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"Human speech"

'Human thought'

"Jutsu/Demon/God speech"

'Demon/God thought'

Let's begin

Naruto laid on the now empty lakebed of the lake at the Valley of the End, on the precipice of death, two holes in his jacket. He was breathing heavily and could feel his life slipping away.

Next to him was the unconscious body of his former teammate, Uchiha Sasuke, a slash across his hitae-ate and his body was in slightly better condition than Naruto; he wasn't dying.

Approaching fast was one Hatake Kakashi, sensei to the two boys and their third teammate, Haruno Sakura, as he silently begged to not be too late. His eyes widened in both relief and worry; he saw Sasuke there, but not Naruto. Landing beside the Uchiha, Kakashi looked around for any sign of Naruto. Summoning all his ninken and ordering them to look for Naruto everywhere, Kakashi tended to Sasuke's wounds, unaware that his target was just beside the Uchiha.

'Kakashi-sensei... I'm right here. Can't you... can't you see me?' Naruto whispered even in his mind, tears falling from his eyes as he neared death, not understanding why he couldn't see him. Was he doing this on purpose? Was someone else at fault? In the end, it was with malicious intent as it was ensuring his death; Naruto, hanging on to that last bit of hope, didn't blame Kakashi, but vowed vengeance on whoever was at fault here, even if he was dying. He was Uzumaki Naruto, dammit; he made the impossible his bitch!

With his summons returning with solemn expression, Kakashi knew all he needed, and hung his head in sorrow, letting the rain hide his tears. Dismissing them, and picking up Sasuke, Kakashi gave one last prayer. "Naruto... I'm sorry. I wasn't there for you. I wasn't strong enough to protect you from the villagers' hatred. I wasn't a good teacher. And now... I wasn't here to save you. I'm sorry." With that, he departed the Valley and headed for Konoha, traitorous genin in tow.

When he left the Valley, the genjutsu hiding Naruto's presence fell.

Always a bit inept in the art of genjutsu, Naruto never noticed it was there, nor when it fell. He laid there, slowly dying, looking over his life. Thinking back, he was disappointed with himself. He couldn't see the signs of so many things; Hinata's perfectly clear adoration of him, Sakura's complete disinterest in him, Sasuke's path down darkness from Orochi-teme's curse mark, everything was so obvious, but he didn't notice it until now... And he was dying.

"Move in." A monotone voice said.

Suddenly, ten figures appeared in the clearing, forming a circle around Naruto. They each had their individual quirks, but they all shared one thing; they all wore black cloaks with red clouds. The man leading the group wore an orange spiral mask, a hole over the right eye. He was flanked by two others, a blue-haired woman with an origami flower in her hair and stud piercing under her lower lip, the other was an orange haired man with a style exactly like Naruto's, soul-piercing rippled grey-purple eyes, and piercings all over his face. Further off was the dynamic duo of Hoshigaki Kisame, a gargantuan man with blue skin and a very shark-like face as he held his precious Samehada over his shoulder, and Uchiha Itachi, a stoic main, Mangekyo Sharingan blazing as he stared impassively at Naruto. Next was the Zombie Duo, Kakuzu of Takigakure and the kinjutsu, Jiongu, and Hidan of Yugakure, emissary of the occult Jashin. Next was the Artist Duo, Akasuna no Sasori, in his Hiruko human puppet, and the effeminate Deidara of the Iwagakure Bomb Division. Lastly was the oddity in Akatsuki (and that's saying something) was Zetsu, the plant man, his body half black, half white, as he stared at Naruto.

"Now is the final step towards my dream, a perfect world; no hate, no war, no anger, just peace... The Kyuubi is ours." The frontmost man uttered in his deep, ominous voice.

"Not. One. Step. Further." A melodious, yet threatening to the group, voice uttered. Looking skyward, Akatsuki saw the heavenly figures of three women as they descended from the sky.

Tobi eyed them with mirth. "Kill them." he ordered of Kisame and Itachi.

Nodding at his order, the duo jumped, intent on finishing the fight quickly... only for their very existence to disappear as dust in the wind.

Tobi's lone eye widened, only to narrow. "Deidara, Sasori." He said simply.

Both artists nodded, understanding their order, and already prepared their strongest attacks, Sasori jumping from his shell and brandishing his puppet body, summoning his army of 1000 puppets, Deidara's hand-mouths creating the clay-clone for his C4 technique.

Again, they were discarded as dust in the wind.

Tobi growled at how these women were thinning his numbers. "Hidan! Kakuzu!" He barked, knowing at least Hidan wouldn't die; his false god would keep him from dying. After this was all done, he would be the only god that mattered.

"Bring it, you bitches! Jashin-sama will relish your blood!" Hidan barked as he swung his triple scythe haphazardly, a style kind of there.

Kakuzu merely rolled his eyes and summoned all four of his thread-creatures and fired a Suiton technique to join their other elemental projectiles.

The second woman, in black, grabbed Hidan by his head, the scythe doing nothing against her flawless skin, and tore his soul from his body and crushed it in her hand, ending his existence as his body fell lifelessly to the ground.

Tobi's eye widened again. 'Impossible! No one can kill Hidan! Not even me!' He exclaimed in his mind.

The third woman, in green, merely held her hand up, and the deadly wave of elements veered from their course and drained into her hand, leaving nothing behind. Pointing on finger at Kakuzu, the beams of elements returned, splitting into five beams, each piercing all his hearts, killing him as well.

The first woman, the one in white, descended on Zetsu and swiped her hand across his chest, bisecting him and causing his remains to turn into a tree, the black half screaming as it was vaporized.

