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AMNESIA: The Quest for Answers
A Danny Phantom Fan Tale

The Quest: Chapter 9
Portals and Ghosts

Danny traveled into the Ghost Zone in search for his former enemies who can help him bring back Sam into her normal life.

Upon entering in the world of the dead, he was greeted by all ghosts who he meets along the way. After his victory over Dark Danny, the Ghost Zone has returned back to its normal state. Every ghost is rejoicing, all natural portals are put back into place, and ghosts are rebuilding their homes. All ghosts who seek refuge in the Far Frozen had returned to their realms, assured of their peace and safety.

Danny finally arrived at the Time Realm, hoping that his time-manipulating friend would help him in his quest. Upon arriving, he found the thermos where he had sucked in Dark Danny. The thermos was lying in a small table, with an energy field encasing it, to prevent Dark Danny from escaping in case the thermos fails.

"Clockwork?" Danny shouted. His scream echoed through the surrounding realms. His voice seemed to become deeper and louder from the time that his emotions became intense.

"Hello, Danny." A voice came from behind him. Danny turned around to see Clockwork, descending from above, holding his magical staff. "What brings you here?"

"YOU GOTTA HELP ME, CLOCKWORK!" Danny pleaded his old friend for help. Seeing that Clockwork somewhat owes the Ghost Boy for his past actions, Clockwork didn't have second thoughts and willingly offered his assistance. "Well, how can I help, Danny?"

"You can control Time, Clockwork." Danny said. "Can you bring me back to Amity Park, A MONTH FROM NOW?"

Clockwork, knowing his responsibilities as the master of time, quickly rejected Danny's request. "No, I cannot do that, Danny."

Danny was surprised at Clockwork's decision; the Master of Time had already helped him once. Now, he does not want to assist his old friend. "What? What do you mean? You have done that already to me a few months ago!"

Clockwork answered, "Yes, I can take you back there. But the time you want to return to involves a time-altered scenario – and that includes Dark Danny."

"WHAT?" The Ghost Boy yelled. Clockwork added, "If Dark Danny is currently outside the thermos, then I can return you, since he fuses with your time period. But since he is confined inside the electronic tube container, he cannot go through your time period, and therefore I cannot return you."

Danny was saddened by Clockwork's decision; nevertheless, he understands the risks of altering the time continuum. "All right. If you cannot help me, then…" Danny's emotions started to blow up again. The Ghost Boy really misses his Goth Girl.

To comfort the intense emotions of the young ghost kid, Clockwork said, "Well, maybe some other ghosts can help you."

Danny flew away from the Time Real to find another ghost that can help him. He stumbled upon a magnificent realm, where he found Desiree, the wishing ghost. "Desiree!" Danny exclaimed.

"Well, Ghost Boy." Desiree greeted Danny. "It's very nice to see you again! How can I help?"

Danny, knowing that Desiree grants every wish she could hear, exclaimed, "I WISH THAT DARK DANNY NEVER ESCAPED AND SAM WOULD REMEMBER ME!"

Danny closed his eyes and braced himself from Desiree's magic. However, Danny felt nothing. When he opened his eyes, he just found Desiree standing still in front of him. "What? Didn't you hear me? My wish?"

"Oh, I heard you, Danny." Desiree answered. "But I'm afraid I cannot grant your wish."

Danny was surprised again. "WHAT? I thought you can grant wishes!"

Desiree explained. "If it only involves simple wishes. But your desire is far beyond my capabilities – it alters the time stream." After hovering behind Danny, Desiree added, "I believe this has something to do with your friend?"

Danny bowed his head and sadly answered, "Yes. Sam doesn't remember anything in her life, even me."

"Well, sorry to hear that." Desiree said. "I'm sure you both will find a way. After all, if there's a will…"

Danny continued Desiree's statement, "…there's a way. Thanks anyway, hope to see you again."

Danny slowly flew away from the realm and made his way back into the Human World. Upon arriving at the Fenton Works lab, he realized something.

"If the electricity that came from Dark Danny caused Sam's mind to be wiped out, then maybe electrocuting her again might suddenly revert back her memories!"

Looking at the Fenton Portal, he had another realization. "However, if I'm going to use this portal to electrocute her, it might not just revert her memories back. She might become just like me! A GHOST!"

Danny had to decide whether to use the Fenton Ghost Portal to bring back Sam's memories. This decision is something that Danny had to think very well, it has either successful or devastating results.