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"It really isn't fair."

Ryuu silently took a sip of his expensive red wine, relishing the taste on his tongue as he took in the scent. Kaneshiro Yuuichi inwardly cursed his ability to hold alcohol too well as he finished off his twelfth vodka.

He didn't feel the least bit tipsy, and he hated himself for it, because the pain wouldn't go away any faster.

"You know," Ryuu said all of a sudden. "I think I was really hoping that deep down, maybe Yahiro was actually forcing Megumi to say she forgave him or something. Something that would make him the bad guy. I… I want to hate Saiga Yahiro, but I can't."

"It's not as hard for me," Yuuichi said bitterly. "I love Megumi in more ways than one, and now, I'll never be by her side… while she's with..."

Yuuichi couldn't even bring himself to say that man's name, and he gulped down the thirteenth.


Ryuu and Yuuichi turned away from the Tsuji family's personal bar to see a maid respectfully bowing before them.

"There is a man here who wishes to see Megumi-sama."

"Megumi?" Ryuu blinked in confusion. "Why did he come here?"

"Can I help you?" Ryuu asked the handsome man who stood at the door.

"Where's Tsuji Megumi?" asked Kawashima Ryuutarou, eyes eagerly darting around. Ryuu and Yuuichi exchanged a glance.

"I'm sorry…?"

"Bring out your mistress," Ryuutarou said rudely, not sparing the two of them a glance. He apparently thought them to be servants of the household.

Yuuichi suddenly smiled rather grimly as he cracked his knuckles. There were other ways to get out his anger.

And right next to him, Tsuji Ryuu seemed to be thinking the exact same way.

After that incident, Kawashima Ryuutarou never bothered to find out what happened to the pretty girl he had met in Kyoto, ever again.

Six months later...

Yahiro ducked as a vase shattered above his head. He lifted his face in stun. How on earth had this fight happened?

For the past six months, life had gradually returned to normal. Yahiro made efforts to come home more frequently, and Megumi had been going to a vocal academy to get private lessons.

But tonight… as they were eating dinner together, Megumi had been ravenous apparently, and when she saw Yahiro hadn't finished his yakisoba, she proceeded to help herself. Yahiro had made a teasing comment and Megumi had immediately flipped the table. Literally.

Megumi continued to sob as she grabbed a plate and reared her arm back.

"Wait, wait!" Yahiro said hastily. "I'm sorry, Megumi! Let's talk about this!"

"Yahiro, you horrible, horrible person!" Megumi wailed. "How could you say such a thing?!"

"…that you need to get started on that diet?"

Megumi let out another screech and threw the plate down. When the ceramic shattered on the floor, Megumi seemed to regain her senses slightly, before she leaned back, a hand pressed to her temple.

"Wh- What am I doing?" she said, almost in a frightened tone. Yahiro released a breath when he saw her regaining her senses.

"Megumi…" he said tentatively. "I- I'm sorry about what I said… I didn't mean… I mean… I always teased you about your weight, but you know I don't honestly think that… I just like to see you all flustered."

Megumi remained silent.


"Yahiro," her voice came out softly. It caught him off-guard. She looked frightened, looked so scared and fragile. Yahiro slowly reached out and urged her out of the kitchen, carefully making sure she didn't step on any broken pieces of the plate.

He gently guided her to the couch and tried to smile encouragingly.

"Do you need a glass of water?"

He stood up to go and get it, but Megumi's hand stopped him.

"N- No…" Megumi shook her head. "You have to hear this."

Yahiro bit his lip. Here it came. She would tell him that she had made the wrong choice, that she had learned over the past six months, how shameful it felt, being with a husband that didn't even know how to love unless it was obsessive, how obvious it was that there were other men, far better men that wanted her, and-

"I'm pregnant again."

"Please don't leave," Yahiro begged, wrapping his arms around her. And then the actual words sunk in and he immediately released her, eyes wide.

"Wh- Wh-?"

Megumi lowered her head, and Yahiro was stunned, to say the least, to see tears beginning to clot in her eyes.

She had thought that Yahiro would not want this, and when he released her, it only confirmed her suspicions that he was disgusted by her.

Yahiro thought back to Megumi's tantrum, and it suddenly clicked.

Cravings… mood swings… oh, Megumi…

Megumi let out a surprised noise as Yahiro immediately swept her into his arms.

"Thank God," he muttered into her hair. "Thank God…"

He kept repeating the words over and over as he stroked her hair, pushing back the tears that threatened to come.

Here, he had been selfishly worrying if she was going to abandon him, while she was carrying the fear of disgusting him, when it did just the opposite.