Tobi looked around as he was now left with two subordinates. Merely glaring at them over his shoulder, they nodded at his silent order, Pein readying his Chibaku Tensei as Konan formed her tell-tale paper wings, whipping up a tornado of the scraps. Again, they were silenced with a wave of the first woman's hand, Pein, all six of his paths, including the original Nagato, and Konan all dying as dust.

"No! No... I... I AM A GOD! I WILL NOT DIE HERE!" Tobi raved madly as he charged at the woman, forgoing his mask, showing his true identity as Obito Uchiha, former friend and teammate of Kakashi thought to be dead on the mission Kakashi received his special eye.

"And yet..." The second woman said, suddenly appearing in his path, grabbing his face. "You will." She finished, ripping out his tainted soul and crushing him, ending the existence of Akatsuki.

They turned around to their true goal: Uzumaki Naruto.

Weakly looking up, he saw the bright light of his end, and gave himself to death, only to feel the warm touch of a slender hand cup his cheek.

"Naruto-kun? Wake up. It's not your time yet." A soothing, melodious voice cooed in his ear.

Suddenly feeling the energy to move, Naruto slowly sat up, realizing he felt no fatigue from his wounds. Slowly standing up, Naruto looked around, finding he was surrounded by three beautiful women in an empty white room.

The one that had her hand on his cheek was in pure white; even her long hair was white. This woman seemed to have some odd obsession with the tint, as even her eyeliner, lipstick, nails, and eyelashes were all white. Her eyes were a heavenly honey gold as she smiled at Naruto, rather motherly. She wore long flowing robes that showed her ample cleavage that reminded Naruto of Baa-chan, not that he stared or anything. Her sleeves dangled from right under her shoulders, showing her unblemished skin.

Next to her was a woman in stark contrast to her choice of dress. She wore pure black, and her skin was lavender, reminding him of a Hyuuga's eyes. Her hair was white, oddly enough, but it was more of a deathly white, in a style like an exaggerated form of Ero-Sennin's, and just above her forehead peeked out two red horns. Her eyes were a pair of black abyss', orange rings for irises as she eyed Naruto with mirth and... was that lust?

The third woman had tanned skin, and the same condition of dress, in forest green, but it was torn, showing her midriff and legs that went on for days. She was barefoot and her hair was brown and curled near the tips, giving her a flirtatious look, her bright green eyes staring at Naruto with a combination of the prior women's' stares.

"Uh... is this heaven? It's not so bad, though I envisioned more ramen. Hot women are a nice alternative, though." Naruto commented, more to himself but the empty whiteness they were in made his voice echo, the women clearly hearing him and blushing lightly.

"You're not dead or dying, Naruto-kun. You are much too important to us for you to die." The lavender-skinned woman commented, capturing him in a hug. Though, due to the difference in height, his face was shoved into the Valley of Heaven, er I mean her breasts.

"Uh, Shini-chan? If you keep hugging him like that, he will die from suffocation." The first woman deadpanned.

The one suffocating Naruto with affection, and her chest, sweat dropped and giggled nervously, releasing the boy from her bosomy prison, laughing as he gasped for air. "Eheh, sorry Kami-chan. Just got caught up in the moment. Besides, look at him! He's an adorable little gaki!" She commented as she seized Naruto's cheeks and pinched them like a visiting aunt.

"Ow ow ow!" Naruto yelped, waving his arms in the air, frantic for help from the woman assaulting his sensitive cheeks.

Realizing she was hurting him, the woman lessened her grip. "And those whisker marks make him look like a fox kit." she commented, rubbing her cheek against his. Deep from Naruto's throat, a low rumble sounded, and he purred.

All was silent as the group of four just processed what just happened in their heads. Suddenly, the four woman tackled the boy, screaming out 'KAWAII!' and rubbing his cheeks and head, eliciting more purrs from him, like a lazy cat.

When they finally stopped, Naruto found himself on his back, with a rather nice weight on his waist. Looking up, he blushed horribly as he realized the third woman was straddling his waist, her face red as she panted slightly, grinding her hips against him. He fought a groan that wanted to erupt from his mouth, and managed to squirm away from under her.

"Now is not the time for that." Kami commented, lifting the woman up by her robes, ignoring Naruto's indignant squawks about being molested. She was completely serious now. "Naruto-kun, do you know who we are?" She asked.

Naruto shook his head, still trying to wrap his brain around the first thing that was said. He just took a fist of lightning to his heart and he wasn't going to die? What the hell is going on?!

"We are the three goddesses that watch over your world. I am Kami, Goddess of Heaven, Life, and Light." The first said.

"I am Shinigami, Goddess of Hell, Death, and Darkness." The lavender beauty added.

"And I am Tozi, Goddess of Nature." The final said.

"And we have been watching you, Uzumaki Namikaze Naruto." They said together.

Naruto was silent as his brain tried to reboot itself after this influx of input, I mean process what the fuck just happened. These were the three goddesses that watched over the Elemental Nations and they were watching him?! The Kyuubi brat? "Why me?" He asked quietly, but the women heard.

"You have massive potential, and we aim to see it brought to fruition; you are the key to true peace for this world. Something went wrong in this worlds history, and it is now diseased, stricken with hatred. Naruto-kun, we are going to give you several special gifts, then send you back in time so you can redo your life, and bring the world down the correct path. You have many things ahead of you, Naruto-kun, and we aim to help you." Kami explained as she approached Naruto.

"Whoa whoa whoa what gifts?" Naruto asked, only for further questions to be silenced as Kami seized his lips with her own, thrusting her tongue into his mouth, engaging his own in a sensual war as Naruto felt his body change.

Kami stepped back, a flirtatious smirk on her face at Naruto's redden face, only for Shinigami to jump in and repeat the process, only adding in a little more. She raised her right leg a little bit, straddling it around Naruto's, as she grabbed his hand and brought it to her breast, moaning into the kiss as she grinded her hips against him, causing him to groan in return, again feeling a change build within him.

