling Better

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Author's note: Everyone seemed to like my story "First Crush" and some even asked, begged for a sequel so I decided to write one!  I hope this is as good as the first one.  Someone also asked to see Chip kick the snot out of Chip, so I decided to write that detail here too.

Suzie has been bulimia-free for one year and turned her life around.  She became the student body president, received the green belt from her karate class, went to her bulimia rehab regularly with Millie and she too have been bulimia-free for one year.  Suzie sometimes got urges to binge and throw up afterwards whenever she got very bummed about something, but she fought hard not to give in.  When she felt bad, instead of binging, she went right on to defining her martial art skills or went Rollerblading.  She and Mako went on frequent days and they've gotten closer each day.  Her family became very proud of her.

As she walked to karate class with her brother, they passed the park and Henry stopped and looked over at one of the benches.

"Henry?" Suzie asked.

But Henry didn't hear her.  He started to remember something.  The day he and Chip had a little 'talk.'


Chip hoped that Suzie was bluffing when she told him to show up in the park but he came anyway.  Maybe he did deserve a few more punches.  Suzie became bulimic because he didn't act as if she was even there.  He didn't mean any harm by it.  He sat on the table with his feet on the seats of a park bench table, waiting patiently for Henry to show up.

Then, Henry did.  He went jogging with Terriermon that day and happened to go by the park.  Henry wouldn't even know who he was had not Terriermon pointed him out.

"Henry, isn't that the guy Suzie was crushing on?" he asked.

"Huh?" Henry stopped.  "Is that Chip?"

"I was asking you.  Lopmon told me about him."

"Well, I'll find out."  He took Terriermon off his head.  "You…go do something alone."

"Aww, you never let me have any fun."  Terriermon moaned as he ran away.  When Terriermon was far enough away, Henry walked to the bench.  "Are you Chip Honda?"

Chip nodded.  "I bet you're Suzie's brother.  She said for me to meet you here."

Henry smiled, "Oh, she did?  Well, I wish she told me."

"So it's just coincidence that we're here the same time?"

"Looks like."

"Look dude, if you're going to hit me, go ahead and get it over with."  Chip said.  "That's why you came over here, isn't it?  It wasn't enough for that Kazu dude, you have to put your words in too, huh?"

"I don't know." Henry said, "I hurt a neighborhood kid when I started taking martial arts.  I don't want to hurt someone again unless I have to."

"Come on man," Chip said, "I'm the reason your sister went bulimic.  Her old boyfriend had to come and beat the living crap out of me and I bet you want to too.  Go ahead if you think it'll make you feel better."

Henry walked up to Chip, grabbed his collar and pulled back his fist.  "It wasn't worth it when I hurt that kid," Henry said, "but…I think it's worth it now!" He put everything in that punch to Chip's mouth and had not he still be holding onto his collar, Chip would've fallen through the table.

"Feel better now?" Chip questioned, "or you going to hit me over and over like that other guy did?  He said you'd break me half so go and do it already.  Or are here other people after me?  Better tell them to come now so we can get this all over with.  What's the point, man?  Suzie's better now."

"Shut up!" Henry punched him again.  He pulled him off the bench and punched him in the stomach. 

Chip grunted and put his arms around himself, gasping for air as Henry stood over him with clenched fists.  He hit harder and faster than Kazu did.  There was a big difference between how the two guys fought.  Kazu was in a rage and Henry was rather calm, but still angry.  "You…you jerk!  How could you hurt my sister like that?  Answer me!"

"I never…meant to hurt your sister," Chip wheezed.  "I didn't.  I didn't even know she liked me until after Kazu came and beat the tar out of me.  I know I seem like a jerk but I'm not like that!  Honest! I didn't' know Suzie all that well, that's all.  I didn't even know her real time so I'd call her Sally or Sammy and she'd have to correct me all the time.  I guess I'm just a moron but I didn't liekit when I heard what happened to Suzie.  She went all that trouble to make me some cookies and give me a note.  I may have been seeing Millie at the time but if she gave it to me I wouldn't' have thrown back into her face like you probably think I would.  I'd gratefully take it but tell her I was seeing someone at the moment as gently as I could."

"How did you know about the cookies?" Henry demanded.

"I heard from a couple of Suzie's friends," he said, getting up.  "I know you're angry.  I'm a big brother too.  Got a little kid brother.  When he had trouble with bullies, I'd go and beat them up for him.  I wish it didn't have to take Kazu beating the living daylights out me to wake me up.  Sometimes I didn't have a little manners but I respect my elders and stuff.  I'm sorry, okay?  I'm sorry your sister had to go through all that because of me.  If she had just told me she was crushing on me in the first place we would've sorted it all out and things wouldn't end up like they did."

"Oh, so this is all Suzie's fault then?" Henry asked with a sneer.  "It's her fault that she crushed on you and became bulimic?"

