Chapter One


I stood at the large doors, hand lingering over the stained wood, last-second thoughts filling my head.

Just knock already!

"Shut up!" I said loudly. I scowled, closing my eyes and rubbing my temples. Then I heard her laugh.

You look silly when you do that.

"Keep quiet, would you? You're giving me a headache."

I raised my hand to the door once more and knocked hard three times. I waited a few moments, then:

"Jack, you give Penelope back her wand this instant!" came a call from inside. Then, louder, "One moment!"

I adjusted the strap around my shoulder, unconsciously running my fingers over the braid that tightly bound my hair. There were a few curls that managed to free themselves in places. It wasn't like when mom used to braid my hair, meticulous about every strand being in order. But things change.

The door opened in front of me. The sounds of television cartoons and children playing became instantly audible, and I could smell hot food. The young girl before me was short, with long black hair and fog-blue eyes that revealed her Asian descent. She smiled brightly, wiping her hands on her apron. "How can I help you?" Her voice was like honey.

Despite the ever-growing lump in my throat, I said, "I am here to see Amos Kane."

Her eyes brightened. "Oh, you're just in time! He arrived a few hours ago. Come inside." She waved me in. The room was huge, making me feel that much smaller. I followed her, stepping around toys and children, to a sliding glass door. She smiled and said, "They're all on the Veranda."

I nodded my thanks and waited until she had gone.

You could always just leave. I reasoned. Pretend this never happened.

Don't be such a coward! It's too late to turn back now!

Lifting my chin, I mustered the coldest, most intimidating look I could and opened the door. "Amos Kane!"

I walked in on five people at teatime, all frozen and looking at me. One was a blonde girl lifting a teacup to her lips, and the boy across from her had food all over his face. There was a tall boy with dark skin who had spilled coffee all over his leather jacket. The only one who was decent was a dark-haired girl who eyed me with curiosity. At the head of the table sat a stout, startled man with cornrows and a pair of round red glasses.

I narrowed my eyes at him. As if on cue I pulled out my bow and loosed an arrow that stuck into the metal rod of his chair, not an inch above his head. I aimed another between his eyes. The blonde girl sat up and reached for her wand. "I wouldn't," I warned. "These arrows are enchanted and unless you back down this one will pierce this man's skull."

She narrowed her eyes at me. The boy with the food on his face said, "Uncle Amos, do you know her?"

My eyes widened. "Uncle?..." I snarled, "How dare you! You abandon my mother, then go and treat other children like your own? She loved you! How could you just walk out like that?"

"What is she talking about, Uncle Amos?" the blonde asked.

His eyes were wide for a moment then his expression hardened. He stood up, my arrow rising with him. "No," he boomed. "Maria is dead."

"Dead enough to have had a child?"

"Maria died in an explosion sixteen years ago! She died saving me!"

The boy in the leather jacket said, "Amos, what's going on?"

"My name is Elizabeth Kane. Amos is my father."

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