Shinigami stepped back, thoroughly satisfied for now, as she eyed the boy with open lust, especially the tent in his pants.

After he was thoroughly molested, Naruto looked at the two women incredulously, only to be tackled by the final woman, Tozi. She seemed to continue what she started before, seizing his lips and grinding her hips against his manhood through his pants. Before anything could be accomplished, the final change was built inside Naruto, and Tozi was pulled away, the three of them watching him be engulfed in a bright light.

The light faded, and a new Naruto was born. Standing from the epicenter of the light, Naruto stood tall, taller than he was before. Now he was 5' 10", his body toned and built to perfection, but not to the extent of a bodybuilder. His clothes were a bit tight for his new body - his pants now 'downgraded' to shorts - and his jacket was forced open, the mesh undershirt stretching to accommodate him just fine. He smirked as he opened his eyes, and showed his new doujutsu.

The new doujutsu, Hakumeigan (Twilight Eye), his sclera black, his irises forest green, and his pupils an ever-changing myriad of colors, like a rainbow, as in the very center was a white star, like a compass rose.

"You now have power of Light and can heal any injury of the mind, body and soul." Kami explained her contribution to Naruto's gifts.

"You have power over Darkness and can injure the soul." Shinigami explained.

"You now have control over all the elements, including what you humans call sub-elements, you can talk to and understand animals and insects, and your senses are as great as any of them." Tozi added.

"Your eyes are the combination of the three doujutsu, Sharingan, Byakugan, and Rinnegan, and it is constantly evolving; eventually, if you can think it, you can do it. We also uploaded every jutsu into your brain and you can accomplish them without hand seals and saying the name and perfect control." Kami explained again. This time, she raised her hands to the sky, nine colored lights forming in her grasp. She thrust them towards Naruto, watching them be absorbed into his body; more specifically, the seal.

"And you now hold all the bijuu, brought together and remade into the Juubi. You will have perfect control over its chakra. Now we send you back; you better not disappoint Naruto-kun." Kami finished with a flirtatious wink as a portal opened and Naruto was sucked in. She turned to her sisters. "Well girls, looks like we got a little talk with Konoha." She said cheerfully. Too cheerfully.

"We gonna fuck them up?" Shinigami asked with her evil grin.

"Oh, we'll fuck them up real good." She answered with her own grin as the descended on Konoha.

The Elemental Nations just lost the strongest village, by an act of the gods.

(With Naruto)

Naruto was flying through the portal of reality as he made his journey back in time.

The Naruto in the past was currently snickering as he marveled over his artwork; he had just repainted the Hokage Monument. Suddenly, he was engulfed in a white light, and was replaced with the newly changed Naruto from the 'future.'

Naruto looked around, finding he was at the exact point where one of the more... misunderstanding ANBU attacked him, not just for what he did. He sighed as he sensed the chakra signature of Unagi. "Hello, Unagi-teme." Naruto drawled.

"Demon." Unagi said out loud, brandishing his tanto.

Naruto sighed. "We really gonna do this?" He asked, only for his answer to be a rush of the ANBU baying for his blood. He sighed again and thrust his hand forward, his arm instantly turning into stone and several shards forming on it. With a mental command of 'Iwafubuki!' they flew forward, catching the ANBU off-guard with a child knowing an elemental jutsu, costing him his life as the shards peppered his body, eventually piercing most of his vital organs, resulting in a near-instant death.

Staring at the body disinterestedly, Naruto subsequently disappeared in a yellow flash, appearing home, ignoring the ensuing havoc his killing of an ANBU created. He sighed; he seemed to be doing that a lot lately. Looking around his little home, Naruto sighed at the dilapidated abode. "I dealt with this for 12 years?" He quietly questioned. Shaking his head, he grabbed one of the small clay figures he procured from a trash can and used chakra to mold it, using his new Explosion Release to make the clay from his old life useful. Breaking it apart into smaller bits, Naruto successfully form 4 clay spiders and sent them to the four corners of his apartment as he left, walking towards the Hokage Tower. If everything went as planned, they would be put to use.

Upon entering the Tower, Naruto ignored the secretaries attempts to stop him, claiming the Hokage was busy, and eventual threats of bringing in the ANBU.

Opening and closing the doors silently, Naruto walked into the office, frowning at his grandfather figure. "Jii-san, we need to talk." Naruto said plainly.

"Naruto-kun? Is everything okay? You seem... subdued." Hiruzen commented.

Indeed, Naruto seemed as if he had a great weight on his shoulders. His eyes lacked that normal vibrancy he knew to expect of Naruto.

"Look, I'm going to cut to the chase; I know about my inheritance." Naruto responded. Indeed, alongside the jutsu Kami, Shinigami, and Tozi gifted him with, they also provided him with information they felt pertinent to his life, such as his parents, the truth of the night of his birth, and the two main figures at fault for the previous timelines state of affairs: Uchiha Obito and Black Zetsu. They explained that Zetsu was the manifested will of the Rikudou Sennin's mother, Otsutsuki Kaguya, and he manipulated the entirety of shinobi history in a convoluted plan to revive Kaguya, masquerading himself as an ally and pawn of Obito, who planned to enact the Tsuki no Me to bring the world under one giant genjutsu, to erase pain and hatred and war.

Of course, that was some heavy shit, so Sarutobi didn't need to know that.

Oh, also, jii-san's alive!

It took all of Naruto's willpower to not break down when he saw the final, definitive proof that this was the past: the Sandaime was alive and well!

Hiruzen's eyes turned hard, and he dismissed his ANBU and put up a privacy technique. "Explain." He demanded; this was not Naruto's jii-san, this was the Shinobi no Kami, the Purofessa, the Sandaime Sarutobi Hiruzen.

