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Story Start

"So glad our apartment is nearby," Lexi said to start conversation as she and Tiffani were walking to the Ghostbusters Headquarters to start their first day of official work there. The guys had stayed there last night getting a few things ready for the big day. They had no idea if they would actually get any calls or not, but Tiffani and Lexi were ready to be receptionists and help with investigations.

"I wonder if the guys are awake yet," Tiffani muttered as they reached the firehouse and went inside. She smiled and waved when she saw Egon was already awake and setting up the receptionist desk. "Good morning," she said before walking over to help him with the phone.

"Morning Tiffani, Lexi," Egon said to both of the girls before noticing that Tiffani's hands were shaking a bit. "Are you feeling all right?" he asked her and Lexi gave her friend a worried look as well.

"I'm fine. I'm just dealing with coffee withdrawals. She still will not let me drink coffee," Tiffani said and held her hands together to try to stop the shaking.

"I have some chai tea if you would like some," Egon offered motioning towards the break room.

"I love chai tea, thanks," she replied before Lexi started laughing at her excitement.

"You love such random stuff," Lexi said before she saw Ray and Peter walking down the stairs to reach the main floor. "Morning you two," she called to them.

"Morning, do we have coffee?" Ray muttered and he sighed in relief when he saw Egon nod.

Tiffani's eyes widened before she ran for the break room. Egon stared in surprise before hearing Lexi curse. She ran after her friend, and the guys quickly followed to see what was going on with Tiffani. Lexi glared at her friend, who was holding a coffee mug and standing by the coffee machine.

"I cut you off, remember. No more coffee," Lexi hissed as she started marching towards her friend.

"But I didn't get any coffee, it's chai tea," Tiffani replied with a little laughter at the end because of her friend's face when she saw the tea bag sitting in the mug. The smell of cinnamon and cardamom filled Lexi's nose.

"I was about to hit you," Lexi grumbled before moving away from the coffee machine.

"Is the tea all right?" Egon asked looking between the two friends.

"It's great. I need to buy this brand the next time I go grocery shopping," Tiffani said between giggles. She kept laughing because of the grumbles she heard coming from her best friend.

"Why can she not have coffee?" Peter asked with a raised eyebrow as he and Ray made some cups of coffee for themselves.

"She gets super hyper. I mean more hyper than she already naturally is, and it can be scary sometimes," Lexi said while dodging Tiffani's hand.

"You never said it was scary before," Tiffani pouted before taking another sip of tea, which was helping her wake up more.

"I'm just saying that to mess with you and them since you tricked me," Lexi said with a shrug, and she laughed when Tiffani stuck out her tongue.

"That wasn't nice," Tiffani muttered before Egon, who wanted to ask her thoughts about his latest idea, distracted her. Lexi just smirked at the two because she could already tell that Egon was the type of guy that Tiffani liked.

"So girls, get to the desks and answer all the calls for ghostly encounters," Peter ordered pointing his hand dramatically towards the receptionist's desks. He gave a nervous giggle at the glares he was given in return.

"Oh yes, might commander," Tiffani said with a bow before winking at Egon, who just gave a small cough. "Lexi, get out here," she yelled walking towards the desk.

"You could ask nicely," Lexi grumbled back.

"I don't know how to be nice, not in my genetics," her friend replied before plopping down into one of the desk chairs. She jumped when the phone rang as soon as she was comfortable. She grabbed the phone with an excited look in her eyes. "Ghostbusters, how may I help you?" she asked waiting for a new adventure to start.

"Hi, I'm inquiring about the receptionist job," a nasally voice said on the other end.

"It's already been taken, thanks for calling, have a nice day," Tiffani said and tried to hang up the phone, but the woman on the other line would not let her.

"I was informed that the position is still open," the woman said again and Tiffani cringed at the attitude in her voice.

"Well you're wrong, so bye and do not call again unless you have a ghost haunting you," Tiffani quickly said before hanging up the phone. "Oh Peter, did you put out any ads for a receptionist job?" she yelled as loud as she could. Her foot was tapping impatiently as the man in question entered the area containing the receptionist's desks.

"Maybe," Peter answered while Lexi just glared at him. Egon and Ray were poking their heads into the room to see what was happening.

"You already have two receptionists so why do you need one more?" Lexi asked tilting her head while giving him an innocent smile even though she was glaring at him.

"I'll call the newspaper," Peter grumbled leaving the room, which made the girls give each other a high five.

"Hey Lexi, want to join me on my trip to find us a car for our missions?" Ray asked while walking towards the two women.

Tiffani stayed seated as she watched the interactions between her friend and Ray. Lexi seemed a bit surprised before smiling happily at the invitation. Tiffani was making kissy faces behind their back before she noticed Egon staring at her. She felt silly before going with the silly feeling and blowing him a kiss. She smirked when he blushed lightly and disappeared from view.

"Bored, bored, and hey, guess what? I'm bored," Tiffani was muttering while spinning in the office chair. Ray had left earlier with Lexi, who seemed more than happy to leave the firehouse with the man. Egon was working on the proton packs, which were awesome. However, he wanted Tiffani nowhere near them because they were dangerous if you did not know what you were doing. She had no knowledge of that stuff so she left it to the expert.

A loud honk made her fall backwards with the chair. An annoyed huff left her as she rolled around on the ground so she would be able to see out the open firehouse door. Peter stepped out of one of the rooms on the main floor and gave Tiffani a confused look.

"I fell, but what was that outside?" she replied as she stood up and dusted her clothes.

"No idea, but I have a feeling that it is Ray's doing," Peter answered before the two walked outside. Egon was too busy to investigate with them at the moment.

A loud honk made the pair jump as soon as they exited the building. Ray and Lexi were sitting in the front seats of an old ambulance. The car looked like it needed more than just a new paint job. Tiffani and Peter looked at each other and then the two had different reactions.

"Ray, what is this piece of junk for?" Peter griped.

"This thing is awesome," Tiffani yelled rushing over to Lexi, who had just gotten out of the passenger seat.

"It just needs a paint job and a few repairs," Ray said trying to calm Peter. The two men bickered a bit while the two women started figuring out how much things would cost to repair. "But it was a great deal, Peter," Ray continued before the girls rushed inside to start finding the parts they would need for the car. It was a great thing that Tiffani grew up learning about cars because of her love for old cars.

"Egon, I got a business car," Ray announced entering the building, and Egon stuck his head out of his work area.

"How much will it cost us to repair it?" Egon immediately asked and Tiffani rushed over with a calculator. "Great job, Ray," he said with a sigh after seeing the cost. "It should work, but we will have to do most of the repair work," he continued before giving a confused look at Tiffani, who was balancing the calculator on her head.

"Egon, Peter, did you guys watch Tiffani today to make sure she did not drink coffee while I was gone?" Lexi asked seriously and the two men shook their heads. "How many cups of coffee did you drink?" she asked her friend with a worried look.

"Five cups," Tiffani answered before running up the stairs to slide down the fire pole.

"Good lord, help us all," Lexi said covering her face with a hand. "She'll crash dead asleep in a few hours, and this is both of your faults. You should have watched her," she continued while glaring at the two men.

"She's your problem," Peter said shoving Egon and Tiffani into Egon's work area.

"Ooh shiny," was heard from Tiffani inside the now barricaded room.

"Don't touch that, you're going to get yourself hurt in here," Egon's voice sounded from the room.

"Good thinking, Peter," Lexi said giving him a high five before walking back to the receptionist's desk.