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AMNESIA: The Quest for Answers
A Danny Phantom Fan Tale

The Quest: Chapter 13

A bright light flashed before the eyes of a young boy. Danny, after his encounter with the ghosts, found himself back in the Great Hill. "Whoa! Why am I here?" Danny wondered. "I thought I just jumped off a 50-foot tall statue!"

Clockwork had returned him to the moment that he made up his decision. The Master of Time gave Danny a second chance to reconsider his actions. However, at this point, the Goth Girl has yet to discover her past and her relationship with Danny.

The Ghost Boy stared at the bright view in front of him. The city had never been so bright before. "If only you were here, Sam," he sighed, "I could yell into the world, 'I LOVE YOU, SAM MANSON'."

Meanwhile, Sam Manson was in her room, reading some of her old "school notes". While searching her chest box, she stumbled upon an unknown box under her bed. Curious on what it might contain, she pulled the box and opened it. To her surprise, she saw lots and lots of pictures of her and her friends. There were photos of her and Danny and Tucker.

But there is one photo that truly shocked Sam. Taking that photo from the box, she found herself beside a guy in a black-and-white suit. "Wait. Who was this?" She asked herself. Very curious on who the mysterious man was, she took another photo and discovered that her "best friend" Danny was a half-ghost. "Wait. Danny Fenton is a ghost?" She was so shocked at that time, believing that her friend might be a bad ghost.

"He's not just a ghost." A voice came from behind her. Pamela slowly entered Sam's room and continued, "He's the ghost superhero who saved us. His name is Danny Phantom."

Sam turned around to see her mother, very worried. Pamela knows that the time of secrecy is over. Sam must know the truth behind her past. "Who is he, Mom?" Sam asked.

"Danny Fenton is Danny Phantom. He got his powers from a lab accident. Before he saved the world, you were always with him in his adventures."

"Mom? Are you serious?" Sam couldn't believe that her friend is a superhero. "Yes, Sam. In fact, he was your boyfriend." Pamela placed her hands on Sam's shoulder, ready for whatever feelings or reactions the Goth Girl will have.

Sam was surprised. "He… My boyfriend?" Pamela walked towards Sam's cabinet, took a small box from it, and handed it over to her. "Yes, sweetie. Although your memories might be gone, his love for you still stands strong."

Sam slowly opened the small box to reveal a golden ring with ocean blue gem in it. Engraved in the inner rim of the ring is her name, "Sam".

Upon seeing the ring, Sam starts to see visions.

She envisions herself with young kid, the time they first met.

Sam sees a vision of a laboratory, with a very large machine installed on its wall. Suddenly, bright lights and horrifying screams were heard across the lab. A young boy is flown away from the inside of the machine.

Sam sees a vision of ghosts, surrounding her, ready to attack the Goth Girl. However, a young boy arrives just in time. He was wearing a black suit, white belt, gloves and boots. The young lad's eyes and body seemed to glow. The young boy quickly sent energy blasts onto the ghosts, sucking them onto a small cylindrical container afterwards. Sam was then carried by the boy across the city.

Sam envisions an asteroid approaching Earth, ready to crush it into pieces. Suddenly, the same boy and a mob of ghosts arrive to turn the Earth intangible and let the asteroid do no harm to the planet. After the ghosts went tangible again, Sam rushed onto the boy, giving him a hug that crashes him onto the ground.

Sam envisions herself, with the same boy, and sees the "wes" ring. She hands it over to Danny and makes him promise to come back. The two's faces quickly met one another in a very passionate kiss.

Sam's mind had returned to her physical state. After discovering her past and about the Ghost Kid, she turns to her mom and yells, "Why didn't you tell me, mom?"

Pamela tried to calm down her daughter. "Sam, it is for your own good, and it is Danny's request. He just doesn't want his heart to hurt seeing you in your condition, so he decided not to tell you."

Sam was not contented by her mother's explanation, so she quickly grabs the photos, and puts them in a bag with the ring. "Mom, I will be right back!" Sam quickly rushed downstairs and went out of their mansion, beginning her search for Danny.

Meanwhile, Danny was still at the Great Hill, still thinking about his girlfriend. Suddenly, he hears a loud cry for help. "HEEEELLLPPPP!" Danny quickly stood up and flew above to find out who was in trouble. To his surprise, he sees Sam, crying for help, who was surrounded by lots of ghosts. "Help me!" Danny quickly sent energy blasts on the ghosts, giving Sam enough time to escape.

However, one ghost managed to catch Sam. "LET ME GO!" The Goth Girl screamed. The ghost flew her above the air and with just enough altitude, the ghost let go of Sam, dropping her. Danny quickly flew towards Sam and caught her, and then sucked the ghost into the thermos.

The two arrived at the Great Hill, where Sam was so happy to finally meet the Ghost Boy. "Thanks for saving me, Danny Phantom!" Sam exclaimed.

"You don't need to thank me, Sam." Danny responded. "Just seeing you okay, it's enough for me."

Danny had realized earlier, that ending one's life wouldn't resolve a problem, it only worsens it. Danny had finally decided to just tell her the truth about her past.

Sam began to tell Danny about her thoughts for the Ghost Boy. "So that explains it. All those sleepless nights, all those nightmares, all those visions I saw…"

At that point, Danny had known that the Goth Girl has finally uncovered the mystery behind her past and his connection with the Ghost Boy. "Yes, Sam. You aren't just my friend. You're my love."

Sam was surprised. "Wha-what do you mean?"

"All those past experiences… All those adventures we had… I just can't forget you, Sam. I just realized a few hours ago, ending my life will not return your memory back. You might have forgotten me, Sam. But remember…"

Danny remembers Clockwork's advices for him.

"Our love for each other never ever fades. Our love resides not in our minds, but in our heart."

However, Danny's feelings for Sam had faded slowly from the all those pressures and intense emotions he had the previous weeks. So he decided to just keep their friendship up and running again.

Danny took the ring from Sam's bag and opened it. "Sam, even if you no longer have the feelings for me, it's okay. We can still be friends. Just remember this, Sam. Remember the adventures we had before. Those were priceless adventures, I tell you. And always remember, I will be always by your side, every single day."

Sam had no idea about Danny's point; however, she understood the Ghost Boy's feelings for her. Danny slipped the ring onto her finger, before saying his final word to Sam,