"Would you believe me if I said the Kyuubi told me?" Naruto offered with a raised brow and flat tone. to be honest, that was... not even half true, more like a third true. The Kyuubi was now replaced with the Juubi, who was... quite amorous towards her new container, and she didn't tell him anything... other than things she'd do to him when he was older. But then again, Naruto couldn't exactly say "I came from the future, and three goddesses told me on my deathbed and sent me back in time with god-hack powers to save the world."

Hiruzen's eyes turned sharp as daggers, and he was not amused. "How did you find out about it? And how can you even trust it?" He asked incredulously.

"To be honest, it's probably the only one I can trust in this entire village, that includes you since you kept this from me." Naruto responded, taking the first step towards some much-needed venting.

Sarutobi's eyes turned heavy with sorrow and guilt. "Naruto-kun, you must understand why I didn't tell you. Your father had many enemies, both inside and outside of the village, and-"

"And what, you thought I would blab that secret once you told me? Did you really think I was that stupid as a kid? If you told me, then said this was a dangerous secret, I wouldn't have run around, screaming that I was the Yondaime's son! I thought you trusted me, Hokage-sama!" Naruto interrupted, using his professional title to show just how much Hiruzen had fallen in his eyes. Growing up alone, Naruto was forced to understand the negatives and positives of his actions, to avoid further scrutiny by the villages, so he most certainly wouldn't have ran around the village screaming something like that everywhere he went. But apparently, his jii-san didn't think he was that smart.

Hiruzen recoiled as if physically struck, before he realized the truth in Naruto's words, and his eyes, and heart, grew heavier with grief and regret. "Naruto-kun... I'm sorry. I'm sorry this old fool couldn't see something so obvious." He apologized vehemently.

"Just give me my inheritance so I can leave." Naruto demanded, now thoroughly annoyed.

Without speaking, the Sandaime got up and undid the fuinjutsu-hidden safe behind the Yondaime's portrait - which Hiruzen swore was scowling at him - and retrieved two scrolls. "This one is a letter from your parents - it has the key to the estate and instructions on entering the gate - and the second has techniques they each wanted to pass to you." He explained, giving the blonde his birthright, also adding a small note with directions to the estate.

Silently, Naruto nodded and left, scowling at the secretary with such ferocity that her bitching died in her throat.

(Namikaze estate)

Naruto looked up at the abandoned home, having passed through the gate by administering blood and chakra, finding it was in near perfect condition, oddly enough. Just some cracks and cobwebs, nothing a few Kage Bunshin could solve. Speaking of which… without even a single twitch, five bunshin poofed into existence. "Get started on fixing this mess." He ordered, sitting down the read his parents letter after handing the key to one of the clones; he started with the Yondaime's first.

Hey there, Naruto

I guess you know this is from your dad. I'm sure I'm supposed to write something about life lessons I wanted to impart on you that I can't in person because of... y'know, the Kyuubi and all, but I'm drawing a blank right now. I'm sure your mother has that covered.

I don't really have a lot of time to talk here; the Kyuubi's currently wrecking the village. But I suppose if there was any moment for me to get sentimental, I think this would be it.

Depending on whose letter you read first, or if Hiruzen told you this, but when I first met your mother, we didn't exactly hit it off; it wasn't one of those 'love at first sight' kind of things you see in bad romance movies. No, we sort of hated each other. She was loud and abrasive - sometimes violent - and I was, to quote Kushina-chan, 'flaky.'

Naruto had a good laugh at that, considering those were his first thoughts when he saw the Yondaime's face before he chose him as his idol and hero.

Anyway, we didn't really get to know each other until she was kidnapped by some Kumo bastards; something about her special chakra. Anyway, she left strands of her hair for me to follow, and I saved her. After that, we started working together a lot, then we fell in love. We got married during my reign as Hokage, but due to that same fact, we had to keep it hidden. When I first found out I was going to be a father, I fainted.

Naruto had another laugh at the thought of the second most powerful shinobi from Konoha - right behind the Shodaime - fainting like a scared goat.

Yeah, yeah, have your laugh.

"Holy crap, mind-reading letter!"

After I came to, I was probably the happiest man in the world, and Kushina-chan was even happier. We couldn't wait for you to come into our lives, and when the day finally came, we were even happier.

Then the Kyuubi came to shit all over it.

A snort.

Everything is falling down around me, pieces of the ceiling are bouncing off my head. I know what I have to do to stop the Kyuubi and save Konoha.

Naruto. I'm sorry. I don't do this to curse you. I do it because I know you are strong enough to turn this around. No matter what people say, you're a hero to Konoha. And I couldn't be more proud to be your father. I love you more than anything, and I know you'll come a long way in this world. Remember that, no matter what, we'll always love you.

Your mother isn't exactly in a position to write for herself, but I'm writing for her; this is her part.

Hey sochi-kun, it's Mom. I'm not really up for holding a pen and paper; in fact, I'm losing a lot of blood. Most jinchuriki don't survive having their bijuu taken out, and I'm only alive for now because of our Uzumaki heritage. We sure as hell can take a beating.

Minato-kun told me what he plans to do to stop the Kyuubi, and while I don't 100% agree with it, I know it's really the only way to stop it. I won't last much longer, so I'll make this quick.

You're going to experience a lot of pain and suffering; trust me, I know. But never lose your path, remember who you are. Find a goal, a dream, and don't stop trying until it comes true. There's so much more I want to say to you, to teach you. I want to stay with you, and see the man you grow up into. My precious sochi-kun... I love you.

Your parents, Namikaze Minato and Uzumaki Kushina.

