Yet another "can't sleep" story – I seem to do most of my writing in the wee hours of the morning. This is only a fluffy drabble, but still enjoy and leave a review!

During his first official date with Lizzie Bennet there are several moments when William Darcy simply cannot believe she is here, that any of this is real.

He had spent so long fantasising about her and their lives together that now it was potentially before him, now it was better than he had imagined, he was terrified he would wake up and she would be gone.

To him, everything seems too good, too wonderful, too perfect to be true.

The way she looked when he knocked on her door to take her out and her smile as he politely held the car door open for her while she slid into the passenger seat.

Him actually laughing at something she said during dinner and having her grin at him from across the table, clearly pleased that she had broken through his nerves and stoicism to illicit such a response.

Talking for so long in the restaurant that they were politely asked to leave by the management since they were closing shortly.

Tentatively offering her a nightcap since his apartment was just around the corner and then his elation when she smiled and accepted.

A chaste kiss goodnight at his front door quickly turning heated.

Hands enflaming everywhere they touched – exploring, discovering, learning.

The purposefully slow drawing down of the zip on the back of her dress, exposing her creamy skin to his touch.

Laughter as they stumble half dressed from their position against the door towards his bedroom, then the lowering of bodies onto soft sheets.

When she sighs his name – not Darcy, but William.

The way she bit his shoulder to stifle her cries as she came beneath him.

Their bodies pressed together, his front to her back, as they drifted off.

When she turned in her sleep, snuggling into his chest with a contented sigh and mumble.

Him waking to an empty bed and the heavenly smell of breakfast cooking.

Lizzie humming as she cooked in his kitchen, wearing nothing but his crumpled shirt from the night before, haphazardly buttoned since several of the fastenings had popped off in her haste to undress him.

The way she turns, smiles as brightly as the sunshine outside, and asks him how he likes his coffee in the mornings.

He takes the proffered cup from her, slips an arm around her waist and kisses her temple affectionately, making her smile up at him. He asks her how she slept and they slip into conversation about breakfast and their plans for the day. It is easy and natural and perfect, with none of the awkwardness of their previous interactions – the reality of everything about her is far better than the conjurings of his imagination and he finds himself determined to keep her in his life, never wanting to eat breakfast alone ever again.

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