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Chapter 7

Closing the void

"Don't they understand that if they kill us, it affects their world as well?" Prue asks as she began to make the potion to kill Balthazar, but without his flesh it could not be complete.

"Evil is not exactly reasonable," Piper replied as she added the chicken leg.

"Guys can I come in?" Phoebe asks from the doorway.

"Sorry honey but we can't," Prue replied while pointing to Piper.

"Hay its not my fault my power is that way when I am evil, she shoots lightning," Piper said as she noticed the pointing.

"Yeah don't rub it in," Phoebe said while leaning against the door way.

"Okay to we get a piece of his flesh we can't finish this," Prue said and turned off the flame.

"And how do we do that per-tell?" Piper asks.

"Maybe we can summon him," Prue replied as evil Piper appeared behind Phoebe.

'Phoebe look out!" Piper said but the other one waved a little white flag.

"Ok before you guys go all charmed on me, your right we need to close the fold, because this is giving me a headache and interfering with me killing good witches," the evil Piper said and put the flag down as Phoebe stay put as she did not want to step in the other room in case it was a trap.

"I would never wear that," Piper said noticing her outfit. She was all in black but showed way too much cleavage.

"Yeah I found that out when our bedrooms changed, tell me you think you can keep him interested for long Martha Stewart," evil Piper said.

"Hay she went to jail," Phoebe added but it fell on mostly deaf ears as everyone was tense.

"Okay enough chit chat, all of us have to say it to close the fold," Prue said as she grabbed the paper.

"Does that mean we all have to be in the same room?" evil Piper asks.

"Yes," Phoebe replied.

"How can I trust her?" evil Piper said while looking at the good one.

"Me, you have issues with trusting me," Piper replied a little shocked at the comment.

"Here is the deal, she will be handcuffed as long as you are, that way we don't have to worry about involuntary hand movements," Prue said as Piper looked at her concerned.

"That's okay I'm used to hand cuffs," the evil Piper said and faded away as the fold closed.

"Are you kidding me," Piper said.

"I had to think of something, with red hot on our heels we kind of need to deal with this," Prue said.

"Leo and I are still interested in each other, I don't need no dam mirror to keep me going," Piper mumbled as she put some things away.

"Right I will go get mine," Phoebe said and went upstairs.

"Piper don't worry they will not be tight and I will Astro projected myself out of the room just in case," Prue said.

"And I'm sure your other one is the same," Piper added.

"True, but what can we do," Prue said and left the room.

Phoebe came down stairs and held up the handcuffs as Piper reluctantly put her hands behind her back. Phoebe then put them on loosely as they all stood in the living room as Leo orbed in.

"What's going on?" Leo asks.

"Foreplay," Phoebe replied and nudged Piper.

"What?" Leo asks slightly confused and then noticed Piper's hands were behind her back.

"They don't trust me," Piper said and turned around so he could see.

"Oh," he said and raises eyebrows.

"Don't get any ideas," Piper said as Prue astral projected herself out and to the kitchen. She focused hard on her upper body to make it not slump as she did not want to give away what she was doing.

"Thank god because when you did that it freaked me out," Phoebe said standing next to her. The device began to hum as the fold open again. "incoming."

The room was now filled with all the sisters on both sides as the evil one had her hands behind her back as well.

"Ok lets get this over with," the evil Prue said and held up the paper. The two Leo's looked at each other and they both were standing next to their adjacent girlfriends in a very protective manner.

"Omni maximus voidus reparo," they all said and they could hear a increasing humming noise as they backed away from each other while streams of light flashed between them. The streams of lightning creased and way its way to the center, making a small plasma ball. Then the noise stopped and the ball exploded sending all of them back and into the walls.

Prue's went back into her body and stood up slowly because of the force of the impact.

"Did they forget to mention the side affect," Prue said and helped Phoebe stand as Leo helped Piper.

"Nope, hay it worked I think," Phoebe said as the others were gone.

"Phoebe you have the keys right?" Piper asks as she was still wearing the handcuffs. Phoebe bit her lower lip as she was trying to remember exactly where she put them," Phoebe."

"Its ok I got it," Leo said and put his arms around Piper while smiling at her.

"Leo," Piper said while tilting her head slightly not sure what he was up to. He orbed away as Prue sat down on the couch.

"Yum Kiki romance," Phoebe said as she sat down as well.

"Well that's over," Prue said.

"What about the really cute DA?" Phoebe asks.

"Technically he doesn't have anything to go on and with Baltazar roaming about, we need to focus Phoebe," Prue replied.

"I guess I can get rid of the little gadget I made," Phoebe said and got up to dissemble it.

"You know it was kind of cool that you did that," Prue said and got up to help her.

"Thanks," Phoebe said as she put her arm around her.

"Looks like it's going to be a hell of a year," Prue said.

"As long as we have each other, we can handle anything," Phoebe said and turned off the device.

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