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A/N: For the 100 Prompts Challenge with the prompt Waiting.

Alice Stone has never been particularly brave, why she had been sorted into Gryffindor she didn't know. She was quiet and shy most of the time and the rest of the time she was a clumsy and bumbling forgetful mess.

She also didn't understand how she was friends with Lily Evans, Lily was one of the bravest people that she met; she wasn't afraid to talk back to the Marauders or do the right thing.

But Alice, what did Alice do? She hardly ever got points given to the House; though admittedly she never got points taken away from Gryffindor either.

Alice knew that she wasn't brave, and she figured that the boys knew that about her as well. She had never had a boyfriend in her entire life; oh sure she'd had crushes on boys but she had never had a boyfriend, not that she didn't want one; it was just no-one seemed to care about her in that way.

Alice wanted to be able to hold a boy's hand, she wanted that boy to want to say sweet things to her, she wanted to take a walk with that boy by the lake or have him pack a picnic for the two of them.

Lily was lucky; she has had two boyfriends since Alice has known her. Boy's weren't afraid to ask her out, Lily was beautiful and wonderful and so nice, but what was Alice?

Alice loved her friend and wanted the best for her but Alice also wanted her own happiness. Who would want to be with her?

Nobody that was who. Alice knew that nobody would be interested in her; for Pete's sake she was 16 years old and had yet to have a boyfriend so what did that say about her?

It said that nobody would ever want her in that way and really Alice couldn't blame them.

She was like Cinderella, she was waiting for her Happily ever after, but unlike Cinderella Alice knew that she would never have her magical fairytale ending.