I've seen a lot of fics in which Kairi is with another girl (either romantically or…you know…*blushes*). Anyway, this is kind of my response to that, I guess.

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It's not every day that you meet your soul-mate. It only happens once, right? And usually in the most over-the-top, crappy-romantic-comedy way, you know? Well, how about literally walking into them?

I was wandering through the local mall – alone – when I ran into a girl who was, literally, buried behind shopping bags. Of course, the bags went flying and we both landed flat on our asses. "Hey, watch where you're…" I stopped.

The girl I'd run into was…well, there's no better word for it. She was gorgeous. Long auburn hair, wide, shining blue eyes. She had an affinity for pink, clearly, since that was the colour of her dress.

"Well, excuse me!" she huffed indignantly.

"Uh…I, I, I, I'm sorry," I stammered.

She tilted her head. "You know, you're pretty cute…for a boy. What's your name?"

Cute for a boy? What's that supposed to mean? "S-Sora."

She smiled sweetly. "Nice to meet you, Sora. I'm Kairi."

Kairi. What a beautiful name. My confidence got a boost. "Say, do you need a hand?" I indicated the bags.

Kairi's smile widened. "Sure! Thanks a lot." She picked up all of the bags and put them in my arms.

"Hey, wait!" I protested behind the bags. "I meant only a few of them!"

She giggled and ignored me. "Come on, my car's this way." I heard the sound of her retreating footsteps.

Great. Now I've got to wander aimlessly to this girl's car.

At least she's pretty.

We eventually reached Kairi's (surprisingly) black car and I was able to dump the shopping bags into her boot. The girl in question was on her phone, giggling and toying with her hair. Don't tell me… After that act of chivalry, she's got a boyfriend?

She clicked her phone and put it in her handbag. "Say, Sora… There's someone I'd like you to meet. Is that okay?"

"Uh, y-yeah," I nodded.

Kairi giggled again. "Cool. Hop in." She got into the driver's seat.

I sat in the passenger seat and buckled up. Good thing too, because Kairi drives like my best friend Riku dates: very, very quickly.

At the speed Kairi was doing, we reached our destination (her house, presumably) within ten minutes. "We're here!" she announced cheerily.

"Great…" I muttered, woozy. I managed to stumble out of the car, where I was immediately assaulted by shopping bags.

"You said you'd help me," Kairi giggled.

I did not respond to that. We made our way to the door, which was unlocked. Kairi was kind enough to open the door for me. I dropped the bags onto a nearby table and wiped my brow.

Sitting nearby, wearing a strapless top that revealed her belly-button and short shorts, was a girl about the same age as me (and, presumably, Kairi). Her hair was black, and her eyes were a deep brown. She was grinning. "Jeez, Kai, I didn't know you could hire busboys at the mall."

"Yuffie, stop teasing him," Kairi smiled good-naturedly. She walked forward and pulled the other girl – Yuffie – off the couch. "Sora, I'd like you to meet Yuffie," she said to me.

It was then I noticed that Kairi had wrapped her arm around Yuffie's waist.

"My girlfriend, Yuffie," she grinned, kissing the other girl tenderly.

Well, I was half-right.

Sorry this is so short, I'm having a bit of writer's block.

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