'Aaaaaand then the tears.' Naruto signaled as, indeed, he had tears falling from his eyes. This letter was the answer to the biggest question he had since he could remember: did his parents love him? And the answer was yes; incredibly so.

When Mizuki told him he held the Kyuubi - or was it, but we're splitting hairs here - he felt a bit of resentment towards the Yondaime. Why did he do this? Was it to curse him? Was he really the only choice that night?

Now he knew. His father had faith in him to be the hero of Konoha, to hold the beast on incalculable power back with his willpower alone. It wasn't a curse, despite the Kyuubi's... less than friendly nature. And Naruto knew even if there were other children born that night, that his father couldn't ask of those parents something he wouldn't be willing to do himself.

Naruto belonged to a family of heroes.

Sighing with a truly content smile, Naruto re-folded the letter and tucked it away into one of his pockets. He didn't look at the jutsu they left because, obviously, he already knew them.

In fact, he knew every jutsu that was, is, and maybe will be. And he had them mastered to perfection, as well as the Juubi's chakra - ignoring the purring at the mere mention of her - so what was there to do?

Well, now that he thought about it, their gifts seemed to specify actual techniques, like ninjutsu and genjutsu, and while he knew taijutsu and bukijutsu techniques, he didn't actually have a style that fit himself.

So he would need to rectify that.

Oh, and he should work on the Rasengan; Ero-Sennin mentioned that the Yondaime - it was still a bit too soon to call him Tou-san already - never took the technique to the next step, which was incorporating elemental manipulation, because of his untimely death. So Naruto could work on that. And then he had to familiarize himself with the powers of his new doujutsu, and there was still that business about it being able to 'evolve', however that would work.

"Oh, wait!" Naruto just realized, before putting his hand up in a one-handed Tora seal. "Katsu!"

His apartment went up in flames, the blonde putting the spiders to use; he didn't need the place anymore, and it would just be a reminder of his weak self. He didn't really care about the repercussions, since he had a new home, anyway.

He also overheard the landlord planned to have the building demolished anyway. With him inside. Asshat.

Next step, he needed new clothes. While his current body didn't reflect his new form once the goddesses 'upgraded' him, he planned to rectify a whole lot of things. As far as he knew, he would appear how he was remade in his mindscape only, for now. He was about to leave the compound to go to his favorite shop for supplies, Higurashi's Forge, until he realized that, as he was now, he wasn't a shinobi yet, so they wouldn't sell him anything, even if Ichiban-san was nice. He also realized he had a technique that could fix his problem, anyway.

Ah ninjutsu, what can't you do?

"Okay, so Yin..." Naruto looked to his right hand, and it now cradled a black flame. "...and Yang..." His left held a white blaze. "...to create from nothingness." He brought his hands together and closed his eyes to concentrate on the very technique that created the bijuu, the Banbutsu no Souzou.

In a flash of light and chakra, Naruto's clothes changed to fit his new design. He kept the mesh underneath, but his shirt turned into a simple black uniform-style jacket with an orange zipper, two stripes near the bottom, and one at each elbow with the rest of the sleeve from where a second stripe would start becoming orange. He had the kanji for the three goddesses across his shoulders and a red armband on his left bicep with the Uzumaki swirl. His shorts turned into full-length pants that remained orange from the knees up, but became black from there down. He still had his kunai pouch tied to his right thigh, and he changed his sandals to black copies.

"Yeah, that's nice." Naruto looked down at himself with a smile; while he knew that shinobi didn't wear orange, but... Naruto didn't care. Orange was awesome. But he made a compromise and added black, which looked nice. "Now, what should I move on to next? Hmm... let's go with the Rasengan; it'll be easier than deciding a taijutsu style for myself, what with my indecisiveness, and I'll think over whether to take up kenjutsu afterwards." He admitted.

Raising his right hand, Naruto instantly formed the grinding sphere, then raised his left hand and channeled fire chakra, the element being the most prominent in Hi no Kuni. 'Fire Release chakra is formed by superheating ones chakra. Applying that to the Rasengan...' Naruto brought his hands close together, almost instantly applying the elemental chakra to the Rasengan due to his mastery of jutsu. The jutsu of the Yondaime turned red-orange and was set ablaze. Naruto frowned at the simplicity of the technique. 'Well that didn't accomplish much. Now I'm just holding a fireball; it'll just be a hot Rasengan. Well, it might still be a viable technique. Let's see.' Creating a clone with the command to creating a normal Rasengan, both Naruto's took a stance to charge before kicking off towards each other.

The techniques met in the center, and a struggle began, though was short-lived, as the elemental Rasengan quickly overpowered the normal version, dispelling the clone once its torso was set aflame around the impact area.

"Huh... did not think it would be that much better. Guess its viable, after all. This can only mean one thing." His face became stern and serious. "I'm a fucking genius!" He struck a pose Gai and Lee would be proud of, gleaming shit-eating grin for all to see.

At that moment, all of the clones had received the memories of the defeated one, and one of the few in Naruto's view gave him a thumbs up for the technique and his new clothes.

"Good to know 'I' approve of my tastes in clothes." Naruto chuckled. "So we got a Katon: Rasengan, I guess I should try the other elements, and maybe... I dunno, stronger versions? I've seen the shit some of these elements can do, so it would only make sense that the already crazy-strong Rasengan can seriously wreck some shit if you throw in an element or two." He 'reasoned.' From the future, blessed by goddesses, in the end it didn't matter; Naruto was still Naruto, and Naruto liked things that went boom.