Megumi's eyes widened in shock at what happened next. Yahiro removed his arms from around her… and, still sitting down, lowered his head. At first Megumi thought he was going to lay in her lap, until she realized that his lips were pressed against her still-flat stomach.

"Hello, you," he murmured. "I can't wait for you to come."

Megumi felt all her fears leave. Yahiro wasn't disgusted. He seemed thrilled at the prospect of being a father.

"Yahiro… Yahiro, I-"

"You are not fat."

She blinked. "Huh?"

"I was just teasing you," he swore. "You're as skinny as the day we met."

Megumi paused, but managed a tiny giggled. "But I'll get fat later, you know."

"…oh God, that's so beautiful," Yahiro muttered before pressing his lips against hers.

4 years later…

"You know, I really think you're the most beautiful when you're round."

Megumi glared at Yahiro. "Are you calling me round?"

Yahiro held up his hands in self-defense. "Like I said, beautiful."

Megumi couldn't help a smile. "Wow… remember back when you wouldn't say that word?"

"I have no such recollection," Yahiro said stiffly. "My wife was beautiful from the day she nearly knocked me out with her deadly voice, gobbled down a chocolate bar, and stole a perfectly innocent civilian's bike."

"Yahiro!" she admonished, but suddenly noticed, over Yahiro's shoulder, a small group of woman gossiping.

"Ne, ne, who's that?"

"He's so handsome!"

"Wow, don't you ever read the news? That's Saiga Yahiro!"

"Saiga? Wait, Saiga?!"

"Wow! His picture was handsome, but he's even hotter in real life!"

Megumi felt her hands shaking. How could these women gossip so loudly? And right in front of them? And at a place like this?!

Yahiro seemed to notice her shaking frame, and was about to tell her to ignore them, until the next words made him freeze.

"But who's that?"

"…well, I heard he's married. Maybe that's her."

"No way… what a waste."

"Yeah, with a guy like that, she should at least be pretty."

"She looks like his little sister."

"Hey, maybe she is."

"Well, why's she so round? Is she pregnant or something?"

"Who knows… Maybe she's just fat!"

The group of women erupted in loud giggles, their whispers steadily growing louder and louder with each comment. Megumi took a deep breath. Anger was not a good thing to feel with the baby in her stomach. She opened her mouth to angrily retort at the women, until…


Yahiro held her close to him (well as close as he could, what with her large stomach getting in the way), his kiss getting even more passionate than usual.

Megumi felt all her anger leave, replaced with a rather heady pleasure, her fingers curling behind his back. She was vaguely aware of the shocked and indignant gasps of the women, but she could hardly care less now. Yahiro's tongue was doing too many mind-numbing things to her own.

Finally, they separated, panting.

I was wrong… Yahiro mused, as he took in sight of her round stomach, along with her flushed cheeks, and the slightly starry look in her eyes. This is her at her most beautiful…

well, that and…

He inwardly snickered as he recalled exactly how this baby was made, and deduced that that was probably her most beautiful form. And, it gave him another rather clever idea…

He bent over and said in a "quiet" voice (but mysteriously loud enough for the group of women to catch), "Seeing as how many times we did it, I bet you're going to have twins. Triplets at least. And after they're born, let's make-"

He was interrupted by a rather high-pitched shriek, as the women dashed off. Megumi regained her senses and immediately whacked him.

"Yahiro!" she reprimanded. "That was overdoing it!"

"You didn't seem to mind," he smirked, tapping her lips with his pointer finger. She flushed at the randomly sexy gesture and cleared her throat.

"But we're at a preschool!" Megumi protested. "You can't just… just…"

"Make out with my wife?"

"Yahiro!" Megumi looked faint. He grinned.

"Oh, come on, Megumi," he argued. "It's not like we were in the preschool. And besides, school's not out yet, so no one saw us-"

Just as he said it, the bell chimed, announcing the end of the school day. Megumi gave him a 'I-told-you-so' look (although for what, Yahiro couldn't really fathom), and he began to sulk slightly.

That was, until he saw someone running, as fast as he could on his pudgy little legs, towards him.


"Whoa!" Yahiro eagerly reached out and picked up his son, before bringing him high up into the air. 3-year-old Saiga Takaharu squealed with delight as his tall father raised him up.

Other than Megumi's hair color (which, because of the lack of pink, Yahiro and Megumi had both nearly cried from relief), Takaharu was similar to his father in every way. Yahiro swore that he had looked just the same when he was younger (with lavender hair, Megumi always liked to remind him).

"I thought you had work, Otou-san!" Takaharu smiled up at his beloved father as he returned back to the ground.

"Oh…" Yahiro chuckled as he ruffled the young boy's hair. "Otou-san had the day off, and Okaa-san said that he HAD TO COME WITH HER TO PICK UP TAKAHARU, OR ELSE HE WOULD BE GETTING THE COUCH AGAIN."

