I decided to redo the first chapter as I did not like the other one. I also need to bring Cole in as they met him in session three.

Chapter 1

Double walkers

Episode 3.1

Piper was in the attic trying to straighten up after once again a demon messed it up that happened early in the week. Broken glass and turned over furniture made the room look more like a teenager's room then a well-kept manner. Phoebe was at school and Prue was at work and although she mumbled the whole time as she swept up the mess as she was left to clean it up again, she did like the privet time. She did not need to go to the club until later that day and took advantage of the time to tidy up.

"I could only imagine what their places would look like if they lived alone," she said while putting the remains into a trash can.

"Who are you?" a woman asks as she came in. Piper stopped what she was doing and was now looking at an exact duplicate of herself.

"Whoa who the hell are you?" Piper asks the new comer.

"Piper," the woman replied but had her hands out like she was going to do something.

"The hell you are I am," Piper said back as she too put her hands out.

"Fine we will see which one is the one," the other Piper said and flicked her wrist and while Piper was now incased in ice the other was now still.

Leo orbed in as he felt like something was wrong and saw Piper in ice and the other one completely still with her hands out.

"What the?" he said as the other one faded away leaving Piper. He looked it over and placed his hands on the cold prison that held his girlfriend. It took about only a few moments for her to be devoid of ice and after taking in a deep breath she grabbed Leo's arm for support.

"Piper what happened?" he asks.

"There was a demon that looked just like me and she put me on ice," Piper replied.

"Did you check the book?" he asks while going over to it.

"No I was in ice," Piper replied as she walked over to it as well. Prue walked in and already had that look on her face.

"Prue what are you doing home, did you get fired?" Piper asks.

"Trust me that is the least of our worries," Prue replied while tossing her purse down on the couch.

"Want to hear what just happened to me?" Piper asks.

"After mine. Darrell just pulled me into the station to ask me if I held up a bank," Prue replied as she moved the book away from Piper.

"Do you have a hobby we should know about?" Piper asks.

"No here's the thing the woman looked just like me," Prue said and pulled out a folded up piece of paper. She opened it up and there was a picture of her with a gun holding up a bank.

"At least they got your good side," Piper said while looking over the picture.

"Not funny," Prue said as both Leo and Piper looked at each other noticing a trend.

"My turn, a woman just froze me, literally. Prue she looked just like me and even used my name as her's," Piper said.

"I should go check with them," Leo said and was about to orb away when Piper stopped him.

"Wait what about our wending?" Piper asks as they were still unclear on if they were going to let them or not.

"Its going to have to wait Piper, we need to find out what is going on and call Phoebe to warn her," Leo replied and orbed away.

"So he just let you go?" Piper asks.

"Not exactly, I told him I was at work and had witnesses so he checked and then let me go," Prue replied.

Phoebe walked in holding her side and was bleeding from her arm.

"Ok I just got my ass kicked by, wait for it myself," Phoebe said as her sisters came up to her.

"Are you ok?" Piper asks while grabbing a towel and put it on her arm.

"No that is just not right," Phoebe replied.

"Yeah we just kind of had the same experience, but Prue's likes to hold up banks," Piper said as Phoebe flinched when she applied pressure. "I should call Leo to heal you," she continued.

"No its fine," Phoebe said.

"Here it is," Prue said while taking the book over to them. She showed them a page that had double walkers written on it.

"Great there are two of us walking around?" Piper asks as she looked at the page.

"Yap and have our powers to boot but it does not have a way to kill them," Prue replied while looking at the bottom of the page for something that would help.

"How the hell could they have our powers?" Phoebe asks.

"Don't know but we need to find out what is going on," Prue replied.

"The one who looked like me acted like she lived here," Piper said as she stood up to get a clean towel.

"Mine seemed to be a little confused about the fact she was not me," Phoebe added.

"Why would mine be holding up a bank?" Prue asks.

"Yours was holding up a bank, wow Prue something you need to tell us?" Phoebe asks as Leo orbed back in and pressed his lips together which was a good Indicator he did not have good news.

"Leo could you heal her?" Piper asks and Leo went over to Phoebe and started his healing.

"They said this is unusual," he said while Phoebe's bleeding stopped and her side stopped hurting.

"That's bad right?" Piper asks.

"Yap," he replied and after he finished and faced them.

"Well?" Phoebe asks as sometimes Leo took his time on giving them info.