Just as quickly as he made the Katon variant, Naruto made the other four in 15 or so minutes, observing the various effects the elements had on the Rasengan. Water gave it small tides that orbited it, and created a large, forceful splash when it hit something; it actually knocked over the tree Naruto used as a target. Wind gave it small blades, like a Fuuma Shuriken, and created incalculably numerous cuts on the target. Lightning actually shrank the Rasengan a bit, to about 2/3 its size, and crackled with electricity; attacking with it actually pierces the target, as some trees around the blonde could attest to. Finally, Earth Release was a bit difficult, due to its nature as solid, slow, and generally unmoving, but Naruto managed to make it work; it actually turned the Rasengan into a little morningstar, with rock shards creating spikes that orbited the sphere. Using this technique and allowed him to tap into his inner brute and just smash. And then it exploded with rock shards. Ow.

Pleased with his progress, and seeing it was only around 2:00 pm, Naruto moved on with his to-do list, leaving the 'super' versions of the elemental Rasengan later in exchange for more overall progress. The next thing he mentioned was... Actually...

'Hey, Juubi-' He received a belligerent 'ahem' and mentally sighed. 'Kashin-chan...' Yes, Naruto was also surprised when the Juubi decided she wanted a name. Granted, he was surprised when it turned out to be a woman, and appeared to him as a human, but when he saw her true form, he preferred talking to a human face than a... whatever sort of animal that form could be categorized as. Or a tree. Anyway, the Juubi decided to combine 'Shinjuu' - the tree - with the woman from which all chakra originated, Otsutsuki Kaguya; thus, Kashin. She had also taken a shine to Naruto quite fast, once she heard the goddesses plans to 'fix' the Elemental Nations: a journey to peace.

Kashin's human form was similar to Tsunade-baa-chan's in... ahem, dimensions, but since she could change it at will, she decided to pull several characteristics from her pseudo-jinchuriki and her legitimate one, the Rikudou Sennin. Her hair was the most brilliant white that fell down in a curtain at her feet, and her skin was ashen, but Naruto didn't particularly find it unattractive or strange. She had Kaguya's third eye, the Rinne Sharingan, and her normal eyes were the Sennin's Rinnegan, and she had a pair of horns sprouting from her forehead. Her eyebrows were rounded as a sign of nobility and she wore crimson lipstick, which was a stark contrast to her skin. She dressed like Tsunade, as well, wearing a silver kimono-style blouse with black trim and obi tied underneath her breasts, purposely accentuating them, possibly to tease Naruto, and the long sleeves that nearly covered her hands - with black fingernails - had black magatama around their cuffs. She actually wore black hakama with white magatama around the cuffs, and she went barefoot.

"Yeeeees, Naru-kun?" The Juubi responded with a wide smile; she enjoyed talking to the blonde every time, since she was either stuck with the power-obsessed Kaguya, or the always-serious Rikudou Sennin, Hagoromo. The blonde was a nice change of pace, and she had several plans for their future...

'What does having mastery over your chakra entail, anyway? Is it something like that cloak I got during my fight with Sasuke-teme?' Naruto asked, curious over the matter, though frowning at the fresh memory.

"Something along those lines. Having mastery over my chakra is like having mastery of all the other bijuu's chakra, so you have access to their abilities. As my jinchuriki, you also have access to Rikudou Senjutsu, a heightened state of senjutsu that enables you immense power, access to the Gudodama, and levitation." She explained whilst lounging on a large rock in the field that now represented Naruto's new mindscape.

'...Okay, you lost me at 'Senjutsu.' I also don't know what the other bijuu can do besides Shukaku.' Naruto responded flatly.

Kashin sighed but couldn't exactly blame the boy; such massive amounts of information wouldn't come easy, especially given his normal thought process, but it was slowly, but surely being fixed with every second, as was evident by his application of elemental chakra theory. Of course, having never encountered senjutsu in his previous timeline, he wouldn't know about it, and thus couldn't completely comprehend that area of his new knowledge. "Senjutsu is the art of sensing and taking in natural energy, the aura of the world, and balancing it with your physical and spiritual energy to reach new heights of strength. Normally, learning and using Senjutsu has a certain risk, as those who can't balance their energies are turned into statues for all eternity; however, as my jinchuriki, it comes to you naturally, so you are safe. Also, usually the second you became my jinchuriki you would have permanently entered Rikudou Senjutsu, but Kami-sama made it where you can enter and exit it willingly; you just need to open your senses to nature and it will happen automatically. To exit, just close yourself off from nature; I recommend trying it now to familiarize yourself with it." She advised.

'Uh, okay?' Naruto responded, unsure but willing to try anyway. He sat in the middle of the field and closed his eyes, wondering how exactly he would go about 'opening his senses to nature' but decided it might need him to quiet his thoughts, as was usual of most meditation. He slowed his breathing and just thought about nature.

As time passed, he experienced a sort of out of body experience, as he observed himself with his mind's eye sitting in blackness. Slowly, some sort of green energy came from the edges of his sight and converged on his body. He felt the energy invade his body, but it was a pleasant experience, filling him with warmth as it finally reached the center of his chakra circulatory system and joined the spiritual and physical energies in a triumvirate. The second it did, he felt his body explode with power and change.

The black in his clothing turned white, and the orange a pale red, as magatama of the same hue formed around the collar of his jacket and the Rinnegan pattern formed on the back, above nine tomoe in a 3x3 pattern; his clothing flickering as if it were made of flames. Finally, horns actually grew from his forehead and his skin paled slightly.

He slowly opened his eyes and looked down at himself. "Whoa... this feels... amazing. I feel like I'm a part of something bigger than myself." He commented calmly before trying to get up; he ended up floating above the ground once his legs straightened out. "Oh. There's that levitation you mentioned. Cool. Anything else I should know?" Naruto asked coolly, taking everything in stride.

"Well, you can create chakra arms since you are covered in chakra, and have access to the Gudodama." She offered simply, enjoying the sun shining down on her, lazing out on the rock by now.