"No.  The whole thing's just a misunderstanding."  He explained.  "That's all.  Just a misunderstanding.  I would've come to see Suzie in the hospital if you all hated me and Kazu didn't beat me up.  Honest, I would."

"Save it."  Henry grunted. "I know you're just saying that 'cause you don't want me to hit you again."

"It's true!" Chip yelled. "I didn't mean to hurt Suzie.  She's a nice girl.  I even tried asking her out today."

"And what makes you think she'll want you now?"

"I don't know," Chip shrugged.  "I was just trying to make things right.  Of course, she said no, well, my ex said no for her."

"She's got a date with someone else this weekend," Henry bragged, "Someone who'll treat her right.  His name's Mako."

"Mako, yeah, I know him. Good guy."

There was a moment of silence.  Henry wanted to tear him in half like he said he would but for some reason, he felt that Chip had enough.  He was already woken up.

"You hurt my sister again," Henry said, "You'll get worse."

"I won't."

Henry turned and walked away.

"Tell Suzie hi for me, won't you?" Chip requested but Henry didn't hear him.  He didn't' except Chip to react this way.  His words kept repeating in his head.

"I never meant to hurt Suzie.  I never meant to hurt her."


Henry let out a sigh.  He was surprised he didn't lose control that day.  But the way Chip acted so sorry, Henry almost felt sorry for him.

'He said he was sorry,' Henry thought, 'but was he bluffing or telling the truth?'

"Hello, Henry!" Suzie said, poking him. "Wake up!"


"Henry, where'd you go just now?" she demanded.

"I was just thinking."

"That's the problem with you, Henry," Suzie sighed, "You think too much!  Let's get to karate class, okay?"

Henry smiled. "Okay." He surprised his little sister by with a big bear hug.  "I love you, Suzie."

"I love you too," Suzie whispered. 

"I'm so proud of you!"

"Thanks…uh…can you let me go now?"



Of course, everyone was proud of Suzie.  Her family, her boyfriend Mako all her friends and her new chummy friend Millie, but there was one person who was not so proud of Suzie.  It was her best friend, Ai.  True, she was happy that her best friend was over bulimia.  But now Suzie has done more than that.  Ai became jealous of Suzie.  She never said anything about it because she still felt, or hoped they were best friends.  Suzie went out to do things more with Millie than her true best friend Ai.  It started as going together to rehab then stopping for a soda and going to the mall.  Suzie was doing things with Millie what she used to do with Ai.  Ai found it hard to understand because Millie was part of the reason she became bulimic in the first place?  It was enough that they were going to rehab together. They were both recovering bulimics, but did they have to go shopping together too?

Suzie took everything Ai without knowing.  She took her brother away too. She didn't come to see Ai anymore. She came to see Mako. Ai didn't have anyone to talk to except Impmon.  And sometimes she couldn't even spend time with her own partner because when Mako went to see Suzie, he'd bring Impmon with them so their digimon could play.

It had to be just a phase.  Suzie wouldn't disown her best friend, would she?  Ai sighed and went to her brother. "Hey Mako, how about Beezlemon takes us both on a sky ride?"

"Sorry, I got a date with Suzie tonight."

"Right, I forgot.  I guess it's just me and Beelzemon then." She went to Impmon but she had some trouble finding him.  "Where is Impmon?"

He smiled, "You know Impmon. He likes to roam around."

"Yeah, that's right."

"Ai, are you okay?" Mako asked.

"Course, why wouldn't I be?"

"You haven't been yourself since your breakup with Masahiko."

She closed her eyes and remembered that sad day when Masahiko ended their relationship.  If things weren't bad enough for her, he had to make them worse. It was just a week ago.


"So, how's Suzie doing?" Masahiko asked.  They were in a small café enjoying a soda. 

"Fine," she replied.  "She's going to rehab and it's helping." 'And she's spending more time with her than me. I thought I was her best friend!'

"It's cool that she's class president, huh?" He questioned awkwardly.

She nodded. "Something on your mind, Masahiko?"

"How's Impmon?" he asked as if ignoring her.

"Impmon is fine."

He stirred his drink and sighed.  "Cool.  Still wanna be a dentist?"

"Yup.  Masahiko, you're being kind of distant.  What is it?"

"Look, Ai," he didn't look up from his drink. He continued to stir it with his straw. Ai bit her lip.  She knew it was coming.  "I think we shouldn't see each other anymore. It's not you, it's me. I'm just…not ready for a steady relationship right now.  I thought I was and I really like you but I think it's best if we just stay friends, you know?"

"Oh," Ai whispered.  "I see.  You wanna see different people?"

He shrugged, "I guess so.  I'm just so busy with my family's resturant, you know? We don't get to see each other as much."

'Your sister can handle juggling a steady relationship with Takato,' she thought, 'why can't you do that with me?'

"Ai?  Are you okay with this?"

