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Story Start

"Welcome to Columbia University," Tiffani was reading off the brochure as she and her friend Lexi were walking around campus. They had transferred here to be students because of one particular department of study.

"Where is the paranormal studies department?" Lexi asked while taking a sip of her coffee. New York City was not freezing yet, but the air had a crisp chill to it. The coffee definitely was needed on a day like this. She had denied Tiffani from having any coffee because her friend was already extremely hyperactive because of the paranormal studies department. She would be lying if she said she was not super excited about this too.

"I'm not the best with maps, but I think we go this way," Tiffani said happily before dragging her friend by her arm towards the building that had the paranormal studies department in it. She stared sadly at her friend's coffee before trying to find the correct door for the department.

"There it is," Lexi said and she could almost not contain her excitement. The girls rushed to open the door and enter the office area. They were surprised to see a guy and a girl sitting in two of the chairs. "Hey, are you guys here to be part of the paranormal studies department too?" she asked while Tiffani was trying not to snoop around the room.

"Well actually," the girl started to answer before a man wearing a suit entered the room from an office further in the department area.

"Hi, we're here to join the paranormal studies department," Tiffani said excitedly as she stuck her hand out to the new man.

"Welcome, I'm Dr. Peter Venkman," the man introduced himself and his eyes were about to travel to where the blonde girl was sitting, but Lexi stepped in his line of vision.

"Hi, I'm here to join as well. I'm Lexi and this is Tiffani," Lexi said and held out her hand for him to shake as well.

"Well what about you two?" Dr. Venkman asked to the two people sitting in the chairs. The boy still seemed interested in joining the department, but the girl was just pouting.

"If you're not into the paranormal then please leave the room. I'm not going to deal with a giggling fool that knows nothing about the paranormal," Tiffani said giving the girl an annoyed look. She knew the girl was there to flirt with Dr. Venkman. The blonde girl jumped out of her seat and left the office in a huff. Tiffani just waved goodbye to the girl before smiling at a pouting Dr. Venkman.

"That was a bit harsh," the guy whispered to Lexi, who just shrugged.

"She's brutally honest some times," Lexi replied before she, her friend, and the remaining guy sat down in the chairs in front of a desk.

"Well that was awkward, let's get a test going to see if you guys have any psychic abilities," Dr. Venkman said and motioned for the students to pull up chairs towards his desk. He took a seat behind his desk, and the two friends and the random guy student took seats in front of the desk.

"What happens if we answer incorrectly?" Lexi asked while Dr. Venkman was pulling out some cards.

"You get a small shock," Dr. Venkman answered with a shrug.

"Sweet," Tiffani cheered while the guy beside her looked nervously at the office door as if he wanted to escape.

"Of course, you would be excited about getting shocked," Lexi said with a small roll of her eyes, which just made her friend shrug.

"It seems fun," Tiffani replied before Dr. Venkman started asking what they thought was on the back of the card.

Lexi was not sure, if she was answering correctly or not because Dr. Venkman was flirting with her in reply to each of her guesses. Tiffani did get shocked a few times, but for the most part, she did correctly answer what was on the cards. However, the guy sitting by them was shocked every time he gave an answer even if it was the same answer as Tiffani's.

"Stop shocking me, this is ridiculous, I'm leaving," the guy finally had enough and he stormed out of the room.

Tiffani waved at the guy's back before she received another shock. "This doesn't even hurt. He's just a whiner," she said to Lexi and Dr. Venkman with a smile on her face.

"Or you just have a high pain tolerance," Lexi explained when Dr. Venkman was giving her friend a weird look.

"That could be it," Tiffani said with a laugh before the door was slammed open and a new man was standing in the office doorway.

"Peter, there has been a ghost sighting at the New York Public Library," the new man practically yelled in his excitement. He seemed a bit sheepish when he saw Tiffani and Lexi sitting in the room with Dr. Venkamn. "Uh hi, I'm Dr. Ray Stantz," the man introduced himself and his eyes lingered a bit on Lexi before focusing on Peter.

"Ray, I'm busy," Peter said to his colleague and friend.

"Peter, this is a real ghost, we have to go, and we also need to get Egon," Ray said and started walking through the room to get to his ghost catching equipment.

"Well ladies, I guess we will have to postpone this test, but maybe we could continue over a cup of coffee tomorrow," Peter started saying as he stood from the desk.

"Wait," Lexi said and stood from her seat.

"Can we go with you guys? Please," Tiffani said as she too stood from her chair.

"You guys want to help?" Ray asked while sticking his head out of the inner office of the department.

"Sure, we have always wanted to see a real ghost," Lexi said with joy shining in her eyes. She felt her heart jump a minute when she saw the happy smile on Ray's face.

"Wait Ray, they're students here, it might be dangerous for them," Peter said and Ray pouted.

"We've been in more dangerous situations so no worries. We're not afraid of a ghost," Tiffani said and wrapped an arm around her friend's shoulders.

"Anyways, we became students here so we could join the paranormal studies department here and help with the field work," Lexi explained and smiled at the two men in front of her.

"Awesome, let me call Egon, and he'll meet us at the library," Ray said and disappeared into the back.

"Dr. Egon Spengler," Tiffani said questionably and Peter nodded.

"If you guys are going to be part of the department or team or whatever then you just call us by our first names," Peter said and the girls nodded. Lexi walked over to help Ray gather some of the equipment and tools they would need for the ghost research at the library. Tiffani was wondering what it would be like to meet Dr. Egon Spengler. She had heard great things about the man, and he being cute was a bonus.

"Are we ready to go yet?" Peter asked as soon as Ray was off the phone after calling Egon.

"Hang on, what are your names? I know Peter knows them, but I don't know yet," Ray said and his question made the two friends smile.

"I'm Lexi and this is my best friend Tiffani," Lexi introduced each of them, and Tiffani gave a small salute when she was introduced.

"Nice to meet you," Ray said before he led the way to the door of the department. Peter was almost pacing with the way he was walking in the hallway. The girls gave each other high fives as they followed the two professors to the main courtyard of the campus. They walked past small groups of students walking around campus. A few girls gave winks or kissy faces to Peter, who graciously accepted them to build his ego some more. Ray was talking excitedly to Lexi and Tiffani about the ghost actually being a full body apparition.

"I just hope we don't get slimed," Tiffani muttered to Lexi, who just laughed at her friend.

"Germaphobe," Lexi said.

"Yes, I am," Tiffani answered before pushing her friend towards Ray, who gave the girls a nervous look.

"Sorry, she didn't learn the lesson in Kindergarten about how to play nice with others," Lexi said sending her friend a small glare.