He imitated a squeaky voice, to which Megumi pouted and Takaharu giggled.

"Okaa-san doesn't sound like that!" he piped up. "Okaa-san's voice is much more beautiful!"

"Thank you, Taka-chan," Megumi briefly kissed the top of his head. "How was school today?"

"Look, Okaa-san!" Takaharu proudly held out his drawing. Megumi and Yahiro exchanged a glance before heaping praise upon the boy.


"I love it!"

"Except… what is it?"

Megumi silently whacked Yahiro again.

Takaharu continued to walk between his parents, smiling happily.

"It's our family! See, see, it's me, and this is Otou-san! And this is Okaa-san! And this is imouto-chan!"

Yahiro and Megumi exchanged another glance, but this one was warm, rather than confused.

"Are you excited for your new sister?" Yahiro asked, eyeing Megumi's swollen belly. Takaharu nodded excitedly.

"I can teach her all these things! Like how to draw like me!"

Yahiro glanced at the paper once again, with green circles (faces), red lines (stick bodies), and random blue shapes in the background.

"You'll be excellent," he grinned, patting his son fondly on the head.

"Oh, by the way!" Takaharu piped up yet again, the drawing now completely forgotten. "Guess what, guess what? Okaa-san, Otou-san… I have a girlfriend!"

That stopped Megumi and Yahiro right there.

"Wh-?" Yahiro sputtered. "Aren't you going a little too fast?! You're three!"

Takaharu nodded seriously. Megumi, however, was only amused.

"That's great, Taka-chan!" she congratulated. "But… do you know what a girlfriend is?"



"No idea!" he said cheerfully, and Yahiro had to stifle a snigger. "But I like playing with Marina-chan!"

"Marina?" Megumi smiled as Yahiro unlocked the door to their house. "That's a nice name."

"Yeah! Kaneshiro Marina!"

Yahiro promptly dropped his keys as the door closed behind him.


"…Otou-san?" Takaharu peered at his father curiously. "Okaa-san, why's Otou-san all white?"

Megumi could only shake her head in amusement. "Don't worry about it, Taka-chan. Why don't you wash up, and I'll get you a snack."

"YAY!" Takaharu dashed off to the bathroom, as Yahiro grumpily stomped in.

"Now, Yahiro," Megumi admonished. "We made peace with Yuu-kun and Erika-san more than three years ago. They even came for Takaharu's first birthday."

"I don't like Kaneshiro," Yahiro said immediately. "Maybe he's setting his daughter on Takaharu to try some sort of evil-"

Megumi rolled her eyes and shook her head. Her husband could seriously be as immature as Takaharu sometimes.


"I don't want to be in-laws with Kaneshiro!" Yahiro shouted, but Megumi heard the undertone of a whine in it. She promptly whacked him again.

"Ow! Why do you keep whacking me?!"

"Now, you listen here," Megumi reprimanded as she opened the refrigerator to take out some apples. "Taka-chan will be with whoever makes him happy. You hear me?"

"…fine," Yahiro grumbled. Megumi brightened.

"Oh, good, because I heard Finn's pregnant too, and it's a boy, so there's a chance our daughter might become a Tsuji in the future."


"Okaa-san," Takaharu said curiously as he came out of the bathroom, hands squeaky clean. "Why's Otou-san crying?"

"No worries, Taka-chan," Megumi smiled. "Come on, let's have some apples."


"Jiyuu ni habatakeru sono mune ni... hana wo sakasete..."

Takaharu's eyes drifted closed as Yahiro lightly stroked his head, Megumi smiling. She and Yahiro had discovered that Takaharu couldn't sleep too well at night if she didn't sing a lullaby for him.

Megumi couldn't help but to feel her heart turn warm when she saw the tender look in Yahiro's eyes as he observed his quietly slumbering child.

"Good night," he murmured softly, then turned to Megumi. "Come on... let's go."

He took Megumi's hand and guided her back to their bedroom.

The two of them slid under the covers, and he gently wrapped an arm around her body. Although he would never admit it, just like Takaharu, he couldn't fall asleep, unless he felt Megumi's body beside him in the bed. He tightened his arm around her ever so slightly, before he began to drift off to sleep.

Megumi smiled as she observed her husband. While he was asleep, she gently took his hand and entwined it within hers. The two of them would always be together, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, for better or for worse.

And... that's the end.

So... some of you might be disappointed with it, but hey, I finished it and THAT'S THAT! Besides, I noticed that a few of you were kind of upset I never let Yuuichi find happiness, so he got married here! (And got busy apparently hehe).

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