Chapter 2


My fingers tapped quickly against my thigh. I felt an emptiness in my stomach and knew this waiting had to end. I jumped up from my seat and tore towards the veranda. As I walked through the door, I asked, "How much longer do I have to wait for dinner? This is ridicu-"

She was beautiful. No kidding. Like an exotic queen. It was love at first sight, it had to be. The way she stood there like she owned the place, it was enthralling.


I started to walk towards her, to entrance her with my mad flirtation skill and convince her to be my girlfriend. I could already see us together, walking along a beach into the sunset, hands held and laughing at each other's bad jokes.

Then saw the arrow aimed at Amos's head.

My shoulders visibly drooped. I looked to Sadie. "What did you do this time?"

Sadie puffed up, ready with a snarky comeback, I'm sure, but Zia shot a look that silenced her.

"Is no one going to introduce us?" I asked, eyebrows raised. "She is a guest, after all."

Sadie made a tch noise.

"This is Elizabeth," mused Walt. "Amos's daughter."

I raised an eyebrow at Amos. "Good work, man."

A look from Zia.

I winked at her and took another look at Elizabeth. I could see the resemblance. They shared the big brown eyes, strong nose, thick black hair, and round face. She was taller and thinner, but she was still curvy. She had curves that made me swoon.

(No, Beth, I wasn't calling you fat! You're too serious. Ow! That hurt!)

Her eyes stayed on Amos as she said in a commanding voice, "Sit."

Everyone but Amos, who was in a state of total shock, lowered themselves into their seats. I put my hands up in surrender and sat at the table, sitting down next to Walt. "So what happened? Did daddy forget your birthday? If you want, I can take you to this park I know in Manhattan, it's a really good place for a picnic-"

"Erik," Zia warned.

"What? Just making conversation."

"Why are you out here anyway?" Sadie asked. "I was sure you'd be following Serena around like a stray puppy. Seems you do that a lot."

I sneered. "That's cute. Did you just think that up?"

"Excuse me!" Zia fumed. "Can't you be serious for five minutes? Considering the situation?"

I rolled my eyes "I highly doubt that she would kill her father. No one would do that unless they were seriously mental."

"She's already fired a warning you idiot!"

"Do not talk about me like I'm not here."

Everyone turned to look at her.

"You don't know me. I don't know you. But I suggest that you don't underestimate me. The first shot was only a warning. I promise not to miss next time. I always hit my target."

"Carter," Zia said, "how about we go inside? My shoulders ache. You'll massage them for me?"

"Oh, umm, sure…" She took his hand and led him inside.

Sadie seemed to catch on as well. "Let's see what Serena's cooked up today, shall we?" she said to Walt, who steadily agreed with a cocky, "Yes, ma'am." She shot me a look that said, You, too, buddy.

I looked at Amos, who was staring at Elizabeth like a deer in headlights—utterly confused and in shock.

I coughed to break the silence. "I have to, um, sharpen my sword. Yeah! My sword really needs a good sharpening, so, umm, I'm gonna go. But you," I added to Elizabeth, "should totally-"

"Erik!" Sadie threatened.

"Right. Bye."