Merely humming inquisitively, Naruto reached his arm out towards a tree and concentrated on the chakra covering it before willing it to form. Quickly enough, the chakra on his arm came to life and extended into a long, clawed arm that stretched all the way to touch the tree, which was a considerable distance, considering Naruto was still in the middle of the field. Smiling softly at the capabilities of this ability, Naruto retracted it, but kept it out for something he wanted to try. With the base of it having moved to his back, Naruto willed a certain amount and type of chakra through it and smiled when the Katon: Rasengan formed in its grasp. Dispelling it and the arm, Naruto looked over his shoulder at the black orbs behind him, one of them moving around to be in front of him for ease of viewing.

"I can control these with my thoughts? That's pretty neat. What do they do, and what exactly are they?" He asked.

"They utilize the power of Shinra Banshou and shape manipulation to achieve... well, almost anything. They work like Jinton, in that they can, upon your desire, nullify all ninjutsu. They can form weapons, shields, chakra receivers, arms, and can heal you. They use all five natures, and Yin-Yang Release." As Kashin explained them, the orbs all turned into stuff like swords, lances, shields, platforms, rods, and arms seemingly made of double-helices.

"Wow... that's a bit scary. I'll save that type of thing for rare occasions." Naruto decided, before touching down in the field and attempting to cut off his connection to nature. Problems arose when it proved difficult; the natural energy proved... could energy be called 'clingy'? If so, then the natural energy proved so, as it felt like it didn't want to leave him. But of course, Naruto couldn't exactly walk around in all white, covered in flaming chakra, and sporting a pair of horns, now could he? Thankfully, he succeeded, and lost his new features.

"Okay... that was weird. I felt all... mellow an' shit. Is this what senjutsu does?" Naruto asked his new tenant, not caring that he appeared to be talking to himself, while also thankful that, thanks to his new jutsu knowledge, which included fuinjutsu, he found several seals around the perimeter that created a sort of distortion dome around the complex. To anyone on the outside, Naruto actually wouldn't even be there. It came in handy to revert all attempts at spying on the boy pointless, and it could hide anything, barring something like an explosion bigger than the dome... or a bijuu.

After a quick giggle at his description, Kashin responded. "Sort of; when you take in natural energy, you are assimilating the very essence of the earth. Most of the time, nature is at peace and serene; of course, there are also moments when nature will show everyone else who's boss and start wrecking some shit. But most of the time, senjutsu tends to calm the mind, Rikudou Senjutsu especially, given its origin." She explained.

"Well... given its capabilities, I'll leave it for serious fights, like... Orochimaru." Just thinking of the Sannin caused his to grit his teeth in fury. If it wasn't for Orochimaru, Sasuke wouldn't have gotten the curse mark and attempted to desert Konoha... and he wouldn't have died.

"Hey Boss?" A clone snapped him out of that line of thinking. When he got his creators attention, he thumbed at the estate over his shoulder. "Clean up's done. Anything else you need us for?" He asked.

Happy the sprucing was done, Naruto thought it over; he planned to train in his doujutsu, and considering most of them could see chakra, and the Byakugan the tenketsu especially, as well as who knows what else, it would be wise to have at least one clone around. "Just you; the others can dispel. I'll be working on the doujutsu next." He ordered.

"Okay then; you heard 'im, boys, bug off!" The clone took a kunai and threw it at a clone to dispel it, thus sending the memory of the clones no longer being needed. Several pomfs! echoed throughout the compound, signaling the end of the clones.

"Okay, so since our Hakumeigan is a fusion of the Byakugan, Sharingan, and whatever the hell the Rinnegan is, we'll start with the first. So then..." Naruto closed his eyes before snapping them open, the exotic design of his deified doujutsu on display. With it active, he automatically saw the chakra that constituted his clone; unfortunately, given the nature of any clone technique, he couldn't see any tenketsu, for there were none. "Okay, yay and boo; I can see chakra, but you have no tenketsu for me to see. You try using it and tell me if you can see mine." Naruto asked of his clone, who merely nodded and activated their doujutsu, honing in on Naruto.

"Whoa..." They said together at what happened the second the clone activated its doujutsu; they saw each other through their opposite. Naruto had a secondary field of view through the clone, and the clone vice versa.

"Okay, I never heard of the Sharingan or Byakugan doing this, so is this the Rinnegan's power?" Naruto asked rhetorically, but Kashin answered anyway.

"One of them; the Rinnegan actually has seven central 'Paths' which each have their own powers. This shared vision is part of the Gedou, which also entails the manifestation of chakra receivers you can form from your own body, chains strong enough to bind even the bijuu, and resurrect the dead, at the cost of your own life force. Tendou deals in gravity manipulation, Gakidou lets you absorbed all forms of chakra, either through jutsu or physical contact, Jigokudou, interrogating through using the King of Hell - if they lie or refuse to answer, it takes their soul, and if they tell the truth, they just pass out from exhaustion - and restoring damage to bodies. Shurado temporarily turns you into a machine, filled with numerous weapons, Chikishudou lets you summon different animals, and Ningendou allows you to read someone's mind by ripping out their soul." Kashin lectured so he wouldn't be in the dark on a large part of his abilities.

"...Damn, that is so broken. But I don't care 'cause it's mine now!" Naruto responded with a large grin. "Well, guess I should work on those, then the Sharingan. So, I imagine the chains are made the same way as my kaa-sans." Naruto commented, before the information he wanted entered his mind; when he knew what he was looking for, it was easy to find. Channeling the chakra as was needed through his Hakumeigan, which added as a Rinnegan-proxy, black chains extended from his sleeves. Content with that, while knowing he couldn't exactly test how much they could restrain without raising a few red flags in the village, he moved on to the chakra receivers. Channeling dense chakra to various spots on his arms, several black rods grew out of his skin. "Ohhhhh-ho-ho-kay, that feels weird." Naruto commented. Cutting off the flow and shaking his arms, Naruto accidentally sent them flying, dispelling his clone in the process, before twitching for a second. "Okay... apparently they disrupt chakra. That also felt weird." He discovered. "Not up for bringing back the dead, so let's work on those Paths." He decided.