"Normally peopled only get glimpse of their double and they normally don't interact with each other," he replied.

"A demon is behind it, like the Triad, I knew it," Prue said as she slammed the book.

"They think that a demon with a lot of power brought your doubles into this reality," Leo said.

"What?" Piper said while rubbing her temples.

"Which means they think they are you and have your powers," Leo said.

"I don't put people in ice Leo," Piper asks.

"You did when you were evil," Leo replied.

"Leo I can't freeze good witches," Piper said.

"True but if your doubles are evil then they could," Leo added.

"Hence the bank incident," Phoebe said.

"Why would I use a gun if my other half has powers?" Prue asks.

"Don't know but we really need to find a way to kill them because I don't want to get froze by Piper or tossed against a wall by you," Phoebe said as she stood up looking at Prue.

"Leo do they know a way?" Piper asks.

"Not yet but they are looking for a one, until then stay together chances are the other ones are talking about the same thing," Leo said.

"Where if we live here and they are duplicates then they live here, oh my head hurts," Phoebe said while rubbing her temples.

"It could be a temporarily split," Prue said and everyone looked at her confused. "Ok the theory behind double walkers is that you are seeing yourself in an alternative reality or parallel universe but because of the folds in space time they do not cross."

"Reading up on physics lately?" Piper asks.

"Nope its all in the book," Prue said as she recalled what she read.

"So in the other reality we are evil?" Phoebe asks.

"Looks that way. Its all about the balance, one world needs to have mostly evil to keep ours mostly good," he replied.

"Good you can help me clean," Piper said with a wide smile.

"I rather fight the both of you," Phoebe said and lowed her head.

The day went on as they all tried to think of way to kill their doubles. Prue went to the basement to get some bottle water they kept down there as the refrigerator was empty at the moment. She turned around while holding the box and saw Piper looking right back at her.

"Piper when did you come down?" Prue asks as she could see her hands go into the ready potion. "Oh shit," she said and dropped the water but before she could react the other Piper froze in her spot. Phoebe who was in the kitchen head something hit the ground and even though she hated the basement heading down to see what was going on.

"Prue do you need any help?" Phoebe asks but the moment she got down the steps she saw her oldest sister was incased in ice and apparently looked like she was going to use her power. She looked in the direction of where Prue was looking as saw Piper standing there but faded out quickly. "Oh no," she said as she figured out what happened.

"Piper!" Phoebe yelled and it did not take long for her other sister to make down the steps.

"What happened?" Piper asks while coving her mouth as she got a look a Prue.

"You happened, I saw your double," Phoebe replied.

"Leo!" Piper yelled and he orbed in and set his eyes on Prue.

"Oh," he said.

"Come on she does not like to be cold," Piper said while she started to pace the room. He walked over not sure if he could but his hands glowed and the ice melting away. Prue took in a deep breath and almost fell over. Phoebe caught her and helped her sit down on the step.

"Wow that was different," Prue said and then looked at Piper. "Hay is she the real one?"

"Yes," Piper said in her own defense.

"She faded out when I looked at her," Phoebe said.

"Most be the fold thing," Piper said as she picked up the plastic bottles that came out of the cardboard holder when Prue dropped them.

"This is bad," Phoebe said and helped Piper pick them up.

"Hay do you think there is an evil white lighter?" Prue asks.

"What?" Piper asks now very concerned that an evil Leo could show up.

"No he would be a dark lighter," Leo replied.

"Leo you should go back up there," Piper said as she was afraid for him now.

"Piper I am not leaving you guys right now," he said.

"You know that a shut with one of those arrows can kill you, so go back up so I don't have to worry about you," Piper said as Prue was trying to get the water out of her clothes by squeezing the ends of her shirt Together. Phoebe looked over at her and smirked.

"What?" Prue asks.

"Going for a wet t-shirt contest Prue," Phoebe replied as the white short did not help the feck she was not wearing a brawl. Leo could not help but look as well and once his eyes locked in Piper slapped him on the arm.

"Hay I mean it go," Piper said as she was a little uncomfortable with him looking at her sister that way.

"Ok fine but you call me the moment you see a duplicate," he said and kissed her on the head before orbing out.

"You need to change," Piper said while walking past Prue.

"Yeah," Prue said as she looked down and could see what Leo was looking at.

To be continued…