"Sure, Masahiko." She said, forcing a smile.  "Maybe it is better this way. 'Sides, we're just kids.  It's crazy to be in steady relationship.  At least we'll still be friends, right?  Well, I can handle that. Everyone can use more friends." She stood up.  "Thanks for calling me for the soda, Masahiko I uh…guess I'll go now."

"Wait--" he began but she drained his words out and left the café.  She couldn't let him see her tears.  She knew the reason why he didn't want to see her anymore.  It wasn't because he was buy at his family's restaurant or not ready, but because he lost interest in her.  She wasn't the same Ai she was when they started their relationship. She changed and became boring.  It had to be…her best friend didn't want to spend time with her and now her boyfriend didn't want to either.

Ai's feet took her to Suzie's house. She wasn't planning on going there but that's where she ended up.  Her finger pressed the doorbell and she stood wondering why she was there.  Henry, with Terriermon on his head, opened the door.

"You shouldn't be on my head every time I open the door, Terriermon," Henry scolded his digimon.

"I knew it was Ai," Terriermon said, "besides, this keeps door-to-door salesmen away."

Henry groaned and looked at Ai, "Hi, Ai."

"Hi…Henry, is Suzie home?" Ai asked.

"Yeah, come on in," he stepped in so she could enter.  "She's in her room working on a speech for her bulimia recovery class."

"Thanks," she walked to her door and heard her talking to Lopmon.

"How does this sound, Lopmon?" Suzie asked as she began her opening line, "I never expected to become bulimic but now that I look back I think of it as a learning experience.  I just wished I didn't have to get so sick for it to open my eyes and know that I was hurting myself…Oh, that was stupid! I already knew it was wrong!"

"I like everything except for the 'oh that was stupid' part," Lopmon said.

"Very funny," Suzie muttered. "I think you've been taking wisecrack lessons from Terriermon."

"No, that's more like a thing Impmon would say," Ai insisted, walking in and closing the door.

"Ai!" Suzie turned, "how long have you been standing there?"

Ai shrugged, "long enough."

"What's up?"

She decided to get right to it.  "Masahiko just broke up with me."

Suzie gasped, "No way! I thought you two were…well, great together."

"I guess we just weren't meant to be," Ai sighed.  "Not like you and my brother anyway."

"I'm so sorry," Suzie sympathized, "Here, tell me all about it over some ice cream."

"Oh, I dunno…"

"Come on, it helps," Suzie said, pulling on her hand.  She took two empty bowls from the cubpard and a carton of Neapolitan ice cream from the freezer and put a scoop of each flavor into the bowls.  She slid one of the bowls to Ai as she put the ice cream away.  "So, what happened?"

"He said he wasn't ready for a relationship," Ai replied, jabbing her ice cream.  "And he's so busy with his family's resturant that we won't be able to spend time together."

"You can spend time with him there," Suzie suggested.  "Takato goes there all the time to see Jeri and he helps with his family's bakery.  Sometimes they take turns."

"I know, but it's different for them."

"How do you mean?" Suzie asked after swallowing a spoonful.

"Takato and Jeri like each other." After playing with her ice cream, Ai finally started to eat it.

"You like Masahiko."


"And he likes you."

"He liked me, Suzie.  But not like Takato and Jeri like each other.  You can see it in their faces. They're crazy about each other."

"I know."

"You're lucky, Suzie."

"What do you mean, lucky?"

"Come on, Suzie.  You've got a guy that's crazy about you."

"It's because of you that we're together, you know."

"Yeah, I guess it's a rule for people to fall for their best friends siblings."

"I guess so. You're not going to fall for Henry now?" Suzie asked with a grin, "Because Rika already has dibs on him!"

Suzie chuckled, almost choking on her ice cream.  Ai only let out a small smirk.

"Nah, I'm not interested in Henry."

"Oh, so my brother isn't good enough for you huh?"
Suzie got the giggles out of her that time.

"Hey, maybe I should hook you up with Kazu."



"I don't want to date right after a break up, Suzie."

"Kazu's fun to be around.  You'll forget all about Masahiko."

"Thanks, Suzie, but I should probably wait."  Ai said. "And isn't he seeing someone right now?"
"No, I don't think so."  After finishing her bowl of ice cream, she looked at her watch. "Oh my gosh!  I've got to get to my recovery class and I'm not done with my speech yet!"

"I'll leave you to it then," Ai took another bite of her ice cream. "Good luck."

"Millie and I are going shopping afterwards, you want to join us?" she asked. "You can come to my class if you want."

"No thanks, Suzie."

"You sure?"

"Positive.  I'll be okay." 

Suzie gave her a hug, "If you need me--"

"Don't worry, I'll give you a call.  Thanks for listening, Suzie."


Ai sighed. "I'm fine, Mako. Really I am. You and Suzie have fun now, okay?"  Ai retired to her room.  "I've got homework to do."

Mako raised an eyebrow. Ai didn't seem to be herself but surely it wasn't serious.