For the next hour or so, Naruto familiarized himself with the Rikudou no Jutsu and each of its abilities, though he wasn't amused with the results or Jigokudou and Ningendou. With the former, his clone said he was the best boss ever... and the King of Hell killed it. So it lied. With Ningendou, after yanking its soul out - which was technically a part of his soul, so it returned to him either way - he read its mind.

'You're a shitty boss.'

Are all his clones assholes?

Anyway, after that, he moved on to the Sharingan portion, which, to his knowledge, didn't really give him a whole lot. It just allowed him to perceive his clones actions before it even moved. The jutsu-copying was useless, since he knew all of them. All in all, the Sharingan part was supremely disappointing...

Until Kashin mentioned there was a whole slew of abilities he never encountered. She told him about the Mangekyou and Eien Mangekyou Sharingan, and the abilities they garnered.

Naruto was perfectly fine with the genjutsu-by-eye-contact, Tsukuyomi.

He was willing to accept the eternal flame-by-eyesight, Amaterasu.

What he didn't buy was the giant flaming warrior, Susanoo!

Seeing as there was nothing he could do about it, he just familiarized himself with the three techniques, as well as these supposed personal abilities that appeared for certain Uchiha; thought he tried to be quick with his use of Susanoo, as Naruto wasn't 100% sure if the barrier could contain it for extended periods of time. Kamui was pretty cool, both the intangibility and teleportation parts, and the Kotoamatsukami was a bit terrifying in how powerful it was in the manipulation of memories and genuine mind control. He wasn't even going to try Tengai Shinsei, though; he wasn't about to drop a pair of comets for the sake of 'training'!

Can you even call this training? That would mean he was refining and perfecting his techniques, and... we've been over this.

Anyway, the Byakugan proved to be a welcome change of pace from the absolute bullshit/being broken as shit from the Sharingan and Rinnegan. 360 degrees of vision - once 359, but utilizing that portion almost instantly 'evolved it' to a complete circle; so that's what they meant. That probably won't be the extent of it, though, for the future - about 50 meters of extended vision, x-ray vision, though the barrier around the compound blocked his vision to the rest of the village, so there was a limitation, and the ability to see the tenketsu, chakra pathways, and even elemental affinities; thank you again, shared vision, though that last one was a weird quirk. Not much in comparison to the aforementioned doujutsu, but it got really good when brought hand-in-hand with the Juuken; unfortunately, he couldn't really train in it because a normal strike, enhanced with chakra or not, would dispel his only medium for training it, clones, so he couldn't tell if he was doing it correctly or not. And he didn't exactly want to subject himself to letting a clone do it to him; eff that noise so hard. So he settled for what he could, which included Neji's Hakkeshou Kaiten, so that was fun.

Getting his body used to using the Juuken was a task in and of itself, since it required smooth, fluid movements, and a level of grace he wasn't accustomed to. But of course, like anything else, Naruto persisted, and got himself acclimated enough. With that, he tried his hand at stuff like Juuho Shoushiken, Hakku Kuushou, and the insane Yasogami Kuugeki. Of course, he had to send that last one skyward, since he'd flatten many trees with the giant fists it projected.

Kashin-chan mentioned that last technique was something called a Kekkei Mora, one of few techniques belonging solely to Otsutsuki Kaguya, the human progenitor of all chakra, and her clan. She also mentioned that the aforementioned clan had a doujutsu of their own, but he couldn't assimilate its properties until he met another Otsutsuki, so he could properly observe their chakra. Until then, he'd have that carrot dangling in front of her...

Anyway, now came the defining moment: choosing a taijutsu style. And maybe kenjutsu. Of course, he technically knew them all, but trying to incorporate all of them into his fighting style would be insane. Then again, just choosing one would be a waste of resources, so maybe... three. He could switch between them on the fly, or maybe combine them. Going along that vein, he might even eventually find some way to incorporate them all, using bits and pieces to create an entirely new style. A daunting task, but Uzumaki Naruto was known for doing that type of stuff on a daily basis!

Sorting through all the jutsu he knew, Naruto found three styles that intrigued him, while chuckling at one of them. He chose Kakuran (Disturbance) for its unpredictability and versatility - while it was originally a kenjutsu style, it can easily be adapted for taijutsu - Kageken (Shadow Fist) for its focus on attacking the opponents weak points for maximum damage, and Kitsune Tsume (Fox Claw) for its speed and strength, focusing on an animal-like stance and the use of chakra to enhance attacks.

Naruto spent the rest of the day familiarizing himself with the katas for each style, and working on switching between them mid-fight. By the time he felt okay with that progress, it was already night, and Naruto felt today was full of progress, yet also mentally and emotionally draining. Thankful it was a Saturday - actually, the Saturday before his Graduation Exam where Mizuki showed his true colors - and that he would have tomorrow to continue his work, Naruto went inside and found the master bedroom, putting his parent's letter in one of the drawers for safe-keeping, and just flopped onto the bed for the night.

Naruto dreamt of the hell he would rain in the coming months, doing all he can to fix the vents from his past for the better. He would officially pass the Exam, he would save Haku and Zabuza, he would protect his team from Orochimaru, he would save Jii-san, and he would stop Sasuke from deserting the village, Juin or no. After that, it was anyone's game.

Uzumaki Naruto would raise some shit.

End Ch. 1

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